Dismantling Global White Privilege: Equity for a Post-Western World

Dismantling Global White Privilege: Equity for a Post-Western World

by Chandran Nair
Dismantling Global White Privilege: Equity for a Post-Western World

Dismantling Global White Privilege: Equity for a Post-Western World

by Chandran Nair


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White privilege damages and distorts societies around the world, not just in the United States. This book exposes its pervasive global reach and creates a new space for discourse on worldwide racial equality.

As Chandran Nair shows in this uncompromising new book, a belief in the innate superiority of White people and Western culture, once the driving force behind imperialism, is now woven into the very fabric of globalization. It is so insidious that, as Nair points out, even many non-White people have internalized it, judging themselves by an alien standard. It has no rival in terms of longevity, global reach, harm done, and continuing subversion of other cultures and societies.

Nair takes a comprehensive look at the destructive influence of global White privilege. He examines its impact on geopolitics, the reframing of world history, and international business practices. In the soft-power spheres of White privilege—entertainment, the news media, sports, and fashion—he offers example after example of how White cultural products remain the aspirational standard. Even environmentalism has been corrupted, dominated by a White savior mentality whereby technologies and practices built in the West will save the supposedly underdeveloped, poorly governed, and polluted non-Western world.

For all these areas, Nair gives specific suggestions for breaking the power of White privilege. It must be dismantled—not just because it is an injustice but also because we will be creating a post-Western world that has less conflict, is more united, and is better able to respond to the existential challenges facing all of us.

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Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publication date: 01/04/2022
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Pages: 264
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About the Author

Chandran Nair is the founder and CEO of the Global Institute for Tomorrow, an independent Pan-Asian think tank committed to understanding the dynamic relationship between business, society, and the state and reshaping the rules of global capitalism. He is a member of the Club of Rome and was chairman of Environmental Resources Management in the Asia Pacific region until 2004. Nair is a regular speaker at global forums including the World Economic Forum, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summits, and Organization for Economic Co-operation Development events. He is the author of two books, including The Sustainable State.

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Preface: White Privilege: It's Woven into the Fabric of Globalization xi

Introduction Black Lives Matter and the Tip of the Iceberg 1

1 Geopolitics of Dominance: The White Knights of Chess 22

2 The Retelling of History: This Version Ain't Mine 39

3 The World of Business: Uneven Playing Fields 55

4 Media and Publishing: Captive Minds 70

5 Education: Schooling and Grooming 83

6 Culture and Entertainment: Gone with the Wind 97

7 Sports: Match Fixing 110

8 Fashion: Little Black Dress 123

9 Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change: Zero Carbon and Other Myths 137

Conclusion How Change Happens: No Whitewash, Please! 154

Discussion Guide 173

Notes 177

Acknowledgments 191

Index 195

About the Author 207

Working on Equity: The Global Institute for Tomorrow 209

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