Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

by P. L. Byers
Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

by P. L. Byers


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Sabrina Wallace is a beautiful and independent architect with a bright future. The only problem? Her parent's death and a history of bad relationships have made her fiercely determined to remain alone.

Alex Deluca is an intense business entrepreneur with a successful, thriving business. With a loving supportive family behind him, he confidently goes through life, sure of himself and his place in it.

Then on one fateful day both Alex and Sabrina are brought together by a horrific plane crash. As the only survivors, they stand side by side, giving each other the strength they need to heal from their injuries and to face the outside forces that threaten to overwhelm them.

As time goes by Sabrina realizes that Alex is everything she wants, but past experiences have taught her that being alone is safer. Can she let go of those fears and have the life she secretly dreams of? Could Alex truly love her or is it his misguided sense of male driven protectiveness what he's truly feeling?

It all comes down to an evening of clashing wills and unparalleled passion that could change the course of their future forever.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781450100250
Publisher: Dellarte Press
Publication date: 02/21/2013
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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Divine Intervention

By P. L. Byers


Copyright © 2015 P.L. Byers
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-6337-4


The weather outside reflected Sabrina Wallace's mood. As the rain beat against her bedroom window, she continued to pack the few suitcases she would need for her trip. While flying was not one of her favorite things to do, it was important for her job. Sort of like eating spinach or liver; not exactly something she liked, but it was good for her so she did it. Flying was a necessary evil in her business. As one of the brightest up and coming architects, her clients were not always just a short drive away. Her growing reputation was a great source of pride for her, but it also required her to travel farther afield to meet with clients. While her residence and offices were located in Boston Massachusetts, she was becoming well known enough to have clients all over the United States. So over the years, she learned to set aside her fear of flying. Her personal assistant and best friend Katherine Manning, always teased her about her fear. It amused her that such a put together woman in the board room could have such a fear of flying.

Sabrina remembered how she and Katherine met. It was right after her parents were killed in an automobile accident seven years earlier. Katherine had been Sabrina's father's assistant for several years. After their death, Sabrina couldn't bring herself to go to her father's office to pack his personal items so Katherine did it for her. When she brought them to Sabrina, Katherine found a pale and lethargic young woman who simply sat around her apartment, giving in to her grief. Katherine immediately took Sabrina under her wing, forcing her to join the land of the living. Although they were very close in age, Katherine was able to give Sabrina the strength and support she needed. Gently guiding Sabrina through the months of grief, anger, and shock, it only seemed natural for Katherine to become Sabrina's assistant when she began her own architectural firm.

The telephone rang startling Sabrina from her thoughts. "Hello?"

"Hi champ. Ready for your flight?"

Sabrina smiled into the receiver. "As ready as I'll ever be. Anything new to report before I head out?"

"Nope. Everything is still set like we discussed earlier. Just wanted to make sure you didn't need anything. I'm headed out for my hot date."

"Who is it this time?"

"I'll fill you in if it works out. Are you sure you don't want me to give you a lift to the airport?"

"Thanks, Kat, but I'm happy taking a cab. Is the car rental all set when I land in San Francisco?"

"It's all with your airline ticket. If you have any problems just call me on the cell phone. Have a safe trip. See you in a few days."

"Bye. Thanks for everything. Good luck on your hot date. I hope this one has teeth," Sabrina joked, remembering Katherine's description of her last blind date that featured a bad toupee and three missing front teeth.

"Me too. See ya!"

After circling the apartment to make sure that she didn't forget anything, Sabrina went downstairs to the lobby to hail a cab. Thankfully, living in Boston made it easy to get a cab. Not that the cab rides were any less terrifying than a flight, but at least it made getting to Logan Airport a little easier.

Once Sabrina was checked in, she made her way to the departure gate to await the boarding call. After only a few minutes, her flight was called, and with an uneasy feeling, she boarded her flight.

* * *

Alexander Deluca looked at his watch for the third time in only a few minutes. If his calculations were correct, he would have just enough time to make it to Logan Airport. If he didn't, it wouldn't be the first flight he missed. As the CEO of Deluca Enterprises, an investment firm he and his brother started ten years earlier, Alex missed many flights due to last-minute problems that had to be ironed out.

There were times when he wished his younger brother, Sam, would take more of an interest in the company he had agreed to be a part of. Alex's intention of starting the company with his brother was to have something they could share together. Sam and Alex grew up in a loving household with all the advantages most kids only dreamed of having. For Alex, it only made him work harder so that society wouldn't think he got where he was because it was handed to him. Sam on the other hand didn't care what people thought and went about the business of his life without a care in the world, knowing that Deluca Enterprises was in the capable hands of his brother. Sam was the handsome, easygoing brother who basked in their parent's love. Alex doubted if there was anything Sam could do that would upset their parents. Alex, on the other hand, was the dark, mysterious brother his parents couldn't seem to figure out. They loved him unconditionally, though, and Alex knew it.

