Dirty Sexy Games

Dirty Sexy Games

by Laurelin Paige


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ISBN-13: 9781942835301
Publisher: Paige Press LLC
Publication date: 10/29/2018
Series: Dirty Games , #2
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 200,655
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.53(d)

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Dirty Sexy Games 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
This is the second book of the duet. You must read book one first. Weston and Elizabeth are getting married. They have to work out where they are going to live. Weston has a huge secret that is driving all his decisions. He is trying to decide when to drop the news on Elizabeth. A super hot and sexy read. Plenty of angst tempered by the sweetness of their romance. I liked how Weston comes to terms with his parents and their past. I liked how real the story was. It was believable and well crafted. A really amazing read!!
FS_Meurinne 3 months ago
I couldn’t put this down, Weston and Elizabeth marriage of convenience story had me on edge. The angst, drama, sexy times and love made this the perfect ending to a story that blew me away.
StephPhillips 5 months ago
I received a free copy of this book from the author. Dirty Sexy Games is the conclusion to the Dirty Games Duet.  If you haven't read Dirty Sexy Player you need to read it first before moving to this book and through this review. Will they or won't they?  That's the major question that faces Elizabeth and Weston as their wedding day comes closer.  Will they admit they have true feelings for one another or won't they?  Will they give their marriage a 100% or won't they?  Will they remain in the same country together or separate?   Loads of questions surrounds this couple. The major one being are they convincing enough for Elizabeth's hateful cousin to believe she's sincere about her marriage vows.  You know, one thing I think should happen for any couple is that they have their feelings out in the open before they say "I do." I know ... this is fiction ... you still hope it would happen.  Though eventually they get it all out in the open.  I drug my feet some reading this story.  Since they couldn't get their acts together it was a tad bit frustrating for me to read. I do like these characters and once they got on the same page their story came together.  I hope you enjoy this duet.  It's a really sweet story of a business deal turned to love. 
bbarneybooks28 6 months ago
n Dirty Sexy Player, Weston King and Elizabeth Dyson played a complicated game, both doing what needed to be done in order to get the outcome they wanted. But what neither of them anticipated was their hearts becoming part of the equation, which means that if they can’t figure out what their endgame is, neither of them will be considered the winner even if their professional lives flourish. Mr. and Mrs. Weston King…that’s a moniker that I never saw coming, but now that it’s happened, I can’t imagine Weston going back to the bachelor manwhore that he was; his once fake relationship with Elizabeth has now become everything he never knew he wanted, but before these two can live happily ever after as husband and wife, decisions have to be made and secrets need to be revealed. But Weston and Elizabeth have one last game to play and where better to do it but on their honeymoon - a place where they can be anyone they want to be and get to know one another now that what’s between them means everything to both of them. Weston’s growth and transformation throughout the course of Dirty Sexy Games proves that there’s more to him than his dirty mouth and his business mind. Weston has a lot to deal with in this story and while he’s conflicted about where his life is headed, he never waivers on his commitment to Elizabeth or the fact that he considers her his home. Elizabeth really comes into her own in the second part of the Dirty Games Duet, and despite her lack of experience when it comes to a man like Weston and a business world that could very well defeat her, she refuses to settle…she refuses to allow her life to be dictated by others’ actions and motivations and while I questioned some of her decisions, in the end, I understood why she felt she had no other choice, even if it meant breaking her heart even more to make things right. What’s clear by the end of Dirty Sexy Games is that Elizabeth didn’t need to take Weston’s last name to be considered royalty; she accomplished that all on her own by proving her worth, not only as a future CEO of her family’s company but also as an intelligent, driven woman who has worked her butt off to get the keys to her castle, which means not only is she a queen, but she’s also the only one who can stand equal with her king.
