Do not Force it, TAP THE GOOD.

Do not Force it, TAP THE GOOD.

by Jacent Mpalyenkana Ph.D. MBA.


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Do not force it, Tap the good is a contemporary inspirational book that embraces mystery, humor, philosophy and metaphysics to inspire.
What makes this book different is the fact that, I employed real life examples to accentuate my discussions.

In the book you will find scenarios that will illustrate the fact that everything is about perception and that appearances can be deceiving. A situation perceived as unfavorable singlehandedly, should not generate a conclusion that, all is bad. Besides "bad" is just a perception. It simply means that, what has manifested is not what was expected. It is that gap between the manifestation and the expectations' stages. This gap determines one's perception of his/her consideration of whether a situation should be considered as bad or good.

The gap is also an individualistic mental activity that is capable of initiating a silent conversation in the mind, with conviction of what should be perceptively concluded.

The key issues here are "mind" and "conviction". One's mind especially when corrupted by the ego,bad experiences and memories, will be convinced that a situation is bad and that there is nothing else beyond that experience. There is a big invisible world out there with a mystery that watches us, as we make decisions based on pure illusion.
We are all perfect creations of God, worthy of unconditional love for ourselves. However, since we live in a constantly negative bombarded world, ultimate self-love is challenging, which mischief undoubtedly hinders us from programming our minds to tap into the inexhaustible good. This book reveals the guidelines that will confront, yet graduate you to a state of maximum self-satisfaction if followed thoroughly.

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ISBN-13: 9781461079095
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/27/2011
Pages: 198
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