Ditching the Drive-Thru: How to Pass Up Processed Foods, Buy Farm Fresh, and Transform Your Family's Eating Habits on a Modern Mom's Schedule

Ditching the Drive-Thru: How to Pass Up Processed Foods, Buy Farm Fresh, and Transform Your Family's Eating Habits on a Modern Mom's Schedule

by J. Natalie Winch, Joel Salatin


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After an exhausting day at work, hitting the drive-thru or nuking a pre-fab meal is all too often the go-to decision for feeding a family. Cooking a meal from scratch using fresh ingredients can seem beyond the average person's time, energy, or financial means.

But with mounting evidence pointing to processed food and our industrial food system as the culprits behind many of our nation's health problems - including obesity, diabetes, and cancer - it's now more important than ever to be fully informed about what goes on your family's dinner plates. If you're ready to take control of your food choices but don't know the difference between grass-fed versus grain-fed, pastured versus free-range, or organic versus sustainable, read this book to discover:
* How to create your own thirty-month plan to convert your family from junk food to real food, without a revolt!
* Recipes and advice on planning and prepping meals so you can make home-cooked a habit for your family
* Instructions for getting the most out of produce using techniques such as lacto-fermentation, dehydrating, and canning
* An introduction to the world of farm-direct sales, including tips on locating local farms, seeing through marketing buzzwords, and shopping with CSAs

Ditching the Drive-Thru exposes the insidious hold the commercial food industry has taken over the fast-paced lives of the average American and the danger these processed foods and diet plans pose to our health, environment, and emotional well-being. Learn how to break free from the grind and return to a simpler relationship with food from farmers, not factories, and home-cooked meals that are created in your kitchen, not on a conveyor belt.

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ISBN-13: 9781943015061
Publisher: Spikehorn Press
Publication date: 09/15/2015
Pages: 192
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Ditching the Drive-Thru : How to Pass Up Processed Foods, Buy Farm Fresh, and Transform Your Family's Eating Habits on a Modern Mom's Schedule 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
I grew up as a poor farmer. We didn’t have a lot of money so we learned to grow our own vegetables and some fruit. We had our own animals or supplemented in one way or another. My mother canned, froze, and did whatever she could to preserve the hard work done to get that food. Because of that we did get some frozen prepared meals and such from the grocery store but we rarely ate out or had fast food. Fast forward to today and I admit that I hit the drive thru was too often. I have a busy schedule and don’t have a lot of time to actually cook my meals. I do have good intentions that lead me to not wanting to eat what I have made when at work or ending up having lots of spoiled food and money being thrown away. I really like what Natalie has to say in Ditching the Drive-Thru. This book goes into everything. From how the food industry controls us and in a sense poisons us with all the crap they put in the “convenient” food that we all eat. Although there is a little more planning when you start making your own meals you will benefit so much better in the end. Yes, you may have to take the extra step of canning or buying another freezer, but realistically you have to ask yourself if your health and that of your loved ones worth these extra steps? And really, once you get into a habit it’s not that much of an extra step. This book is a great inspiration to start cooking yourself. Get away from the processed foods, quit feeding you and your loved ones chemicals and crap. You will start seeing how you feel better, lose weight, don’t get sick as often and so many other things. The food industry has truly blinded us and made us a slave to fast food, eating out, and pre-packaged garbage. Ditching the Drive-Thru doesn’t just give you that information, it also give you a starting point to get going on your own. This has inspired me to go clean out my chest freezer, my dehydrator, and sharpen back up on my canning skills. All I can say is Thank You Natalie. If you want to get healthier and feel better this book is a great start. You will learn about the food industry and get pointers on how to transition to making your own meals. You will also learn some recipes and helpful hints to guide you. I received Ditch the Drive-Thru for free from iRead Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.
VickiLN More than 1 year ago
This book was not at all what I was expecting. While it did have a lot of information, it just didn’t give me what I was looking for. One minute the author was writting about how awful animals are treated, the next minute she was talking about eating their meat, or eggs. I just felt that there was more negative talk about food in general than I wanted. To be fair, the author seems to know her stuff and seems to truly want us all to eat better. There are a few pictures scattered throughout the book and a few recipes, I might try the one for Homemade Greek Style Yogurt. I do know that a lot of times, liking a book or not can depend on your mood. So please don’t let my review convince you to pass on this book. I know it’s getting a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews, and for that reason I plan on reading it again in a few months or so to see if my thoughts change. At this time I would give this a 3 star rating.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Today it seems like we never have enough time and certainly not enough time to make a dinner from scratch like our grandmother's make unless it's a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Most of us are families in which both parents work and we barely have enough time to get it all done, along with taking our kids to school, picking them up, homework, sporting events and finding time for dinner is usually something we grab on the go or head to the nearest drive thru. While we know it is not healthy, what else can the average home do to ensure we are feeding our families healthy food and just how can you be sure what you are buying is truly healthy anyway. J. Natalie Winch wrote a book just for people like us called Ditching the Drive-Thru, how to pass up processed goods, buy farm fresh, and transform your family's eating habits on a modern mom's schedule. Just hearing that was enough to make me want to check out this book. She teaches you the difference between grass-fed versus grain-fed, pastured versus free-range, or organic versus sustainable. Readers will gain a much needed lesson not only in knowing why but in how to do it, along with a 30-day plan to convert your family from junk food to real food without a revolt, something that I absolutely needed because my kids are hard to get them to try something new, especially if it sounds healthy. This book even includes recipes and advice on planning and preparing meals to you can make home cooked a habit for your family besides those special holiday times. Tips are included from locating local farms, seeing through marketing buzzwords and shopping with CSA's. "The diet industry present us with a simple equation: fat=unhealthy. Of course, it tends to ignore the possibility that increased body fat is related to the chemicals and additives in processed foods manufactured by the industrialized food system. Fat in itself is not inherently unhealthy, although fat-laden refined food generally is. As our food becomes more and more processed in order to make food easier and faster to consume, our people are rowing less and less healthy. Food quality declines, overall healthy declines, people start gaining weight, and then the diet industry gets a major boost. " (pg 8). I received Ditching the Drive-Thru by J. Natalie Winch compliments of Spikehorn Press and iRead Book Tours for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside from a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. After watching my husband at 46 have a major heart attack, this was a huge wake up call for both of us. After meeting with our cardiologists, he agrees that the ages of people having heart related issues is getting much younger than ever before and it is based on what we are eating. This is why this book is so critical to gain the knowledge we need to make the right decisions to start feeding our families the right way and in doing so, give them a quality of life that they can pass on to a future generation. It is interesting to note that there has also been a rise in cancer deaths and when you look at the facts, it is hard not to put it all together and discover it has to do with our food we are eating. This book helps put all of that into perspective and well worth all 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.