PeggyCopeland 6 months ago
Hello Weston... I love this couple! Weston is an absolute dream! Ms Paige does not disappoint with this duet! One thing I hate... I want more of this couple! MORE!
kgagnon 6 months ago
Wow, I loved the conclusion to this scorching, sexy romance! It picks up right where it left off in the first book. They are both reeling from the surprising turn of events at their wedding. When the plan was for a marriage of convenience, developing real and deep emotions snuck up on them both. Now they are trying to do what all new couples do, and that is to discover who they really are and if they will be able to make their marriage work. There is still the deception of the marriage and the possibility of losing her father's company that adds to the suspense and makes you wonder who you can trust. Weston also had a secret that could rip them apart. I loved how they played and got to know each other on their honeymoon. Their chemistry is even more explosive and their sexy scenes were red hot! I really loved how their relationship grew and how they fought for each other despite the huge obstacles in their way. I loved the ending and thought is was so sweet and perfect for them. I really cheered for Weston and Elizabeth and this HEA to their breathtaking, and passionate love story has made me very happy!
Christine_Miller 6 months ago
It feels like forever ago that I read part 1 of this duet and I have patiently waited for the rest of Elizabeth and Weston's story. The story picks up with them very much in love at their wedding, but with so many obstacles headed their way. Ms. Paige does an excellent job as always of adding just the right amount of sexy times into a captivating story. The story was well written and gave me all of the feels. I love this world and Weston and Elizabeth's story held me until the very end. I was cheering for them all the way. Great read!
ShellyReyn 6 months ago
"You're my home, remember? You're my queen. I don't work without you next to me." This duet is fabulous!! Book 1, Dirty Sexy Player ended with a gasp of a cliffhanger, and now we get the rest if the story! The love between Weston and Elizabeth is the thing fairytales are made of - loving, steamy, and sacrificial. Both willing to give up something for the other, but at what cost? Can she give up her dreams to let him have his? Can he give up this unexpected opportunity to let Elizabeth chase hers? Can they find a way to have it all, or is the only answer to let each other go? This one had all the feels. I was so hopeful that it would all workout, then they start to crumble, and I crumbled along with them. It seemed like an impossible situation with no good outcome. But, the love between King and his queen is strong, and love indeed conquers all. So good!! I'd highly recommend this duet!!
BeckyRendon 6 months ago
Laurelin Paige is mean!!! She made me cry. She hurt my feelings. But now I can tell you without a doubt, that I loved this duet!!! Dirty Sexy Player left me reeling. I loved it but the unanswered questions hampered my ability to hug it and never let go. So my greedy self, grabbed Dirty Sexy Player as quickly as my pouting would allow. (That was a bigger production than it needed to be because I already had it downloaded...duh!) So I dove right in praying for immediate answers to all my questions. That is absolutely NOT what I got. Laurelin weaved a tangled web of traitorous feels and anger inducing delays. She taunted the reader with the truth. She lurked behind the pages in a vile and evilly sadistic way just to watch us disolve into worthless lumps while trying to work. (ADULTING IS HARD. Do not audiobook [Yes, I know its not a real verb] this while trying to accomplish anything productive- you will lose!) Worthless me and my tears were a distracted mess. I tried not to sob. I failed. Sometimes you just need to let it out...right, Lizzy? For those that haven't yet embarked on this awesome love story- what the hell are you waiting for? For those that are reading this before starting Dirty Sexy Games, what the hell are you waiting for? And those people that have all ready suffered through this duet- why the hell didn't you tell me to read it sooner?!?! Also, the ending...(Smirks) nice!
avephoenix 6 months ago
4.5 STARS!! Reading the book went pretty fast since I've already listened to the audiobook, and as I stated before, I really enjoyed and loved following Weston and Elizabeth's journey. I thought the unexpected twists and turn of events gave the story the perfect amount of drama and angst, which was close to reality. I love it when authors don't over do it, because even though this is fiction, is a plus when it comes to a beautifully well-written story that is easy to believe in. I won't go into any detail because there has been plenty of sharing, and I hate to give any spoilers. However, all in all and as my personal opinion, this was a brilliant conclusion to the Drity Games Duet!
