Divine Healing Hands: Experience Divine Power to Heal You, Animals, and Nature, and to Transform All Life

Divine Healing Hands: Experience Divine Power to Heal You, Animals, and Nature, and to Transform All Life

by Zhi Gang Sha Dr.
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Divine Healing Hands: Experience Divine Power to Heal You, Animals, and Nature, and to Transform All Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i absolutely love this book. i love how empowered i feel to heal myself and others. the results of learning about these blessings and the healing i have experienced directly are profound. i recommend Master Sha's teaching to anybody who wishes to heal their life and body.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Divine Healing Hands" are litterally what the name says: DIVINE-HEALING-HANDS what means GOD'S HEALING HANDS ... Divine Healing Hands carry the Frequencies of Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Compassion, Divine Light ... It is just a Blessing that the Divine has released this Treasure to Humanity at this difficult time on Mother Earth ... and that we have a Master on our Planet who has dedicated his life to serve Humanity, Mother Earth and all Souls in all Universes as well as the Divine and the TAO ... Dr. and Master Sha has the Autorithy to transmit this Heavenly Gift to Humans and empower them to serve, to transform, to heal ... I have received the Transmission of Divine Healing Hands and I apply this powerful Healing Tool every single day to serve my Loved Ones, Family, Friends and myself with WONDER-ful results ... I am also one of hundrets of Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers all around the Globe who serve Humanity once a day in a Tele-Conference ... This Service takes place every single day ... 7 days a week ... all the year round ... If you want to get a taste of the Power of Divine Healing Hands, I invite you to join the daily Divine Healing Hands Call and receive the Blessings ... You can find all informations on that on Dr. and Master Sha's Website [...] ... Don't hesitate !! ... Try it out !! ... THIS SERVICE IS FREE !! I am so very honored and grateful to be a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer and a Student of Dr. and Master Sha and I will close with one of Master Sha's One-Sentence-Secrets: I have the Power to heal myself ... You have the Power to heal yourself ... Together we have the Power to heal the World ... With LOVE and GRATITUDE ... Ingeborg / Germany
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have used my Divine Healing Hands to help a dear friend who has 4 dogs that are very aggressive towards each other. She called me and I offered her the blessing in her home .......and the difference was like night and day. This book is every bit worth the read.
Carrie3396815 More than 1 year ago
Dr. and Master Sha’s new book Divine Healing Hands: Experience Divine Power to Heal You, Animals, and Nature, and to Transform All Life is INCREDIBLE! The wisdom, knowledge and power that this book carries is beyond anything you can imagine! You can feel the healing benefits as you read and do the practices. It is extraordinary! So, if you feel stuck or challenged by your life circumstances, get this book and experience the power firsthand. You will be amazed and so grateful! It is a must-have book for everyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is difficult for our minds to wrap around the idea that we can receive Divine healing hands...but this is not a book for our minds...but our SOULS will understand. Our Souls know the truth and will jump at this opportunity to receive these Divine Blessings. I have been using my 'Divine Healing Hands" for the last year to heal myself, my children, my loved ones and anyone desiring to receive for any area of life. We have experienced subtle healings and miraculous healings...This book is an unprecedented opportunity! Grab it!! Share with all your loved ones and your community. BE the Change We Want To See.
ex-Petalu-man More than 1 year ago
This is a revoultionary book by a soul revolutionary. If you're not familiar with the power of Master Sha's healing, go to his YouTube channel. Then run, don't walk, to get this book so that you can receive divine soul healing blessings twenty times. The possibilities are unlimited. Step into the realm of "soul over matter."
UniversalServant More than 1 year ago
I recently used my Divine Healing Hands transmission when a bee stung me. I was stung twice on my arm. It was painful and started to swell immediately. As the pain and swelling increased, I quickly turned on my Divine Healing Hands to offer the blessing. After only a minute or so, I could see the swelling suddenly stop. What happened next was quite amazing. As I continued chanting, “Divine Healing Hands heal me,” I saw the swelling begin to decrease. During the next ten minutes, the swelling continued to decrease until there was no more than just two small red dots where just minutes before there were two welts that resembled big mosquito bites. The bee stings were powerless against the Divine Healing Hands. It was quite extraordinary to witness such immediate healing results. I can’t say enough about the benefits of having this healing treasure. It’s like having the world’s largest first-aide kit at your disposal that always resides within your soul. It’s beyond comprehension! I’m most grateful that humanity can receive this very special gift. Thank you, Dr. Sha. Thank you, Divine.
peacemaya12 More than 1 year ago
"I had the honor of receiving Divine Healing Hands and since then I have used this treasure to offer soul healing blessings for illness, relationships and other issues. The power simply amazes me each time I use it, it grows more and more powerful. A few days ago I offered a soul healing blessing to a woman who had been attacked and her face needed plastic surgery because she was so disfigured. Today she went back to her doctor and he could not believe how fast and how well her skin had healed, she didn't have any of the swelling or bruises that usually appear for people with this type of injury. He was absolutely stunned and remarked that he had never seen such a fast and easy recovery in his time as a doctor. When I offer a soul healing blessing for emotional or mental issues, people relax, are happier and have more energy. This is the Power of Divine Healing Hands. I am so very grateful to the Divine and Master Sha for transmitting this treasure, as it is beyond all my words can say. I wish for everyone to have the opportunity to receive this treasure as it changes not only your life, but the life of everyone who receives its love and light". It's simply amazing! Thank you Divine, Thank you Tao, Thank you Master Sha."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dear Readers Please do not hesitate to purchase this spiritually exceptional book and guideline for your life. This book has become my constant companion on a daily basis. Each day, I use this book to provide blessings for my family, friends, pets and myself. If there is a challenge with unbalanced emotions, physical issues, mental problems then this book can help you back to full health and vitality. It is easy to read and each page contains practical and informative practices to empower yourself and others. Enjoy the wisdom contained in each page and enjoy all the blessings you will receive to enhance your life.
