Dismissing Nothing? A Cosmic Birth Part 1

Dismissing Nothing? A Cosmic Birth Part 1

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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Think of what you wish and it was unavailable when the Universe started because it wasn't present. Whatever you are able to think of or not think of was not in place to be thought of at the point when the Universe started. Numerical numbers and numbers in order came eternities later as a thought that progressed from inventions that came before and forming as part of how the Universe grew into what became available. The number one was one such a number into which the Universe grew as one came as an invention in a planned future. You reading this were not a possibility. The words you read and the thought you think was not yet invented. The space from which to gather the electricity to charge the thought you use was not invented.
What you are in terms of what you think you are was never yet a concept because being a concept was not yet a concept.

It is said that Einstein proved that the Universe started with one point, a single point but as usual I am going to be different. It did not start with one point because when it reached the one point stage the Universe was well on its way to progress into what it is now, and opportunity already had value. I am referring to when opportunity did not exist as a concept because a concept did not yet realise. Please read very carefully for I have to use words that were not to describe events that did not yet take place to show what was never in place before. If I say there was blank then that is incorrect because being blank is valid by meaning in definition and blankness at that point had no meaning to form definitions because blankness was not part of what was in place. Even vacant ness was much more than what was available.

The number 0 representing nothing was not in place because the number 0 holds a place and a space and a meaning and a symbolic value which was all still absent. If you think of a dot · not being there you are wrong because the vision of something forming a symbolic value such as the dot · was out of bound and the thought that there could be a symbol formed · was meaningless because being meaningless was yet some futuristic concept not yet conceived.

Any shape of whatever form forming sequence was not yet conceived. A triangle was not yet in place. A straight line was something in the future and a circle was something not thought of. The law of Pythagoras was still to come as a master thought on which the rest was built. Numerical mathematics was something unheard of and being unheard of was what the Universe was still progressing towards but was not yet understood. Unheard-of was futuristic, something to progress towards. Being understood was unheard of because even nothing was a concept to progress towards as being brought by the future.
It started with zero except zero was much in the future. When the Universe started there was no future because there was no past because there was no present. There was no zero because zero was still an idea to be invented because ideas still had to come. Even inventing was an idea still not part of the Universe.

There was nothing except that nothing has a reference to something and when the Universe started there was no reference even to nothing. Even being in and part of a concept was still not invented because a concept was not invented yet. The fact that 0 meant something was not yet a practical part of the cosmic-idea because 0 was not yet thought of just because what we think of as meaning thought of was not yet thought of and thought of did not exist to be part of a meaningful Universe.

Then came the Universe but as we think the Universe started such an idea is misplaced since it could not start anything before it first ended everything that was not. To start a process it had to end what was not a process and this changes everything we see in the Universe. This implicates the progress in time. Eternity still has to stop before infinity starts everything again and that is the process that is in place to this day.

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