Anonymous 6 months ago
Houston we got a problem, Laurelin left us anxious with so much angst from the last book, and now I’m afraid of the conclusion! This is a not a standalone book, repeating not a standalone! After a breathless cliffhanger and anxiety from hell I finally got my hands on this magnificent book, and eventually, I’ll conclude this fantastic duet. Weston and Elizabeth are going to marry or let say “merging”, but something has to reveal before the big day and this secret can destroy the “perfect“ day, decisions decisions. I got so hot with Weston dirty mouth, my kind of men. I love how they grew together as a couple, from fake to real, Lizzy is such strong, loving woman, the honeymoon is one of my favourite parts. “Do you really want an ending?” “That sounds boring, And over. How about a happy beginning instead? 5 Dirty Sexy Stars!
CoffeeGoddessTK 7 months ago
After the jaw-dropping ending of DIRTY SEXY PLAYER, I could not wait to get my hands on DIRTY SEXY GAMES to see what in the heck Laurelin Paige had up her sleeve for these characters. And, as ever, she did not disappoint, delivering the rest of Weston's and Elizabeth's story in a way that was just what I was looking for. I have to confess to loving Weston King an awful lot, and, for a guy that I was ready to write off as shallow, self-centered, and a veritable manwhore, he proved himself to be so much more. Humorous, passionate, and giving, Weston has much more going on than would appear. I don't want to say too much and spoil anything, but he more than rises to the occasion for those that he cares about. Elizabeth Dyson is a revelation, as well, her unexpected love for Weston allowing her to blossom into a woman that is more than the public persona that she's cultivated, and the perfect match for Weston. Together, the two of them are the a power couple extraordinaire, yet down to earth in ways that I was not anticipating. DIRTY SEXY GAMES is the perfect wrap-up for these two. Laurelin clearly loves her characters, and has written them so that I couldn't help but do the same. This is an easy 4.5 stars for me, and one that fans of her books should snap right up. (NOTE: DIRTY SEXY GAMES is not a standalone. Make sure that you've read DIRTY SEXY PLAYER first!)
KCSunshine69 7 months ago
One of those books where I wanted to throw it all the wall and jump up and down on it. Seriously pouting and sulking and angry with the world. The sham marriage between Elizabeth Dyson and Weston King isn’t really a sham at all because they do actually love each other. They just haven’t admitted it but then the bomb has been dropped and the couple need to decide what needs to give. The honeymoon was soooooo sexy. I want to go to Hawaii and get lai-ed. The time bomb keeps ticking, my heart rate speeding as I tried to find a solution for them to be together. The decision is made. The book thrown. I think I even swore at the cat. Laurelin being Laurelin sorted it all out. Petulant pout turned into a satisfied smile. I loved this duet! Really well written. Well thought out and planned. Super sexy characters.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 7 months ago
4.25 stars--DIRTY SEXY GAMES is the second and final instalment in Laurelin Paige’s contemporary, adult DIRTY GAMES erotic, romance duet. DIRTY SEXY GAMES is the continuing story of businessman and Reach Inc. partner Weston King, and twenty-five year old Dyson Empire heiress Elizabeth Dyson. DIRTY SEXY GAMES should not be read as a stand alone as it picks up immediately after the events and cliff-hanger of book one DIRTY SEXY PLAYER SOME BACKGROUND: Upon the death of Elizabeth’s father Dell Dyson, founder, CEO and majority shareholder of Dyson Media, Elizabeth became the sole heir to the bulk of his fortune but circumstances prevent Elizabeth from taking over as her father added a misogynistic provision that Elizabeth must be twenty-nine or married before she is able to gain control. With her father’s cousin slowly dismantling the Dyson Empire, Elizabeth was desperate to secure her share of the family business. Enter Weston King, who, with the not so subtle push from his business partner Donovan Kincaid, reluctantly offers his hand in marriage in an effort to help Elizabeth gain control of Dyson Media, that in return merges Dyson advertising subsidiary with Reach Inc. If you have not read book one DIRTY SEXY PLAYER there may be some spoilers in my review. Told from dual first person points of view (Weston and Elizabeth) DIRTY SEXY GAMES follows in the aftermath of two surprising revelations that are about to come crashing down onto our storyline couple. With her marriage to Weston King, Elizabeth will all but secure her place within Dyson Media but Dyson’s head office is in Paris, France, and shocking news just minutes before saying ‘I do’ force Weston to choose between the love of his wife, and responsibilities back home. Never having expected to fall in love with Weston King, Elizabeth will make a heartbreaking decision that pushes Weston out of her life, as she struggles to move forward with what was and what will never be. DIRTY SEXY GAMES follows Weston and Elizabeth as they embark of their honeymoon, playing a sexy game with one another. Weston battles between head and heart as he struggles to reveal the truth to the woman with whom he has fallen in love, as Elizabeth must prepare to prove that her relationship with Weston is based on love, not secrets and lies. Surprising our hero, Elizabeth accepts everything Weston reveals but Weston continues to struggle with which path to follow. The relationship between Weston and Elizabeth begins as a marriage of convenience; an acrimonious arrangement wherein Weston struggles to see beyond the spoiled, little rich girl whose only sin is to be born a girl. Throughout the series Weston and Elizabeth slowly develop feelings for one another, feelings that neither believe are reciprocal or true. