Dissecting The Hitler Mind

Dissecting The Hitler Mind

by Walter C Langer


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Sex - Violent Childhood - Fear - Fits of Rage - Belief in Destiny
They all played a part in creating the personality of Adolf Hitler.

What secrets were in Hitler's life? Psychoanalysis has proven that a person's adult life is determined by their childhood. This is the method used to reverse-engineer Hitler in this professional psychological analysis. It looks at his adult life and determines what led him to be the person he became. It reveals many previously unknown characteristics plus it made predictions, many of which came true.

Uncover Hitler's:
Sexual Deviance,
Rage Responses,
Mother Conflicts,
Fear of Jewish Heritage,
Fascination with War,
Feeling that Fate had destined him for Greatness,
Feelings of Guilt and Disgust at his own Desires,
Obsession with Poison.

Why did Hitler only mention one of his siblings in Mein Kampf? Why was he always the leader in childhood games? What is the mysterious secret behind the"first more or less political activity" he mentions in Mein Kampf? Did Hitler work as a spy within the army? Why was every 10th man in Hitler's barracks shot while Hitler was asked to stand aside? When did his character transform during his career? How did a man who openly condemned homosexuals as degenerates and ordered their imprisonment associate himself with known homosexuals like Hess and Rohm at the highest level? Was Hitler insane or was he something else, something closer to us all?

All these questions and more are answered in this accurate and revealing analysis of Hitlers mind.

This government sponsored report has been declassified and it correctly predicted Adolf Hitler's degeneration and eventual suicide and much more.

This report is considered to be a masterpiece of "psycho-historical reconstruction". Based on what we know today, the conclusions are frighteningly accurate.

Dr. Langer combined a careful study of documents and other writings about Hitler and personal interviews with informants who had known Hitler before the war. He probed Hitler's mysterious family background all the way into his sexual abnormalities, his extreme fear of death, Messiah complex, the meaning of his vegetarianism, and many other aspects of his personality. By using his years of experience working with psychiatric patients who demonstrated similar traits, Langer accurately predicted Hitler's increasing isolation, his frequent outbursts of anger, and the general deterioration of his mental condition... even his suicide.

According to historian Robert G.L. Waite, Dr. Langer's work is, in itself, "fascinating...a significant and suggestive interpretation which no serious student of Hitler will ignore."

Order your coy of Dissecting The Hitler Mind now and discover the secret side of Hitler that is too unsavory for public dicussion.

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