Dive Tour: Raptis Trilogy: Volume One

Dive Tour: Raptis Trilogy: Volume One


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Author, sculptor, artist, adventurer, diver, Tracee Raptis, brings us her first book in this series of riveting and disturbing -- at times emotional, romantic, and sexy -- at times shocking, terrifying, and chilling -- novels exposing the darker side of the tropical island paradise water lore and world she knows so well.

This first book in the riveting RAPTIS TRILOGY, titled THE TOUR, opens with a strange under water murder made to look like an accident. Our heroine, beautiful career sea diver Terri, realizes this was no accident and is drawn to solve the crime against great odds. She is soon confronted with another intensely disturbing event, the attempted murder of herself, resulting in the death of someone dear to her. In the face of growing and ever more bizarre danger, much of it underwater, Terri is nevertheless determined to find out who the killer is. Against the advice of all close to her, Terri dives into her secret investigation.

Danger mounts as Terri hones in on one man's increasing mental instability, and also on the captain of the largest tour ship anchored out there in the bay as he manipulates the situation. What are these guys up to? Who else is involved? Will Terri survive trying to find out? Then Terri witnesses the shocking murder of the person who is bringing Terri herself deep underwater to die. Oxygen dwindling, hope draining, Terri has to find a way to use all she knows about diving and surviving to stay focused, to regulate her breathing, to rely on that tough and unstoppable personality of hers to survive. But can even Terri make it through this? Every breath matters as we read this fast paced, intense, scary closing of this book.

"Turn the page, dare to. Then bear to read more. You see her, she emerges out of the corner of your mind, sneaking out from there between the lines. When you least expect it, there she is throwing off her cloak of safety, being the danger she is, the thriller writer in full form. Fasten your seat belt. She's just beginning." -- Angela Browne-Miller

And if you think this book, Raptis Trilogy Volume 1: The Tour,
is a page turner, just wait 'til you read the next two volumes!!!
Raptis Trilogy Volume 2: Treasure Hunt and Raptis Trilogy Volume 3: Redemption
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ISBN-13: 9781937951368
Publisher: Metaterra Publications
Publication date: 05/09/2017
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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