After packing a few more things into his briefcase, Alex grabbed his suit jacket and started for the door. Before he reached it however, Mary Simms, his assistant, buzzed him.

"Excuse me, Mr. Deluca?"

Impatiently Alex walked over to his desk and pushed the intercom button. "Yes Mary, what is it? I'm on my way out."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Deluca, but your brother is on the phone and said it was important."

Alex smiled ruefully and shook his head. "Thanks, Mary. I'll take it." Alex pushed the flashing button on the phone. "What now, Sam? Did you lose your credit card again?"

"Very funny, Alex. I only did that once, and you'll never let me forget it, will you?"

"Sorry. I'm on my way to the airport. What's up?"

"Leaving town again?"

"I wouldn't have to if you would be more than a silent partner in this company. I could use the help, you know."

"Now, Alex, we've been through this a million times."

"I know, I know. You're still sowing your wild oats. To what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call?"

"I wanted to see if you'd like to join me in New Hampshire this weekend for a little fun."

"I know it's not skiing, since it's the middle of August, so what's up?"

"Two beautiful girls!"

"No thanks, Sam. I have neither the time nor the interest. Besides, I'm on my way out west to iron out a new contract."

"You know that Mom is really beginning to worry about you. All work, no play. You're honestly becoming a dull boy, Alex."

"No, I'm becoming a rich man."

"You're already a rich man. There's more to life, you know. You're going to give yourself ulcers before you realize it. Ever since that Jessica girl left you, you're more of a recluse than ever."

Alex briefly thought of the tall, leggy brunette who broke his heart. Just when he thought he had found the woman he could possibly share his life with, she up and left him. Accusations of being emotionally detached and only caring about his job flitted through his mind.

"Look, Sam, I appreciate the offer, but I have to catch a flight. I'll call you when I get back. We'll do something then, okay?"

"Fine. Have a safe flight. Bye."

"Bye, Sam." Alex hung the telephone up and once again walked to the door. On the way out, he briefly stopped to talk to Mary about a few things she needed to care of while he was gone, and then went out to hail a cab.

Twenty minutes later, Alexander Deluca was racing through the airport to make his flight on Pentium Airways. Still cursing the fact that he was flying coach as opposed to his usual first-class arrangements, he made it to the gate just in time. Booking at the last minute, he knew he was lucky just to have a seat on the flight at all! With only a few minutes to spare and an odd feeling in his stomach, he boarded the plane for the long flight to California.


Sabrina looked around the airplane at the other passengers. Observing the different people always helped to keep her mind off the fact that she was stranded inside a large metal object racing at high speeds through the clouds, relying on a few engines to keep her in the air.

In the seat in front of her, was a rather harried looking young mother with a baby girl. The little girl was intent on standing on her mother's lap, facing the back of the plane to see better what was going on behind her. To Sabrina, the little girl looked to be about seven months old. She had a sweet, round face with chestnut-colored hair and hazel eyes. The single tooth in the center of her wide grin was a comical vision to behold. This was definitely a little girl who could have any adult wrapped around her chubby little fingers. The proof was in the way the passengers near the girl were trying valiantly to coax a grin from her.

Across the aisle was a teenager with headphones sprouting from his ears. Even from across that distance, Sabrina could hear the faint sound of some heavy-metal band. It would be a miracle, Sabrina thought, if the young man would still have his hearing in another ten years. Of course, she never listened to music that loud when she was a teen.

Next to the teenager, in the window seat, sat a very attractive man wearing a rather serious-looking power suit and tie. He had an air about him that didn't encourage friendly conversation. It was a good thing they weren't sitting close enough for a conversation, Sabrina thought. She would have been tempted to try to irritate him with idle chatter just because she was bored.

Sabrina was seated in the isle and next to her by the window was a pleasant older gentleman who was on his way to visit his daughter and grandson in California. He was an easy going man and pleasant to talk with. He showed Sabrina pictures of his family. It was obvious by the smiling faces of the people in the photos that they were a happy family, making Sabrina long for one that she lost. She tried very hard not to feel sorry for herself for not having her family with her but there were times, like this, when it bothered her.

After an hour or so into the flight, the stewardesses served drinks, snacks and to those willing to cough up a small fortune, a dried sandwich or a simple lunch. Sabrina ate a few bites, worked on some paperwork for a while before becoming drowsy. She fought it for a while, then gave up and settled in for a little nap.

Sabrina wasn't sure what woke her, but she had a very strange feeling when she opened her eyes. Becoming more alert, she looked around and saw concern on the faces around her. She sat up straighter and asked the gentleman next to her what was wrong.

"Don't know Miss. The plane just made an awful noise and started pitching a few minutes ago."

Just then the pilot came on the intercom. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing a few mechanical difficulties. We're going to start a decent to land at the Lincoln Municipal Airport in Nebraska. We ask that, as a precaution, you make sure that your seat belts are securely fastened. Flight attendants, please be seated."