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. The world building focuses on the relationship between Weston and Elizabeth, and the fallout of past sins on both sides of the family. Elizabeth follows the questionable advice of a mother whose own life spiralled out of control, as Weston must face the man who all be destroyed a young boy’s life. DIRTY SEXY GAMES is an emotional and heart breaking story line; a sexy, spicy and inviting tale about two people who were thrown together by betrayal and revenge; secrets and lies. The premise is spirited and captivating; the romance is provocative and intense.
MBurton 7 months ago
Weston and Elizabeth both were a surprise for me. We got introduced to them in Donovan and Sabrina's story and I got the impression they both needed to grow up some. After reading their story, I found there was much more depth to their characters as well as seeing them do some of that character growth in this final installment of their duet. First, it isn't necessary to read Donovan and Sabrina's story first. This duet can stand on it's own. But, I do think you appreciate, not only the main characters but also the side characters more if you do read the Dirty Duet first. You definitely need to read Dirty Sexy Player first. That is Weston and Elizabeth's start as main characters. For me, Weston turned from a too carefree player into a much more responsible man. At the end of Dirty Sexy Player, he had just learned that not only did he love his soon to be wife, but that he also had a 2 year old son he didn't know about. I feel that being faced with a serious decision at such a critical time forced him to grow up and realize what is truly important in life. Elizabeth came off as a spoiled princess in the beginning. Once again, the author showed us there was more that meets the eye with her character. I like how we got to see her and Weston both grow individually but also as a couple. Elizabeth was faced with a very hard decision and the maturity she showed with dealing with that decision made me love her character. I'm such a sucker for a good ending and I gotta say, this had a pretty fantastic ending. I also love what Donovan did at the end. I'm glad we get to keep seeing all these characters with each new Duet that will written. I can't wait for the next one. I actually don't know which of the guys is next but I'm looking forward to all of their stories.
JWright57 7 months ago
Dirty Sexy Games starts right where Dirty Sexy Player ended so to say I was excited to get my hands on this book is a bit of a understatement I needed this book and Laurelin Paige didn’t disappoint, what a brilliant conclusion to a great duet well trilogy if you want to count the prequel. Weston and Elizabeth’s fake marriage turning into a real love affair but what about the secret Weston is keeping and what happens when Elizabeth moves to France to run the business......well I’m sorry you are going to have to read the book to get all that information. This book takes some unexpected twists and turns and I was glued to the pages I had to finish I needed to know did Weston and Elizabeth get the HEA they deserved. This book ticked all the boxes it has characters I loved, the chemistry is sizzling and I loved the journey the author took us on as Weston and Elizabeth got to know each other. I would high recommend this duet it’s a fun sexy read
MelReaderReviews 7 months ago
4.5 Stars! Weston King & Elizabeth Dyson had a plan. Fake being in love and get married so Elizabeth could get her inheritance and claim her legacy as the head of Dyson Media. She would then merge holdings with Weston’s company Reach Inc. Together they would have everything they could ever want. Elizabeth is determined to take over Dyson Media and make something of it. She’s preparing herself to run the multi billion-dollar corporation in a way that her dad would’ve been proud of. Everything is going smoothly until Weston and Elizabeth realize they want this marriage to be real. Along the way they’ve fallen in love, and want a relationship. They want to be together. No games, and no longer just for show. They both see a future together, and aren’t faking anymore. Elizabeth is tired of pretending her feelings aren’t real. She wants Weston in every way. She can’t resist him, and wants to be close to him, but there’s still a giant, invisible wall between them. Something he’s not telling her, and she just wants him to let her in. Weston has had some major drama happen lately, and needs to confide in his wife. He feels she’s an ocean away even though their connection and love is strong. He’s terrified he could lose her, but knows they need to take the time to really learn one another and build their trust. When ambitions and secrets take them in different directions will they choose love or power? Book 2 in the Dirty Games Duet was fabulous! Through the Dirty Duet & Dirty Games Duet I’ve loved Weston King. In the beginning he was a gorgeous, charming playboy. He’s slowly evolved into so much more. A man with so many layers, and with so much love to give. This book really showed a more emotional, vulnerable, serious side of Weston that was addictive. I adored this couple, and thought this was the perfect conclusion to their story. Just loved it!
