Discovering Pleasure

Discovering Pleasure

by Anarie Brady

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ISBN-13: 9781786510013
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 02/16/2016
Series: Pleasure , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 126
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

I've wanted to be a published writer all my life but have not had the courage, until recently, to actually submit my writings anywhere. I was raised in a very conservative, Catholic family in a very conservative Mid-Western small town (St. Louis is the closest city!). I've always been a bit of a rebel—wanting to forge my own path, state my own opinions. Erotic romances give me an outlet for both.

I also enjoyed writing poetry, but I am finding even more fulfilment in writing erotic stories. What else do I love to do? Cook, eat chocolate, drink wine or Jameson, listen to Celtic music, spend time with my amazing sons and sexy as hell husband, and entertain friends.

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Copyright © Anarie Brady 2016. All Rights Reserved, Totally Entwined Group Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

Rose Hester signed her name with a flourish then handed the pen over to Nathan who, with a quick stroke, added his own name to the contract.

“Satisfied?” she asked.

“Very. As long as you are, that is,” he responded, taking her into his arms and kissing her soundly. “So, when you first came to my house as a birthday gift, did you ever think you’d become a permanent part of my life?” he murmured into her ear.

Rose giggled, remembering her first encounter with Nathan. When Joe Dunes had suggested she give Nathan a birthday massage, Rose had jumped at the chance to land a new client. As a certified massage therapist, she had decided against working at a slick spa in St. Louis that charged outrageous prices and catered only to the rich. Instead, she’d purchased a portable massage table, mixed her own oils and hung out her shingle. She’d planned to offer at-home massages to the average person for a reasonable fee. Nathan Columba had been one of her first customers.

“No, but I’m so glad you consider me permanent,” she answered. “So, when is our first play event?”

Nathan threw back his head and roared. Rose smiled, loving the rich sound of his laughter.

“Anxious little slut, aren’t you?” he asked.

Rose nodded.

“You’re just going to have to wait a bit, ’cause I’ve got a few errands to run. In the meantime, I expect you to prepare for my return,” he commanded.

“And when might that be?” she enquired, her tongue darting out to moisten her lips.

“When I’m good and ready,” he answered sternly. Deftly, he spun her around and, with a sharp slap to her bottom, pushed her in the direction of the bathroom. “But when I return, I expect you showered, shaved, naked, lubricated and ready. Questions?”

“No, Sir,” she said, with a saucy grin.

Once she was standing in the shower, Rose luxuriated in the feel of the hot water and scented, soft lather. She disliked the harsh chemicals commonly found in commercial brands, so she used only organically made soaps. Carefully, she shaved her legs, underarms and pubic area—just as prescribed in the contract. Smiling to herself, Rose remembered how Nathan had argued against the contract. He didn’t want her to feel obligated to please him or trapped into doing something she really didn’t want to do. After days of badgering, arguing and cajoling, she had finally managed to make him understand that a written document would satisfy her need for order. She would not feel trapped at all, but rather…free. Funny, most people would think that the Dominant in a relationship would want the contract, not the submissive. But then again, most people didn’t understand her at all.

Humming slightly off-key, Rose stepped out of the shower and dried herself with a big, fuzzy towel. She scooped her fingers into a jar of coconut oil scented with her own mixture of essential oils and liberally worked the soothing moisturizer into her skin. Conscious of her newly signed contract, she also coated her pussy and anus with Nathan’s favorite lubricant, not that she needed much. Her thighs were already glistening with her own richness.

Now what do I do? Needing something to occupy herself, Rose wandered into Nathan’s bedroom with the intent of changing the sheets on his bed. Freshly laundered sheets always felt lovely against bare skin. Propped against a pillow, though, lay an envelope with her name scrawled across the flap.

“I should have known he’d leave instructions,” she murmured, grinning with anticipation.


By now you are showered, shaved and properly lubricated. You are also looking for something to do to keep yourself busy and out of trouble while you wait for me to return. In fact, you’re probably ready to do some laundry or clean something.

Rose laughed. Without a doubt, Nathan understood her need to stay busy, not to mention her almost compulsive cleaning habits.

I want you, however, to remember that your first priority is to act as my submissive. To that end, you will go to my dresser, open the top left drawer and remove the package wrapped in pink paper.

“Okay,” Rose said, following the directions. Sure enough, she found the package.

When you open the present—and yes, it is a present for you—you will understand what to do with it. I should return in about an hour, at which time I will expect my gift to be in its proper place, my floors swept, the kitchen spotless, the bed turned down and you kneeling three feet from the front door ready to welcome me.

I love you, Nathan

PS You will NOT orgasm in my absence.

Curious and more excited than ever, Rose carefully removed the pink wrapping, taking care not to rip the paper. For a moment, she could do nothing except stare at the gift. A butt plug. Seriously? He wanted her to insert a plug into her ass then clean his house? Rose reread the letter just to be sure she understood Nathan’s instructions. She had told him that she was ready to be challenged.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she said, “Well, this is what you wanted. Besides…Nathan—or rather, Sir—will understand if you really don’t want to do this. Good Lord, I’m talking to myself again.” She began to pace. Suddenly, she stopped and glanced in the mirror once more before nodding and making her decision. Reaching around to run a finger over her anus, she felt confident in the amount of lubrication she had applied earlier. Rose picked up her gift, took a deep breath and slowly inserted the plug. Graciously, Nathan had chosen a fairly small plug so, despite the initial discomfort, Rose’s body soon accepted the rude intrusion. Rose sighed deeply, feeling a seductive warmth begin to grow in the center of her being—a full feeling that left her excited and trembling.

How on earth will I be able to move about and clean without having an orgasm? she thought as she began to sweep Nathan’s floors.

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