Dirty Socks And Banana Bread: Real Life Relationship Advice That Actually Works!

Dirty Socks And Banana Bread: Real Life Relationship Advice That Actually Works!


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Extremely easy reader. Discover why the hype and attention around this book and this couple is well deserved.

There's nothing "Text Book" about Will and Edrina.

Using real life examples from their own twenty-six plus years together, the relationship advice Will and Edrina share is not only humorous at times, but very real, honest, interesting and transformational. As Will and Edrina say, "We literally failed our way to success in our relationship!"

Do you want to talk better, love better, argue without attacking, forgive and be forgiven, keep your relationship strong, have fun, be inspired by personal, real life show and tell examples, and much , much more? Then this book is for you.

Whether you just starting out, a bit tattered and torn, storm-stayed, or just topping up your fuel tanks, this book is for you.

This is not a "read front to back" book. You can dive in anywhere and still benefit. Will and Edrina have been writing the Dirty Socks And Banana Bread relationships newspaper column for a number of years now and this book is a compilation of the best.

Dirty Socks And Banana Bread won't be the last book you ever read on your love relationship, but it will be the most honest and interesting book you'll ever read.

This book is about you, your relationship, and how to have the best and most rewarding relationship you could possibly have.

Right from the start, Will and Edrina had to work on their relationship and now they truly care about yours.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780991938308
Publisher: Alive In Love Ministries
Publication date: 04/16/2013
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Will and Edrina met in 1986 and committed to each other for life in 1987. Their relationship had been a roller coaster of failures and successes. "We literally failed our way to success," says Will.

They made a decision that they both had to work on their relationship, as well as themselves, if they wanted their relationship to work.

For a long time now they have been enjoying the rewards that only a great relationship can bring.

Their commitment to each other has overflowed to other couples who come to them for coaching and mentoring.

Communication plays a vital role in their relationship and they are sure that at some points their level of communication entertained the neighbors!

They are featured columnists, authors, speakers, and relationship consultants and have been inspiring other couples in their journey for over twenty-six years. For seventeen years they helped younger couples prepare for marriage. They believe in working with all couples..

William and Edrina have appeared on local TV shows, talk radio, and in a variety of print media. They also consult privately with other couples when time permits.

They are regular bloggers on their Alive In Love blog site.

Couples who have attended their Alive In Love Couple's Workshop have found themselves being able to communicate better, respect each other more, and generally discovered a renewed sense of love for each other.

William and Edrina also believe that a strong nation is built from strong family values. Families are the backbone of our society. What is taught in the home eventually becomes the pulse of the nation. When family units become broken and aren't repaired, our nation, and our world neighbors, suffer as a result.

They believe that couples have more responsibility to live in love, and act out of love, than they may realize. Strong family values, built upon incredible faith values, and couples who live out those values with each other, overflows that love into their children and out to the world.

This world needs couples who have strong relationships. William and Edrina are striving to help every couple who asks.

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