HealingAngel More than 1 year ago
My dad is in his 90's and had surgery recently. I sent him Divine Healing Hands every day and within a week his incision was healed so quickly that his physician couldn't believe it. My hairdresser had a history of severe back pain and had trouble straightening up her back when she got out of her car. I sent her Divine Healing Hands every day and on my last visit she remarked that her back is 80% better.
Chandra3 More than 1 year ago
Master Sha's practices are truly transformative and his sacred wisdom into healing through soul power a true gift to humanity. This is such a powerful book...when I do the practices I can feel it. It's an energy that envelops me. I'm so grateful to have found his teachings. I recommend Divine Healing Hands for anyone and everyone who wants to connect with the Source and transform.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a healing tool...AND a book. It is the real deal.. I have worked in spiritual healing areas most my life, and Divine Healing Hands by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is most likely the most important book written in this venue. A must for any one who wants to be well and/or who wants their loved ones well.
Carmen_Badoi More than 1 year ago
Divine Healing Hands healed 15-year chronic arthritic pain I am extremely grateful for this extraordinary blessing from Heaven: Divine Healing Hands. I will share just one beautiful story. My sister started to receive Divine Healing Hands blessings every day in the second part of May this year. She was suffering for 15 years of atrocious arthritic pain especially in the hips area. She had many episodes of being blocked and not being able to take any step ahead being in the middle of the street. First thing in the morning she was taking a pain killer, and plus she needed everyday about half an hour to adjust her body in order to get out of bed. After one month and a half of receiving Divine Healing Hands blessings she stopped taking any pain killers, telling me that she can live with the pain she has. No more episodes of being blocked on the street also made her happy. But the most extraordinary result came after another month of receiving Divine Healing Hands blessings, when she could tell me that she is completely FREE of any pain. In two months and a half, she had a tremendous change, from atrocious pain to pain FREE. She is showing her gratitude everyday and her state of mind has changed completely. She is very happy and positive almost all the time, which she was not for the last 15 years. She is even thinking if it will be possible for her to become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer. Thank you Dr. and Master Sha, and thank you Divine! I cannot thank you enough for this amazing gift. So read the book and become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer! You can make many other people happy, and a lot of pains to go away.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Parrot green books "Divine Healing Hands: Experience Divine Power to Heal you, Animals and Nature and to Transform all Life." The first word of the subtitle is experience- for this is the uniqueness of this book: the deliverance of healings "on demand" for all life, including relationships and finance. This makes this book uniquely and especially remarkable as a healing tool aside from its wisdom and power as a channeled book of Master and Doctor Zhi Gang Sha . I have received several layers of Divine Healing Hands and it is awe inspiring to remember that this is what they are: Divine- granted to us for special needs for special use in this special time of Mother Earth transition as well as for immediate pragmatic needs: to heal a cut, to boost an ailing plant, to give assistance to an elderly cat- or car or neighbor. We can ask for blessing and assistance beyond our imaginations to expand our service as divine messengers and to expand our mind and soul potentials. It is an honor beyond expectation: believe, and Universal power is literally at our fingertips. We are honored, we are exalted, we are blessed. Read, experience and join the legions of Divine Light workers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book doesn't only describe the power and significance of the Divine Healing Hands, it also leads you to put it into practice for all aspects of your life. This is possible because it carries the Divine Healing Hands treasure inside so that you can use and experience it for a limited number of times before deciding to get the permanent treasure in one of the next workshops worldwide.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr. and Master Sha's latest book Divine Healing Hands is very remarkable in that it is a healing miracle. This book guides you through practices for self healing, and healing of others, nature and aminals. There are many blessings in this book that can change and heal your health, finances and relationships. This book is a blessing to humanity.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amira from Berlin I truly love and honour the opportunity to give blessings with divine healing hands. The most joyful thing is to give my two bunny daily blessings and see how they have changed in between. One is very sick for years and meanwhile he was blind and paralysed and could not move anymore. He was falling on one side or back and couldn`t not move back. When I was at work my bunny had to stay on his back and wait until someone came and put him back on his feet. This was not easy to see but with daily divine healing hands blessings and playing the Master Sha healing CD around the clock he convalesced every day. One day he could jump out of the cage and I had tears in my eyes by seeing this and that he was able to this with his legs. The other bunny has a lot of difficulties with her emotions. I can feel she is depressed, angry, without love. When I am giving her a blessing her soul shows me so much gratitude and I can feel how she becomes totally peaceful, calm and happy. This makes me happy. This is the same what I have experienced when I`ve recived a blessing. I would never give away the divine healing hands! Get the book. Even the book caries so much power. Check it out by yourself and enjoy.
DmarieDH More than 1 year ago
I have recently purchased this book and absolutely love it! The book is very inspiring and gives practical techniques on how to apply self-healing for our bodies and all aspects of our lives; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many people are seeking alternatives at this time in history. This book is an incredible break-through! The book does not teach religion, but instead teaches us to heal the soul first and then the body and mind will follow! As one reads through the book, the power and the healing can be felt beyond our imagination. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to heal their present day suffering and those in their community around them! This is a must have book and also makes a great gift. Very profound and full of miracle stories!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago