The Divine Adventure

The Divine Adventure

by Fiona Macleod


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ISBN-13: 9780343632984
Publisher: Franklin Classics Trade Press
Publication date: 10/17/2018
Pages: 98
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.20(d)

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Ill WE were silent. It is not easy for three, so closely knit, so intimate, as we had been for so many years, suddenly to enter upon a new comradeship, wherein three that had been as one were now several. A new reticence had come to each of us. We walked in silence — conscious of the beauty of the day, in sea and sky and already purpling moors; of the white gulls flecking the azure, and the yellowhammers and stonechats flitting among the gorse and fragrant bog- myrtle — we knew that none was inclined to speak. Each had his own thoughts. The three dreamers — for so we were in that lovely hour of dream — walked steadfastly onward. It was not more than an hour after noon that we came to an inlet of the sea, so narrow that it looked like a stream, only that a salt air arose between the irises which thickly bordered it, and that the sunken rock-ledges were fragrant with sea-pink and the stone-con volvulus. The moving tidal water was grass-green, save where dusked with long, mauve shadows. ' Let us rest here,' said the Body. ' It is so sweet in the sunlight, here by this cool water.' The Will smiled as he threw himself down upon a mossy slope that reached from an oak's base to the pebbly margins. ' It is ever so with you,' he said, still smiling. ' You love rest, as the wandering clouds love the waving hand of the sun.' ' What made you think of that ?' asked the Soul abruptly, who till that moment had been rapt in silent commune with his inmost thoughts. ' Why do you ask ?' ' Because I, too, was thinking that just as the waving hand of the sun beckons the white wandering clouds, as a shepherd calls to his scattered sheep, so there is a hand waving to us to pressforward. Far away, yonder, a rainbow is being woven of sun and mist. Perhaps, there, we may come up...

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