Divine Image: Laws of Noah

Divine Image: Laws of Noah

by Rav Yakov David Cohen


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Institute of Noahide Code (UN NGO) would like to promote the 7 Laws of Noah to bring Peace and unity to all.

The seven laws of the Noahide Code - which will be promoted through our outreach project - are the

following: 1) Prohibition of idolatry; 2) Prohibition of murder; 3) Prohibition of theft; 4) Prohibition

of sexual immorality; 5) Prohibition of blasphemy; 6) Prohibition of eating flesh from an animal

while it is still alive; 7) The requirement of maintaining courts to provide legal recourse.

These laws were given to Noah by the Almighty, creator and Master of the world, after he was

saved with his family from the flood with the promise that if they were kept by all mankind, The

Almighty would not destroy the world again.

What is most beautiful about these laws, is the breathing room they provide. They resonate

equally in Africa, (North) America, (South) America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia and Europe. They

are like the guidelines of a great master of music or art: firm, reliable and comprehensive. They are

the pillars of a new peaceful and democratic world.

"The Seven Noahide Laws" are a sacred inheritance of all the children of Noah. Everybody can use

them as the foundations of his/her spiritual, moral and pragmatic life. If we will begin to

incorporate these laws into our lives, we will see this concrete change around us.

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About the Author

Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen is the founder and director of Institute of Noahide Code www.Noahide.org , born in Brooklyn, New York USA. Rabbi Cohen received his Bachelor's Degree at the Rabbinical College of America in 1982 and was ordained in 1985 at the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva New York, and a degree from Monash University Australia 1992. Renowned Talmudic scholar and Dayan, a writer on various Jewish subjects, most recently worked on a compilation of the Rebbe's works for Noahide practice and a book titled Divine Image. Met with the President and world leaders, an experienced lecturer and author, Rabbi Cohen relishes the questions of both the "perplexed" and the "not-so-perplexed" of all backgrounds and ages, Jewish - and non-Jewish.

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