Disturbing The Calm: A Memoir of Time and Place

Disturbing The Calm: A Memoir of Time and Place

by Judith Kvinsland


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A Puget Sounder by birth, Judith Barker Kvinsland presents a collection of fifteen, inter-related personal essays that invite readers to accompany her through the twists and turns that disturbed the calm of an otherwise, ordinary life. Her memoir, told in memorable, lyrical prose, is a recollection of the time in post-World War II America, as well as a remembrance of place, while growing up in rural South Kitsap County in northwest Washington state. She reminds us how the memories of significant persons and specific places can impact us and be relied upon to give us strength, inspiration, and insight as we maneuver through turning points in our lives.

Kvinsland concludes her memoir with present-day realities that continue to disturb the calm in adulthood, events that readers may have already experienced, or may eventually face: empty nests; new, unfamiliar living locations; serious illness; aging parents; loss and painful grief; and ultimately, the joys of grandparenting.

“Disturbing the Calm: A Memoir of Time and Place,” is an honest, often humorous, heartfelt telling of a life that will stir readers to reflect upon their own lives and say, “I know just how she felt.”

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942661511
Publisher: Kitsap Publishing
Publication date: 03/13/2020
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

Judith Barker Kvinsland, a retired teacher and college administrator in both Washington and California, happily exchanged professional prose for personal essays and occasional prose poems. She now lives and writes in eastern Washington amidst wide-open skies, ancient, channeled scablands, and burgeoning wineries. She and her husband are "itinerant grandparents," frequent travelers to the forested beauty of northern California, Montana, and the Olympic Peninsula to connect with grandchildren and extended family.

Table of Contents

Part One. Home: Before We Knew it was the Salish Sea 1 Chapter 1: My Birth in Two Takes 3 Chapter 2: The Art of Scrabbling 7 Chapter 3: Grave Tenders 12 Chapter 4: Visionaries 20 Chapter 5: Game On 25

Part Two. Leaving: Uncharted Territory 33 Chapter 6: No Way of Knowing 35 Chapter 7: Best-laid Plans 42 Chapter 8: A Day, Unlike Any Other 46 Chapter 9: The Question 51 Chapter 10: Uncharted Territory 54

Part Three. Changes: Disturbing the Calm 61 Chapter 11: Disturbing the Calm 63 Chapter 12: A Reason for Flight 68 Chapter 13: The Promise 71 Chapter 14: Doc Speak 75 Chapter 15: Look Back 80

Acknowledgments 87 Additional Acknowledgments 89 Biography 91

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