Divination: Second Degree Witchcraft

Divination: Second Degree Witchcraft

by Black Witch S, Blonde Gypsy

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It is commonly argued that there is no point in divining the future as knowing whether good things will happen spoils their surprise and foreknowledge of bad events creates worry. However, many of us plan for the future and use the range of available resources to inform our decisions. Divination is a tool to aid us in our decision making process, providing clarity and insight so we may make divinely informed decisions.

Divination is a necessary component of witchcraft, and each person should learn at least two divination methods. As there are so many divination methods, you, the student, will have vast options to assess both your own skill level, and your comfort level in the divination method.

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BN ID: 2940153039787
Publisher: Black Witch S
Publication date: 04/17/2016
Series: Your Online Second Degree in Witchcraft - A Wiccan Themed Course , #1
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About the Author

Welcome to my Smashwords Personal Bio! I am a Chaos Witch who practices a variety of magickal styles. I believe everyone should have a foundation of understanding the basics, before entering heavier magickal practices. Wicca provides a good and solid foundation. Personal background: Australia born & raised, and currently reside between Las Vegas in the USA, Kata in Thailand, and Sydney, Australia. I travel frequently to meet with other covens, voodoo practitioners, witches, & occultists. Sometimes I travel with my coven - a group of 13 witches, both male and female, from all walks of life, and from different witchcraft traditions. Offer to readers: Feedback Gift Once you purchase & read my book, I would love for your feedback. Did you find the content relevant and useful? Did I leave anything out? What would you change or add to make this lesson more useful? Complete the form on our website http://blackwitchcoven.com/shop/bwc-book-feedback/ Once you complete this form, email bwitchcoven@gmail.com and tell me what book from this series for free. BWS

Born in the Orient to parents from parents of different nationalities, whose parents also were of different nationalities, whose parents etc etc etc.… Some were wanderers from the Caucuses, so, gypsy by blood and gypsy by nature, I didn’t stand a chance. Marinated in Suan ming (Chinese fortune telling) from birth, my fascination with cartomancy, astrology and dreams began as far back as my memory reaches. Later came tasseography (tea-leaf reading), crystal & herbal magic, witchcraft, some classical philosophy, Jung’s archetypes and Joseph Campbell’s mythology, all shaken and served with some crushed mint and a twist of lime and imbibed, often barefoot, under moons of all phases. I’m am convinced now more than ever that symbology is key to decoding divine knowledge and self-knowledge and I feel privileged to be able to help people gain insight when they want it. Working with Black Witch Coven, especially Black Witch S, has encouraged me to reignite my interest in Wicca and introduce me to Hoodoo as well as the freedom of Chaos Magic. I find the variety of approaches to looking at and understanding magic explained in the course, to be very helpful to beginners and intermediate practitioners of magic as well as those hobbyists just hoping to brush up on their skills or gain knowledge of one or two particular areas of the craft. As Black Witch S says in her introduction "... any witch/wiccan worth their salt, all pun intended, must have some knowledge of Divination." Good luck on your journey. ~ Blonde Gypsy~

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