CeeCeeHouston 7 months ago
5 Whopping Weston stars Aaah, after the way the Dirty Sexy Player ended, I couldn’t wait to get my hand on Dirty Sexy Games, the second and final part of the Dirty Games series. So, once I got it, I read with baited breath. Almost from the start, there was that underlying current, that, even though Weston and Elizabeth were now married for real, there was a shoe waiting to drop. But, Weston managed to hold everything at bay, at least until the honeymoon was over, and what a gorgeous, sweet and sexy time they had getting to know each other for real. It made Hawaii sound like such paradise, that part of it at least. I’d love to go there one day. Ah, yes, some day. However, all good things must come to an end, and reality landed with a huge bump. Weston’s secret came out and put more than a little strain of their newly minted marriage and having to relocate to Paris, France, didn’t help matters either. Could they really balance their lives on two continents? Weston is sure they are up to the challenge but it’s a lot for a new couple. Can they make it or will the events surrounding them tear down the walls of the matrimonial home? This was a seriously.hot, sexy story. I always had a soft spot for Elizabeth even when she seemed so ice queen and aloof in Donavan’s story and we only got glimpses into what she and Weston were about. I knew their story would be worth the wait, and it most definitely was. One-Click this duet today, and enjoy the Games.
Angel000 7 months ago
Non spoiler HOTTTTTTTTTTTT! Weston will have you and I mean have you with his sexy mouth, god could he get any HOTTER? My god the guy is pure sex. Talk about squeezing your knees together. He will make you BURN.... Elizabeth and Weston were ridiculously perfect together, you couldn’t ask for more. Well you can and you’ll get it too. Their journey is one of many obstacles that will keep your eyes on the prize. I enjoyed getting to know these two. I loved the way they loved. I adored so much about these Two. They have quickly become one of my favorite couples from this author. FANTASTIC CHARACTERS, PHENOMENAL WRITING AS ALWAYS, AND A PERFECT ENDING. With all the hurdles and ups and downs this is one story you won’t soon forget. It was a beautiful journey to follow.
BookAddictLive 7 months ago
Well I’m just trying to cool down after finishing Dirty Sexy Games, my god Weston King was so hot, and I couldn’t help but fall for him. After reading Weston in some the other books I thought he was a lightweight. This is a wonderfully entertaining Duet, The marriage of convenience is a well-used theme in romance novel, but this is in a league of its own. Laurelin Paige is a master when she writes about rich entitled playboys, but even better when she redeems them when they meet that one woman who they love unconditionally. This is a beautiful, sexy, Hot love story. We really get to know Elizabeth a lot more part two, and what makes her tick. Elizabeth and Weston have so much emotional baggage and secrets. Falling in love and being together brings them more understanding. A wonderful ending to a delightful sexy duet. This has been out in audio before the book, all I can say is I have the best of both worlds. Elena Wolfe and Jacob Morgan are the perfect combination for the Audio book, Jacob’s voices really turns me on.
momof3infl 7 months ago
An electrifying conclusion! After the bombshell that Ms. Paige dropped on us after the first book, I anxiously dove into Dirty Sexy Games. Let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations. Elizabeth and Weston are perfect for each other. From their sass, to their passion, they are the next big power couple. Will outside forces separate them, or will they be able to overcome all other obstacles? Don't miss the exciting end to this dirty duet, you won't regret it!
