Dismantling Injustice: A Disorderly Parable of the Song of Solomon

Dismantling Injustice: A Disorderly Parable of the Song of Solomon

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The world needs leaders who are prepared to dismantle injustice. Through the story told in the Song of Solomon, you will learn to use the one tool that heals both victim and oppressor: God's love. This once popular interpretation of the Song of Solomon details a young woman's struggle between submitting to King Solomon as his sex slave and accepting her beloved Shepherd's invitation to come away. The scholars who subscribed to this interpretation believed the Song of Solomon was a rallying cry to dismantle the injustices perpetuated by the unpopular King Solomon against his Northern Kingdom. Was this interpretation buried in modern times to justify slavery and segregation? You will need to judge for yourself. The book is divided into eight lessons, each ending with a suggested spiritual practice. The reader gets a solid understanding of the Song of Solomon wrapped around an unforgettable parable: the story of an African-American baseball coach turned congressional representative, who, influenced by the Song of Solomon, spent his life dismantling injustice. The Disorderly Parable Bible Studies teach the way Jesus taught, by using stories of everyday people and things to illustrate spiritual truths.

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ISBN-13: 9781498289146
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 05/31/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
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About the Author

April Love-Fordham, with two degrees from Georgia Tech, spent twenty years in the corporate world, including several in Washington DC as a technology advisor. She attended seminary, receiving a master's from Columbia and a doctorate from Gordon-Conwell while pastoring two churches. Living with her husband and Great Dane in Atlanta, she is writing a series of Disorderly Parable Bible Studies, which includes James in the Suburbs (2014) on the Epistle of James. Learn more at aprillovefordham.com.
April Love-Fordham, with a BEE and MSEE from Georgia Institute of Technology, spent twenty years in the corporate world including several in Washington DC as a technology advisor. Having worked her way to the executive suite, she retired from the corporate world in her early forties to earn an MDiv from Columbia Theological Seminary, which named her as a 2014 Guthrie Scholar. She also received a DMin from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary while pastoring two churches. She lives with her husband and their Great Dane in the suburbs of Atlanta where she is writing a series of Disorderly Parable Bible Studies.

Table of Contents

Foreword Catherine Meeks ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

The Meet Cute 1

1 Surprised by the Holy Spirit 3

2 The Shulammite 9

Spiritual Practice 1 Relationship Assessment 15

Conflicting Interpretations 17

3 An Ancient Opera: Song 1:1 19

4 Caleb's Interpretation: The Text of the Song of Solomon 26

Spiritual Practice 2 Lectio Divina 43

Act 1 The Palace In Jerusalem 45

5 The Harem: Song 1:2-8 47

6 Enslaved by Desire: Song 6:11-12 62

Spiritual Practice 3 Discerning Unjust Systems 70

Act 2 Solomon, the Oppressor 73

7 Solomon's Bedroom: Song 1:9-2:6 75

8 Resist the Oppressor: Song 2:7 90

Spiritual Practice 4 Eucharistic Remembrance 96

Act 3 The Good Shepherd 99

9 The Shulammite Sends me Shepherd Away: Song 2:8-17 101

10 The Shulammite Regrets Sending the Shepherd Away: Song 3:1-5 113

Spiritual Practice 5 Praying the Labyrinth 122

Act 4 Love Triangle 125

11 Solomon Seduces: Song 3:6-4:7 127

12 The Shepherd Romances: Song 4:8-5:1 136

Spiritual Practice 6 Radical Prayer 144

Act 5 The Shulammite's Nightmare 147

13 Beaten and Wounded: Song 5:2-8 149

14 Ridiculed: Song 5:9-6:9 157

Spiritual Practice 7 God in our Dreams 166

Act 6 Love Wins 169

15 Rejecting the Oppressor: Song 6:13-7:10 171

16 Commitment to the Shepherd: Song 7:11-8:14 183

Epilogue 192

Spiritual Practice 8 Prayer of Commitment 194

Appendixes 197

Appendix 1 Lesson Plans for Study Groups 199

Appendix 2 Character List 208

Bibliography 211

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