Disrupt!: 100 Lessons in Business Innovation

Disrupt!: 100 Lessons in Business Innovation

by James Bidwell


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ISBN-13: 9781473654754
Publisher: Quercus
Publication date: 11/21/2017
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Disrupt! is written by the team at Springwise, the most cutting edge online resource for innovation spotting and business ideas. Powered by their network of over 20,000 Springspotters in 190+ countries, Springwise curate and publish the most exciting global innovations every day.

James Bidwell is the majority shareholder and CEO of Springwise and has been described as "Selfridges' ringmaster extraordinaire", as "a theatrical agitator", listed in the Financial Times Creative Business Top 50, named as one of London's 1000 most influential by the London Evening Standard; amongst many other tributes during his successful career in leading transformational change in business.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

How to Use This Book 5

The Sharing Economy 6

1 Neighbourhood mailbox stickers that display items to share 8

2 Custom electric carpooling offering affordable transport 10

3 A peer-to-peer home-cooking start-up that treats workers fairly 12

4 A kid-to-kid toy app introducing children to the sharing economy 14

5 An app broadcasting to local users to ask for help 16

6 The Airbnb of film locations 18

7 The sharing economy for currency exchange 20

8 Free lodging for travellers chatting in their mother tongue 22

9 A social site for data scientists to boost collaboration 24

10 Turning online ratings into one reputation score 26

Summary 28

Smart Cites 30

11 Tackling noise pollution through smart-city research 32

12 A platform to visualize government data for entrepreneurs 34

13 Real-time big data to manage traffic in the Philippines 36

14 A free, open, crowdsourced city-wide IoT network 38

15 Trialling a crowdsourced constitution in Mexico City 40

16 An app to let constituents help balance their city's budget 42

17 Open data for transit app developers 44

18 Free Wi-Fi from clean air in Amsterdam 46

19 Energy-efficient street lights that are also mosquito traps 48

20 Ambulances in Sweden that can hijack in-car radios 50

Summary 52

Sustainability 54

21 A green computer server that heats homes for free 56

22 Converting human waste into crude oil 58

23 A freestanding smart home: portable and eco-friendly 60

24 A no-waste, edible emergency drone to carry food 62

25 A farm-to-table organic restaurant that reduces waste 64

26 A micro-library built with ice-cream buckets 66

27 Using blockchain to tell a product's story 68

28 Charging electric vehicles for a dollar a day 70

29 'Feed this trashcan for free Wi-Fi' 72

30 Using blockchain technology for green energy 74

Summary 76

Entertainment 78

31 A virtual-reality stadium that lets distant friends watch the game together 80

32 Personalizing films to the viewer's taste 82

33 A flexible paywall that lets users choose how they pay 84

34 A pay-per-article platform aiming to be Spotify for news 86

35 Could virtual-reality news stories replace traditional news media? 88

36 The right podcast for every journey 90

37 Making TV viewers participants in interactive drama 92

38 Using eye-tracking technology for accurate viewing data 94

39 A game to unlock a bonus track for music fans 96

40 A radio station that plays only on Williamsburg Bridge, New York City 98

Summary 100

Health 102

41 Using DNA analysis to tailor drugs to each patient 104

42 A pharmacy app prescribing virtual-reality pain relief 106

43 Studying 3D-rendered organs in virtual reality before surgery 108

44 3D pill printing for personalized doses 110

45 Using big data to predict hospital admissions 112

46 A snowy virtual-reality world reducing the pain of burns 114

47 Using artificial intelligence for in-depth analysis of medical scans 116

48 A smart medical kit for home check-ups 118

49 MakerNurse: realizing inventive nurses' ideas 120

50 A chatbot using artificial intelligence for medical diagnosis 122

Summary 124

The Workplace 126

51 A crowdsourced website to flag up sexism in the workplace 128

52 Free energy audits for small businesses from competing local students 130

53 A virtual-reality platform for nervous public speakers 132

54 Training tattoo artists to spot skin cancer 134

55 Apartment pods that can move between cities 136

56 Free co-working space in exchange for online content 138

57 Opening up homes as communal office spaces 140

58 Postal workers who also mow the lawn 142

59 Using big data to predict court decisions 144

60 A smart employee badge to improve staff efficiency 146

Summary 148

Communication 150

61 Al glasses that help children with autism read facial expressions 152

62 Smart hearing aids using IFTTT for personalization 154

63 An interactive encyclopaedia of things using object-recognition software 156

64 Connected clothing that donates itself if not frequently worn 158

65 Remote patient-doctor relationships using telepresence robots 160

66 The first robot internship using telepresence 162

67 An app to help paralysed stroke victims communicate emotions 164

68 A communication system for health-care professionals 166

69 Jibo, a social robot for the home 168

70 City sensors to make bill paying easier and track urban health 170

Summary 172

Education 174

71 Peer-to-peer coding workshops run by high-school students 176

72 Free accommodation for students at a Dutch care home 178

73 Refugees earn an income by talking to students of Arabic 180

74 Survey tools helping schools assess the classroom experience 182

75 Bringing education to disadvantaged communities in Ghana 184

76 Inspiring creativity in elderly citizens through street art 186

77 A surprise virtual-reality road trip to Mars for children 188

78 A playful DIY computer screen for kids 190

79 Live-streamed professional coding sessions for all 192

80 A robot to help children improve their handwriting 194

Summary 196

Retail 198

81 Transparency in the production of handmade furniture 200

82 Virtual reality that lets shoppers pick beauty product ingredients 202

83 The IoT coffee grinder that knows when to order more beans 204

84 Personalized customer service from an Apple watch 206

85 The smart camera that monitors fridge contents 208

86 Bringing online cookie functionalities to the mall 210

87 Downloadable designer furniture that can be made locally 212

88 A scanner that helps shoppers find what they want 214

89 A delivery drone network charged by home solar panels 216

90 Using beacons in Mumbai to help small businesses advertise 218

Summary 220

Travel 222

91 Guided tours with former gang members in Panama 224

92 Interactive local guides from holiday property hosts 226

93 A robot service for lost airport travellers 228

94 A sustainable travel platform that is reinventing tourism 230

95 Sharing a boutique hotel with young refugees 232

96 A site that lets amateur travel agents earn cash 234

97 Offsetting your carbon footprint by booking an eco-friendly hotel 236

98 Name-your-price hotel rooms 238

99 Trading local travel tips in a 'goodness' marketplace 240

100 Designing your own luxury pop-up hotel 242

Summary 244

Conclusion 246

References 248

Index 251

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