Dispatches From Paradise

Dispatches From Paradise

by Shelly Gitlow


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Told from each one’s perspective, Dispatches from Paradise is the story of three generations of women living together in Miami—where sex IS the city, DD cups abound, ninety-year-old women recite erotic poetry, and an S&M Aerobics class is not for the fainthearted. From page one, this fast-paced story leaps onto the family’s battlefield, exploring the dynamics of the women’s relationships as they tear through Miami’s racy clubs and wild art scene. As the women are forced to confront past misunderstandings, disappointments and betrayals, they change, grow, and reconnect on new terms.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780983937876
Publisher: Books & Books Press
Publication date: 02/01/2014
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Shelly Gitlow

My first serious attempts at writing were articles for my high school’s newspaper. And I was lucky to get some choice assignments, including interviews with Peter, Paul and Mary and The Young Rascals. I still have the used tambourine the Rascals bequeathed to me.

When I went to college, I studied French and Spanish, aiming for a career as a translator. Then the ’60s hit, and I wanted to change the world, so I got an M.S.W. I practiced clinical social work with families for many years, both in New York City and Miami.

After having our daughter, I co-authored three books in the quality management field with my husband, a professor of management science. That was fun and interesting, but after re-discovering my love of writing, I decided to pursue my dream of penning screenplays. So I wrote five of them, one of which was optioned but never produced.

After many years and much tribulation, (boy is that an understatement!) I had the pleasure of co-writing the script for the feature film Boynton Beach Club with director Susan Seidelman. Susan remembered a script I sent her earlier and contacted me when she was creating Boynton Beach Club.

And what became of my screenplay that was optioned but never made? I rewrote it as a novel titled Dispatches from Paradise!

Table of Contents

1 Liz: D-Day 1

2 Claudette: Pajama Party 31

3 Darcy: Adventures in Sickoland 55

4 Liz: What Was I Thinking? 85

5 Claudette: The Good Mother 119

6 Darcy: It's My Life and I'll Do What I Want 147

7 Liz: The Good, the Bad, and the Dreadful 181

8 Claudette: Don't Blame Me 219

9 Darcy: I Am What I Am, Or Am I? 249

10 Liz: Rising from the Rubble 283

11 Claudette: Back On Bottom 301

12 Darcy: Hoping for Better Roommates 315

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Chicklit Club

This tells the woven tale of three women who are in different places in their lives but must come together to figure everything out. Liz has given up on her cheating husband of 20 years and her boring job. On her birthday, she throws everything she knows out the window and trades it in for a kayak. Her seemingly neglectful, overly sexualized mother Claudette is going through the motions of grief as her longtime partner has died in a moment of passion.

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The apple does not fall from the tree and these three: Mother Elizabeth (fed up and pissed off), Grandmother Claudette (self-absorbed and sexually needy), and daughter Darcy (sharp-edged and not nearly as mixed up as her family believes) are more alike than they’ll admit to you, to me, or to themselves.

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Dispatches from Paradise

is an over-the-top erotic comedy about three generations of women living together in Miami, where too much is never enough. Author and screenwriter Shelly Gitlow makes her fiction debut in this colorful, lightning-paced, and often wildly unpredictable modern tale about sex, lies, and love. (Books & Books Press)

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