Discovering Jesus In a Chemistry Lab

Discovering Jesus In a Chemistry Lab

by George B Hill


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Real hands carved Nazareth wood; we remember them, when we shape our own frameworks in life. In a modern chemistry lab, might the work of a scientist hint how a skilled divine Craftsman creates the new? George does not discuss science, or disputes of science and faith-just the actual doing of chemistry alongside the way of faith. Any reader might enjoy these 2,000-word Reflections. George chooses 52 common words from lab life, each the name of a research principle or practical process. He sets each beside Bible verses and also many secular quotations, to gain an unusual view of God's hidden purposes in us. We share the journey to an exciting new chemical compound, by a bold transformation, then long purification to the precious product. A b&w image from the Holy Land enriches each Reflection. In an authentic lab, might any scientist-or an observer of one-discover God's love, the work of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus at work in each of us?

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ISBN-13: 9780244331986
Publication date: 11/17/2017
Pages: 374
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