Distributed Multimedia Databases: Techniques and Applications

Distributed Multimedia Databases: Techniques and Applications


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ISBN-13: 9781930708297
Publisher: IGI-Global
Publication date: 01/28/2002
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 10.08(h) x 0.94(d)

Table of Contents

Part IAn Introduction to Multimedia Database
Chapter 1Distributed Multimedia Databases2
Part IIContent-Based Retrieval and Image Database Techniques
Chapter 2Bridging the Semantic Gap in Image Retrieval14
Chapter 3Content-Based Visual Information Retrieval37
Chapter 4Content-Based Trademark Recognition and Retrieval Based on Discrete Synergetic Neural Network58
Chapter 5Concepts of Emergence Index in Image Databases73
Part IIIVideo Database and Video-on-Demand
Chapter 6Distributed Temporal Video DBMS Using Vertical Class Partitioning Technique90
Chapter 7Video-on-Demand: Scalability and QoS Control111
Chapter 8Video Abstraction Techniques for a Digital Library120
Chapter 9Video Database Techniques and Video-on-Demand133
Chapter 10Broadcasting Approaches for VOD Services147
Part IVWatermark Techniques
Chapter 11Watermarking on Compressed/Uncompressed Video Using Communications with Side Information Mechanism173
Chapter 12Hiding Images Using Dynamic Bit-Replacement and Human Visual System190
Chapter 13Embedding Robust Gray-Level Watermark in an Image Using Discrete Cosine Transformation206
Part VMedia Synchronization, Multicast and Quality of Services Techniques
Chapter 14Multicast: Concept, Problems, Routing Protocols, Algorithms and QoS Extensions225
Chapter 15Multimedia and Multi-Stream Synchronization246
Chapter 16A Simple Prediction Method for Progressive Image Transmission262
Part VICase Studies of Multimedia Databases
Chapter 17A Multimedia Database Supports Internet-Based English Learning274
Chapter 18Case Study: Cairo--A Distributed Image Retrieval System for Cluster Architectures293
Chapter 19VRML-Based System for a Three-Dimensional Virtual Museum306
Chapter 20Organizing Multimedia Objects Using a Class Algebra Database318
Chapter 21Use of the Frame Synchronization Technique to Improve the Visualization Realism on the Web327
Part VIIFuture Directions of Multimedia Databases
Chapter 22Future Multimedia Databases and Research Directions352
About the Authors362

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