Disruption: Destination Marketing in the Post-Advertising Age

Disruption: Destination Marketing in the Post-Advertising Age

by Ryan Thompson




Destination marketing has permanently changed and will never be the same. Travelers trust reviews from complete strangers more than brand advertising. Consumers are now clearly in control, choosing what, when and how they digest information. Chaos and real-time is the new marketing "normal." Disruption: Destination Marketing in the Post-Advertising Age is the essential guide for marketing tourism organizations including hospitality, tour operators, CVBs, DMOs and attractions. Readers will learn a three-part approach to tourism marketing in modern times. Part I explains how marketing has changed, the problem with old advertising techniques and the unique power of modern consumers. Today's marketing-savvy, advertising-jaded consumer expects more. Now consumers can instantly see rankings, read user reviews and see pictures taken by actual vacationers, not professional photographers. This is what informs consumer choice now. It helps travelers decide where they want to go, what they want to see, and how to get the best deal available -- without the middleman. Because they can now vet, price, and book their reservations themselves, the rules of the game have not been rewritten, they've been reinvented. Part II demonstrates a new approach and includes chapters on planning, research, branding, partnerships, events, marketing, technology and measurement. Disruption shows you how to think strategically and tactically through these areas to assemble a quick marketing plan. Part III talks about activation -- putting your plans to action. This section discusses the traits of successful leaders, how to manage a team, steps to creating truly cooperative marketing and how to go to market quickly. Disruption is here to stay. That's why it's not as much about learning the most current set of tools as it is learning about continual learning. You need to be prepared to learn quickly as new technologies emerge -- to learn to be fast on your feet, able to steal a base, avo

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ISBN-13: 9781478702351
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 09/22/2013
Pages: 200
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Ryan Thompson began his lifelong journey as an entrepreneur at age 11. At 14, he was a part-time shipping clerk at a technology company. At 18, he was handed control of that company's multi-million dollar worldwide trade show budget. At 25, he went out on his own starting Aria, a full-service, digitally-centered marketing agency that focuses on the consumer/brand experience.

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