Dissident Dispatches: An Alt-Right Guide to Christian Theology

Dissident Dispatches: An Alt-Right Guide to Christian Theology

by Andrew Fraser


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Dissident Dispatches is about Christian theology. It also gives voice to the ethno-patriotic concerns now fuelling the growth of the secular Alt-Right movement. Both reject the ongoing spiritual degeneration and concomitant demographic displacement of every white European ethno-nation.

The author, Andrew Fraser, has studied and taught history and law at leading universities in Canada, the United States, and Australia. He was born a British subject when people of British stock still counted as one of Canada’s two “founding races”. Indeed, at that time, there was no such thing as a “Canadian citizen”.

A “late loyalist” in his own personal development, Fraser deplores the ethno-masochistic eagerness with which far-too-many other WASPs still spit upon the graves of their ancestors.

He recognizes, however, that it is not enough to mourn the loss of once-secure and legitimate ethno-religious identities. Nor will politics alone save us. Dissident Dispatches outlines the fundamental elements of the Christian ethno-theology sorely needed by the Alt-Right if it is to halt, much less reverse, the rising tide of colour.

Dissident Dispatches identifies the main currents in modern Christian theology responsible for the moral and spiritual collapse of both the Anglican Church and Christendom more generally.

Given the rusted-on secularism of the Alt-Right, the book offers a critical comparative analysis of the major alternatives to a Christian ethno-theology; namely, the political theology of popular sovereignty and the cornucopian civil religion of perpetual progress.

Across a wide range of issues in systematic and practical theology, in bible studies and church history, the essays collected here provide the basic ingredients for the counter-revolutionary theology of Christian nationhood needed in contemporary debates with Christian universalists and disingenuous white liberals.

The book counters the Christophobia endemic among neo-pagan white nationalists with an intellectually respectable Christian apologetic as well as a biblical hermeneutic informed by both “kinism” (aka covenantal creationism) and “preterism” (aka covenant eschatology).

But Dissident Dispatches is more than a theological treatise. It is also a personal memoir.

The author, Andrew Fraser, is a racially aware, former law professor who became a theology student at a divinity school in suburban Sydney, Australia. He discovered there a multiracial college community of professedly Christian teachers and students promoting the postmodern cult of the “Other”. There, to be Christian is to celebrate the fact that Australia, Canada, the United States, even England, are no longer “Anglo-Saxon countries”.

Following in the author’s footsteps from one class to another, the book provides insight into the academic and personal problems likely to face pro-white students engaging in politically-incorrect speech or behaviour in a divinity school anywhere in the white, English-speaking world.

The author has considerable personal experience on the receiving end of politically correct thought policing. Early on, Dissident Dispatches explores the background to the one-year suspension meted out to the author for “offending” faculty members and/or female and ethnic students by the allegedly racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic remarks made by him in classes and seminars.

Dissident Dispatches is the unplanned product of the culture shock experienced on all sides when an Alt-Right senior citizen cum cultural warrior decides to rattle his politically-correct bars by going to a theological college run by a church often confused with the Communist Party at prayer.

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Pages: 540
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About the Author

Andrew Fraser studied law and history in both Canada and the United States before moving to Australia where he taught law for many years at Macquarie University. He is the author of The WASP Question (London: Arktos, 2011).

Table of Contents

Introduction: Seeing the Light

2011: Culture Shock

Old Testament Exegesis: Psalm 22

Old Testament Translation Essay: Deuteronomy 5: 8–10, 17

Scripture Essay

Theology Reading Blocks

Whiteness as a Problem in Theology

Church History Learning Cells 1–5

Synagogue of Satan?

A Warning Shot across the Bow

New Testament Translation Essay: Galatians 3:23–28

New Testament Exegesis: John 4:7–26

Ecclesiology Reading Blocks

The Protestant Deformation of Christian Nationhood

2012: Suspended for Misconduct

Heresy: The Trials and Tribulations of a Divinity School Dissident

The Cult of the Other and the Decline of Academic Freedom in Australia

The Lost Soul of WASP America

Natural Born Citizen? Obama and the Fourth American Revolution

Vanishing Anglo-Saxons

Looking Backward: The Bible as the Word of God (Part One)

Looking Backward: The Bible as the Word of God (Part Two)

Postscript on Appealing the Grade

Three-Dimensional Man

2013: Turning the Other Cheek

Gregory of Nazianzus on God and Christ

Augustine of Hippo on the Trinity

Divine Humility and Theological Hubris

Postscript: The Barth Paper Protest

Disingenuous White Liberals

NT Wright Paul: Fresh Perspectives (London: SPCK, 2005)

Dodging the Jewish Question

Jesus as the Teacher of Israel in John 3:1–21

A House Divided?

How Does Jesus Save According to Athanasius?

Does the New Testament Provide a Coherent Account of Jesus Christ?

All in the Family

The Pragmatic Political Theology of the Protestant Establishment in England

Lost Nation

Another Disingenuous White Liberal

2014: Boring from Within

A Short Study on Basil of Caesarea

Christian Anthropology and the Work of Reconciliation in Australia

Flavius Titus Josephus: A Character Study

Document Analysis: 1 Maccabees

A Radical Jew? NT Wright on Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Primary Source Study

Why Was Martin Luther’s On the Freedom of a Christian Man (1520) Controversial?

Postscript on Luther

Why Did the English Church Break with the Papacy?

Postscript on Micro-political Theology

2015: Learning to Preach the Word in a Womanist’s World

Sermon Outline

Synoptic Analysis

Exegesis Paper

Worship and Identity

Postscript: Triggered!

Pathological Altruism and the Cult of the Other

Postscript: Feminine Feelings versus Masculine Virtues?

Unilateral Moral Disarmament

Postscript: It’s a Womanist’s World!


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