Discovering a Dynamic Marriage: 12 Secrets to Navigating Uncharted Seas

Discovering a Dynamic Marriage: 12 Secrets to Navigating Uncharted Seas

by Joy Evans Peterson



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Discovering a Dynamic Marriage: 12 Secrets to Navigating Uncharted Seas by Joy Evans Peterson

Finally An Owner's Manual That Comes With "I Do"

Joy Peterson's passion and purpose for this book is the summation of her lifetime work with couples and families.

The author describes a Dynamic Marriage as the Navigation Chart or GPS you didn't get when you said "I Do!"

Every relationship has an underlying "contract," conscious or unconscious. Couples allow it to be drafted by default precedents set on a foundation of unexplained beliefs, behaviors, expectations and assumptions.

Discovering a Dynamic Marriage is a voyage across uncharted and unpredictable seas of marriage. Couples draft an agreement intentionally addressing their needs and based on a thorough knowledge of who they are and what matters to them as individuals and a couple.

Also an effective tool for therapists, churches and helping institutions to empower couples in transforming relationships using this innovative approach.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781935586982
Publisher: Dynamic Marriage
Publication date: 09/28/2012
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents


Getting the Most from Tins Book 23

Our Relationship Goals 27

Principles, Rules & Guidelines 29

Our Commitment 32

Your Invitation to a Dynamic Marriage 35

Relationship Essentials

The River Running Through It 39

Part I The Four Compass Points of Marriage 43

Prologue 45

Secret #1 Comfort & Connection: Courtship, Romance & Sex 53

Secret #2 Values & Vision: Ethics, Goals & Boundaries 73

Secret #3 Partnership & Collaboration: Power & Control 97

Secret #4 Harmony & Accord: Conflict vs. Communication 125

Part II Body, Mind & Spirit 151

Prologue 153

Secret #5 Health & Fitness 159

Secret #6 Intellectual & Emotional: Individual & Couple 177

Secret #7 Spiritual & Religious 191

Part III Riches & Resources 205

Prologue 207

Secret #8 Work, Careers & Business 213

Secret #9 Finances & Money 227

Secret #10 Leisure Time: Education, Hobbies & Recreation 247

Part IV Extended Family & Other Significant Relationships 263

Prologue 265

Secret #11 Parenting, Step-Parenting & Grand-Parenting 269

Secret #12 Extended Family, Friends, Exes & In-Laws 289

Epilogue: The Voyage Beyond 307

Part V Tools & Illustrations 309

Open-Closed Heart Diagram 310

Open-Closed Heart Instructions 311

Open-Closed Heart Worksheet 313

Needs & Feelings Inventory 317

Rules & Guidelines For A Successful And Transformative Life 320

Loved and Special List Exercise 323

Loved and Special List Checklist 326

How Healthy Is My Relationship? 327

Emotional Trauma & Loss History 329

Family of Origin Script Analysis (FOOSA) 331

Part VI Information & Resources 337

About the Author 339

About Appreciative Inquiry 341

About This Book 343

Discovering a Dynamic Marriage in Your Church or Organization 347

Speaking, Presenting, Consulting & Coaching 349

End Notes 351

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