A Disquisition On Religion, Science And The State

A Disquisition On Religion, Science And The State

by Christian Jaramillo


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Philosopher and historian Christian Jaramillo puts forward new and revolutionary approaches to understanding God, the stances that religions should adopt, the development of science, and the State's role in the pursuit of human freedom.
By studying the evolution of mankind and its religious societies over the past thirteen thousand years, Jaramillo demonstrates that, through syncretism, man has ultimately worshipped the same one God under different names.
The author reaffirms the existence of God, the validity of universal philosophers and the significance of religions in the construction of ancient and modern societies.
In this book, Jaramillo proposes a new theology for life, rejects immortality after death, and unravels some of the religious myths that have created structural flaws for humanity in constructing their societies, such as the deterioration of human habitat, the destruction of ethnic groups and the many confrontations between races and peoples.
Jaramillo denounces the powerful obsession of religions in controlling mankind through their influence over State decisions, to the detriment of the spiritual freedoms and inalienable natural liberties of man, which supersede the State and inhibit science.
We believe that the works of this brilliant thinker will kick-start a revolution in theological, philosophical and social approaches ? all of which will remain the subject of hot debate in the coming centuries.

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ISBN-13: 9781617644207
Publisher: Palibrio
Publication date: 12/15/2010
Pages: 168
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