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Discovery of the Self

Discovery of the Self


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The theme of this book is - can man transform his own character? Can we discover and access a deeper and better part of ourselves? Does this greater Self, as various authorities claim, contain unused qualities such as selflessness and love of mankind, inner peace and certitude, wisdom and goodness, creativity and wholeness, unitive harmony with life, compassion and greater reason, and a sense of union with ultimate reality? Are these powerful virtues inherent in all men regardless of race, color and creed? This work offers a gloriously affirmative answer to all these questions. The author, in reaching this conclusion, explores her topics from two different directions - the psychological and the spiritual. These subjects include the discovery of the Self, individuation, self-realization, actualization of one's potentialities, Becoming and Being, and living a greater life. To support her theoretic-scientific-psychological view, Mrs. Owens cites the analytical psychology of Carl Jung, the humanistic psychology of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, and the Psycho-synthesis of Robert Assagioli. All of her books, now back in print, have received praise from the greatest thinkers of her time, including Albert Schweitzer, Dr. Carl Jung, Henry Margenau, Ken Wilber, Willis Harman, Sonja Margulies, Aldous Huxley, Abraham Maslow, Jack Kornfield, Dr. C.A. Meier, Charles Tart, Dr. Robert Assagioli, Kenneth Ring, Dr. Jean Houston and more.

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Pages: 238
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