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Divine Knowledge Transfer: Applying Biblical Principles to Communicating, Public Speaking, Educating, and Overall Living

Divine Knowledge Transfer: Applying Biblical Principles to Communicating, Public Speaking, Educating, and Overall Living

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by Kelly Libatique

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Meet the Author

Kelly Libatique began his career in the high-tech and telecom industries in the early '90s as a technical writer and trainer. Since then, he has done training, speaking, marketing, and representing around the country for some of the biggest players in the corporate world, including Sony Electronics, Cisco Systems, and Verizon Wireless.

Most of his free time is devoted to family, but he his also an avid ornamental fish keeper, enjoys juggl-ing (knives and torches included), and is a regular actor, musician, and singer in various church ministries. Occasionally, his acting and voiceovers can be seen and heard on television and the radio.

Kelly is also the author of A Toast to the Holy Ghost? He has a BA in psy-chology and an MS in education, and resides in the San Francisco East Bay area with his wife and two children.


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Divine Knowledge Transfer: Applying Biblical Principles to Communicating, Public Speaking, Educating, and Overall Living 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
DrDouglasBentley More than 1 year ago
5.0 out of 5 stars Divine Knowledge Transfer is what the title suggests, October 15, 2011 By Dr. Douglas Bentley, The Apprentice - See all my reviews This review is from: Divine Knowledge Transfer: Applying Biblical Principles to Communicating, Public Speaking, Educating, and Overall Living (Paperback) When I first picked up this book I thought it was another book on theology. When I discovered a book that actually used the principles of the God in real life situations (public speaking, communication, power point presentations etc) I was amazed. These are all skills which are in high demand in all MBA programs and rarely developed by business people except for those who achieve the highest level in their market. And here is Kelly not only showing us step by step how to do the one thing that terrifies most people and prevents success in life but he is showing us that God is interested in helping us do it right. As I read and read I was astounded at his understanding and application of principles of the spirit in the world of business, industry, healthcare and even the job of the local pastor. He shows us how and why we do the job of communicating and why it is important to God that the job be done right. In a culture in America where the young often try to avoid anything which is painful or challenging he gives us reason to challenge ourselves and Kelly shows us how. He is not just one of those religious types who says "you gotta," he is the fellow who says "and here is how you can become a true craftsman in what you want to do." I took a while to do this review because I took a while to savor his book. I needed to gain the essence of the writer and his message. This man is truly a man of God who is following his calling which is being a communicator. And I believe that when he communicates he can feel God's pleasure at the Gift God put in him and the use he has put that gift to. When God makes each of us he places in us a gift and Mr. Kelly Libatique has found that gift and has found his God. It was a pleasure reading and writing about Divine knowledge Transfer. Dr. Douglas Bentley
Captivated_by_Christ More than 1 year ago
Before I was even a teenager my parents encouraged (OK, forced) me to participate in my first speech contest. That lead to a lifetime (and career) of public speaking and I have loved every moment of it! But I still wish I had read this book before I became so addicted to and passionate about using my God-given communication skills to enhance my life, the lives of others and, ultimately, glorify Him. Why? Divine Knowledge Transfer is both a practical and inspirational manual on communicating, whether it be in a public setting or a more intimate one. And, most importantly, it is based upon the Bible and uses its characters and wisdom as its premise. Replete with relevant and entertaining quotes, stories, and anecdotes, the reader will not lose interest in this book while learning so many principles in communication. Never straying far from Scripture, Mr. Libatique demonstrates a high level knowledge of the subject but, as one would expect, shares his expertise in a digestible and useable manner. Unlike other books on this subject, Divine Knowledge Transfer has no dry, textbook-like approach. And easy, pleasurable reading makes for easy, effective learning and adoption. There are certain books that will enhance your life and possibly encourage you to positive change - this is one of them. Divine Knowledge Transfer is filled amazing life lessons, encouragement, and education. Even if you have never visualized yourself as a public speaker or an expert communicator, this might be the very work that opens up a new dimension in God's purpose for your life. Although I consider myself to be these things, this book did much to set me on an intentional mission to improve my craft. To be a better communicator for the glory of God. I would heartily recommend this book to all who desire to communicate in a way that impacts and influences.
Patrick_Daniel_CA More than 1 year ago
'Divine Knowledge Transfer' by Kelly Libatique is superb! From the moment I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I found myself scrambling to take notes because of the wealth of information presented in the book. The author says "One of the most powerful ways to communicate and transfer knowledge is to use stories" and that is exactly what he does. Libatique's many great stories help the reader connect with him on a personal level, and the stories complement the messages he is delivering. His writing style is down to earth and very easy to read. The nice thing about this book is that it is beneficial to everyone, not just public speakers. The techniques in this book will help you at work, school, family functions, and basically with anything that requires good communication skills to bring a message across. And to make things even simpler, each chapter ends with a summary recapping all the key points which is great for quick 'cheat notes' With my black suit and red tie on, Divine Knowledge Transfer has given me the confidence, tools, and techniques I need to give a 'kick ass' presentation. Definitely a book I need to read again.
patientj1 More than 1 year ago
Right away, what I liked about Kelly's book was the obvious passion the author has for the subject of public speaking. That's a rare thing, right? Not only does he like it, he is clearly seasoned and willing to share the considerable depths of his knowledge on the subject with his audience. Through examples, anecdotes and some very witty quotes, he successfully translates a great presentation onto the written page. What I found most interesting was the concept of actually putting into practice the tool of doing all things `through' Christ. I've heard the term for years and years in church, but, have rarely witnessed it being done. We were all created for something 'more' and he embraces that here. I truly believed he felt a joy for what he was sharing with us. I appreciate the belief and expertise that Kelly shares and found myself paying strict attention to his tips along the way. While I cannot say I'm in a rush to speak publicly, I can recommend this useful, thoughtful book to others. Further, I would encourage people who are planning ahead, especially those who know they are destined for public speaking, to consider reading Kelly Libatique's Divine Knowledge Transfer.