BJsBookBlog 7 months ago
4.9 Stars Please read the first book(s) in this series/duet first if you haven't yet! Elizabeth and Weston just realized - after they got married - that they won't be able to move to France together. Wes just found out he has a son - which he hasn't told Elizabeth yet. He can't move away now. But Elizabeth's whole life and her company are in France. What to do? Plus her ex is sniffing around and her cousin is still not 100% sure of the realness of this marriage. Lots of stuff to figure out until those two can ride off into their Happily Ever After sunset! What will happen with Elizabeth & Wes? Will we finally get our Happy End??? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!☺ ═══════════════════ ADORABLE! But also.. ugh. Why didn't Wes tell Elizabeth about his son the moment he found out? Keeping secrets is never the right thing to do! But of course he will tell her - or does it come out in another way? Who knows. And the boy is not the only 'problem' the newlyweds have to fight through - even though the whole book is basically about the new son, new and old fathers, Wes and Elizabeth's work and sexy times! LOL! I really enjoyed reading this second book. I even cried a bit here and there! I hate that it took so long for the book to be released - I suffer from book alzheimers - how in the world was I supposed to remember what had happened in book 1??? I remembered little pieces but not enough! I wish every author who writes a series would be required by law to put an amazing little summary of the first book in the first pages of the second one.☺ But anyway - I really liked this book. It was very sexy and funny and adorable and a bit heartbreaking and sad and moving. Wes is the most adorable daddy! And I really loved how it all turned out in the end! ♥ Tiny little thing. The cover. The new one has this girl on it - me no likey! I loved the first try with the half-naked guy. This girl has the right hair color, but she isn't my Elizabeth at all. The cover girl looks like an office dominatrix person. ☺ ► DIRTY SEXY GAMES was a very sexy and adorable finale in this duet! Hurry to your nearest amazon - Weston will be sold out in no time!
Lisa-nh-23 7 months ago
For a relationship to be successful a couple needs to be honest, communicate and trust each other. Unfortunately for Weston and Elizabeth, truth and honesty flew out the window and were never part of the plan. They were brought together because of a business arrangement and agreed to go along with the farce so Elizabeth could gain control of her father’s company. Of course, things never turn out as planned and they grew closer and closer. On their wedding day, Weston professed his true feelings to Elizabeth in his vows and he was certain they had the perfect foundation upon which to build a future. Weston’s love for Elizabeth never faltered because even though he hadn’t told her he loved her, he knew in his heart that he did. He had been attracted to her since the day they met in Donovan’s office, and now he would do anything to make their marriage work because he needs to love both his son and her, as a family. While they were getting to know each other, he had distanced himself from her because whenever he got too close, she made him feel things he had never felt before. Weston had kept so much of himself from Elizabeth because he didn’t think what they had was real. But it was, and now, he wants to tell her everything. Will she love him as much as he loves her and how will she react when he finally has the courage to tell her about his son? Weston and Elizabeth are a hot, sexy and playful couple whose scorching romance will make you wish their story could go on forever. Weston is still as charming as ever, but his womanizing days are over and now he only has eyes for Elizabeth. Laurelin Paige has given us a steamy and sensual story about friends who became lovers, got married, and became a family. Weston and Elizabeth may have started out playing a game, but in the end, love prevailed and everyone was a winner.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Boring. It seemed like she didn't even try with this one. When the author wrote from Weston's point of view it was like reading a girls point of view. Men think like men not women. Too bad Elizabeth didn't have a better father. Some men grow up with their Grandmother running the family business. Their wives have successful businesses before they marry them. They're not just trophy wives. Some men encourage their daughters to go to the Wharton School of Bussiness, major in business, get their MBA's. They help to run their father's businesses or start their own. Some men trust their daughters and wives to help them.