Sabrina looked around and saw the look of panic on the other passengers faces. Quickly she said a silent prayer and checked her seat belt to make sure that it was fastened. When she looked to her left, her gaze was met by the handsome gentleman in the power suit. When she turned to look forward again, she saw a wave of smoke coming toward her......

* * *

Alex felt the jolt of the airplane and knew that something serious was going on. He'd been on many flights and had never experienced anything like what was happening. As the plane continued its descent he checked his seatbelt. He glanced to his right and his eyes met those of the woman he noticed earlier. He saw the look of terror on her face and tried to send her a silent message to have faith, that things would be okay. When he saw her look ahead, his eyes followed the same direction and he too saw the smoke filling the cabin. Suddenly the passengers began screaming and the airplane took a sudden pitch forward and careened nose first towards the ground.....


Sabrina gradually became aware of how cold she was. Thinking she was still on the plane, she tried to sit up but found that she couldn't move. She blinked her eyes a few times and shook her head. It was then that she smelled fuel and smoke. As she focused her eyes, Sabrina realized she was no longer on the plane, but on the ground with parts of the airplane littered around her. Gradually she started moving her head to look around. Shock set in as she began to realize that bodies and parts of the plane were scattered around her. Hearing a loud, agonizing scream, she was surprised to realize it was her own voice, and not that of someone else.

Okay Sabrina, she murmured. Get a hold of yourself. You're still alive. She began calling to see if there were any other survivors but no one answered her pleas. When she tried to move, Sabrina realized she was pinned beneath wreckage from the plane and she couldn't feel her legs. Slowly she began to examine her other body parts to see if everything else was intact. Other than cuts and bruises, her ribs seemed to bring her the most pain. When she started to lay her head back down, she heard a small whimper coming from her right side. When she turned her head, she caught sight of a little tuft of hair. Realizing that it was the baby that had been sitting in front of her, she tried to reach for her. After a few seconds of trying to wiggle over, Sabrina was able to grab a hold of the little girl's hand. Fortunately, the baby was not pinned under anything so Sabrina gently pulled the little girl toward her, until she rested against her side.

"Okay little one," Sabrina crooned. "Looks like it's you and me for a while. Don't worry; I'll try to keep you warm. I'm sure that people are on their way to rescue us."

Sabrina kept talking to the little girl in a soft voice to try and soothe her as she checked her over for injuries as best as she could from her pinned angle. There was nothing obvious except for some cuts. The little girl was so calm though, Sabrina was more nervous than ever. She should be screaming, she thought, not just lying so still and quiet.

Sabrina wrapped her arms around the little girl and pulled her closer. Please God, she prayed. Get us help fast. And with that silent prayer hanging in the air, Sabrina slipped unconscious once again.

* * *

As Alex came to, he realized that the plane had definitely crashed. The deafening silence was what hit him the hardest. If there were other survivors, there would be screams or pleas for help. But there were none. Not even the sound of sirens and people coming to rescue them. Just the quietness of the wind and the crackling of small fires left burning around him. When he looked around, he saw sights so horrifying; he knew he would live with the images for the rest of his life. He also noticed how dense the area was where they were. No wonder he thought, that help had not come yet. There was no easy access to get to where the plane had crashed. It could take hours, much less days to get to them.

Alex began checking to see what injuries he had. He was pinned under part of a wing, but he could at least feel his toes and wiggle them. His left arm was definitely broken, not to mention a few ribs. When he reached up to touch his head, he felt a large bump and warm sticky blood oozing from the wound. His vision was blurred a little so Alex simply closed his eyes and laid his head back down. After he rested for a few minutes, he lifted his head again to look around. When he yelled for help, in case anyone was near, he noticed a slim hand near him. He reached over to see if he could feel a pulse and realized that the hand was warm to the touch. He gently shook the hand and was relieved to hear a soft moan.

"Lady, wake up. Can you hear me?" he desperately pleaded.

When a few seconds went by with no response, Alex tried again.

"Lady, wake up. Can you hear me?"

Sabrina slowly came awake and looked to where the voice was coming from. "So we're not the only ones."

"No, but I can't hear or see anyone else. Is there someone else near you?"

"Yes, the little girl that was sitting in the seat in front of me. She's here beside me. I'm trying to keep her warm. I can't see any injuries on her but she's very quiet." Sabrina touched the little girls face and realized that she was very cold. Sometime after she went unconscious, the little girl must have passed quietly away.

"Noooo," Sabrina screamed. "Please God no! She was so little and so innocent." Sabrina gently held the lifeless body of the little girl against her side and softly touched her face and head as she sobbed for the loss of such a sweet child.

Hearing the anguished cries, Alex reached for the hand of the woman whose heartache was so palatable it broke his heart, and held tightly to her.

"Listen to me. You did everything you could. She was hurt too badly to survive. There was nothing you could have done to help her."

"But she was so young and innocent" Sabrina sobbed.


Excerpted from Divine Intervention by P. L. Byers. Copyright © 2015 P.L. Byers. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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