Donald_Wilson More than 1 year ago
The bible is a book of truth-claims. Libatique's book shows that its principles are not limited to the big questions of life, but can be applied to our every daily needs. Even something as seemingly-secular and routine as giving effective presentations is best understood in the light of what God has taught us. Using examples from scripture in a real-world way, he weaves a very effective, readable and useful lesson on planning, constructing and delivering a message to any audience. With regard to planning and preparing to be a speaker, Libatique reminds us how God prepared David, Moses, Paul and Jonah to be effective communicators. He shows the effect of well-planned, pertinent stories by reminding us of the most effective stories ever told; Jesus' parables. The book is relatively short, it flows logically and limits wandering off course, thereby showing that Libatique practices what he preaches. He cautions against many common mistakes, gives usable formatting advice, including a number of options, teaches how to construct effective visual aids, and even provides methods to protect a speaker from embarrassing problems that can arise unexpectedly. All in all, I enjoyed the read and will be a better speaker because of it. By the author of "Because I Think, I Believe"
The_Publishing_Guru More than 1 year ago
Conjure the image of standing in front of hundreds of people, even thousands, anticipating the words about to come from your mouth. If this vision produces a fear unlike any other, and sends jolts down your body, you are in the right place. Kelly Libatique's Divine Knowledge Transfer: Applying Biblical Principles to Communicating, Public Speaking, Educating, and Overall Living is a full-proof guide to establishing effective communication skills and getting your message across in the crispest and clearest way possible. Unlike most self-improvement books, however, Libatique's blueprint is a fusion of both established and newly discovered communication techniques with practical examples and principles from within God's Word. Regardless of who you are, there is no doubt that Divine Knowledge can help you improve the delivery of your message and make you a better communicator. Right from the get-go, Kelly Libatique reels the reader in with a powerful picture of how even an expert can become crippled, without preparation, when asked to speak in a public forum. John, a Sr. Developer and master of his field, puts together a rushed power point presentation-with bullets and visuals-thinking to himself that, "I'll just get up there and talk about what I already know." However, when John reached the stage he was at a loss for words. Despite knowing more about the topic than anyone else in the room, he read the bullet points verbatim and managed to tune out the audience right from the beginning. The moral of the story, so to speak, is to be prepared and know your audience. From preparing your verbal and visual presentation and perfecting your style and delivery to avoiding distractions and knowing your audience, Libatique discusses numerous strategies that will prove useful when put into practice. Here are a few of the technical points that Divine Transfer illustrates that one must remember prior to delivery of the presentation: 1) Never write your presentation word-for-word. 2) It's okay to read Bible verses, numbers or statistics verbatim, but little else. 3) Use notes sparingly, only for key word references to trigger your memory (if necessary). Where the book breaks away from technical self-improvement books is its incorporation of biblical principles. Essentially, Libatique emphasizes that the aforementioned principles and technical strategies are laid out in crystal-clear language in the Bible. For instance, the following verse from Ephesians 4:29 states: "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." Ultimately, Divine Knowledge Transfer: Applying Biblical Principles to Communicating, Public Speaking, Educating, and Overall Living kills two birds with one stone, by both helping people to enhance their communication skills as well as to understand the most profound of all messages, God's Word. It's a must read all-in-one package of necessary tools to succeed in the field of public speaking and life in general.
SidneyC More than 1 year ago
Divine Knowledge Transfer is an empowering, practical, easy-to-use read on an often spoken of subject, but with a twist. Who isn't terrified of speaking in public? In speaking with others, that poll is apparently fairly accurate, the one about how people have more dread of public speaking than dying. It doesn't apply to me really, but I've never gotten over the jitters when it comes to standing in front of others and speaking. Author Kelly Libatique approaches the subject of public speaking and communication from two interesting angles. The first is his background in theatre, which he mentions often. Now, this work does not attempt to convince readers to try the performing arts if one has no desire for that. But, some quite fascinating comparisons are made throughout between the performance of a thespian and the "performance" of a speaker. In the end I found myself agreeing that when standing before an audience in just about any context, a person is putting on a performance of sorts. And it's true that many of the techniques actors use to prepare beforehand and then focus energy can be transferred to the arena of public speaking. The second and I must say daring spin this work takes is the Biblical connection with modern-day public speaking. Is there such a correlation? Libatique makes the case and comes up with some interesting things. But not to worry, the work is packed full of no-nonsense and helpful advice that both beginners and experienced speakers can utilize right away, even if the points are corroborated with the Holy Bible. In general, the work refreshingly does not go into old well-knows like advising the speaker to imagine the audience in their underwear, a technique I attempted some time ago with no positive results. It does, however, delve into things that you may have already heard of like techniques with one's eyes and how to move on stage. One of the things I found particularly useful was the chapters on preparation and critiquing oneself with video and audio feedback. The work very comprehensively covers preparation, style and delivery, dress and appearance, being humble, and modeling others. And all along the way, Scripture is used, quite cleverly in some cases, to back the points. At the end there is a chapter on health and taking care of one's body, also easily validated by the Bible. All in all, this book could be helpful to those who seek to improve their craft at speaking and communicating. Libatique has, apparently, a lot of real life experience to talk about. The connection with the Bible makes this not for everyone, but even those who do not see Scripture as The Truth, there still is beneficial information one can take advantage of.