Do Not Go Quietly: A Guide to Living Consciously and Aging Wisely for People Who Weren't Born Yesterday

Do Not Go Quietly: A Guide to Living Consciously and Aging Wisely for People Who Weren't Born Yesterday

by George Cappannelli, Sedena Cappannelli


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ISBN-13: 9781401942496
Publisher: Agape Media International, LLC.
Publication date: 04/18/2013
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

George and Sedena Cappannelli are popular authors; speakers; and co-founders of AgeNation, a digital-media company and social enterprise, and The Age of Empowerment,a nonprofit organization that supports people and organizations serving vulnerable sections of our aging population. They are experts on individual, organizational, and societal change and well-known consultants, coaches, and keynote presenters who have worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of the world’s leading institutions in both the private and public sectors, including Boeing, NASA, The Walt Disney Company, Oracle, PepsiCo, the Los Angeles Times, U.S. Navy, and more.
George and Sedena have appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs during two national book tours and in conjunction with their other projects and programs, including their own radio talk show, Talk About Your Life, in Phoenix, Arizona. George is also an Emmy Award–winning film and television producer/director, and Sedena has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1979, having appeared in numerous films, television programs, and theatrical productions. She is also the founder of About Life, Inc, a company she created to bring personal empowerment to women.
In addition, George was the co-founder of The International Integrity Program; served as executive director of The Sedona Institute; and was the director of The Society for the Advancement of the Human Spirit, an organization chaired by the Dalai Lama. He has worked on special projects with Golda Meir, Lech Walesa, Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa, and other world leaders. In 1991, George managed Jerry Brown’s U.S. Senate campaign in California, and he served as a special strategist and consultant in the 1992, 1996, and 2008 presidential campaigns. He has also served as creative director and eventually chief operating officer for Allerton, Berman & Dean, a New York–based marketing and public-relations agency.
George’s political blog It’s About Time explores the themes covered in his book, I Dream of a New America. Together, the authors have written two previous books: Say Yes To Change: 25 Keys to Making Change Work for You and Authenticity: A Guide to Greater Meaning and Purpose at Work and at Home.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Beginning 1

Part 1 As It Is Now 5

Unsinkable - Molly's Story 6

The Whole Story 9

These Awkward Times 16

Lifestyle Revolution 24

Do Not Go Quietly 28

Part 2 Concepts, Questions & Encouragements for the Road Ahead 33

The Portrait Artist - Sidney's Story 34

The Ruts of Ordinary Perception 37

It's Never Too Late (or Too Soon) 43

The Hero's Journey 49

Who Are You & What Are You Doing Here? 56

The Myth of Youth 61

The Persistent Provider - Leah's Story 66

Tomorrow… Tomorrow 69

Celebrating Life - Befriending Death 74

Not for Sissies 82

Part 3 Harvesting the Wisdom of Your Past 87

The Sculptor - Michelangelo's Story 88

Backing into the Future 90

Dealing with Incompletes 96

Unloading Additional Baggage 103

The Poet ? T.S. Eliot's Story 109

Whose Beliefs Are You Living? 111

Limiting Beliefs - A Limited Life 117

Squeezing the Juice from the Fruit 125

The Thinker - Auguste's Story 130

The Gift that Keeps on Giving 132

Little Deaths 138

Part 4 Here and Now - Your Next Step on the Road to Living the Life You Were Born to Live 142

The Trotter - Leo's Story 143

Living in the Now 144

Learning in the Now 150

Living No Faster than Feelings Can Follow 153

The Difference Between Believing & Knowing 159

The Extraordinary Gift of Being Curious 166

Staying Awake 170

The Producer - Ted's Story 175

Been There, Done That 177

Mastering the Three Great Illusions 182

Turning Toward Things that Scare Us 186

The Healer/Physician - Dr. Gladys's Story 191

Getting Over Being Right 193

Death from a Different Perspective 198

Part 5 Charting a Remarkable Course for Your Future 201

The PhD - Maya's Story 202

Packing for the Future 204

You Aren't What You Do 215

Marvelous New Possibilities 222

Crazy Wisdom 230

Learning to Love Those Empty Spaces 234

Isn't It About Time? 239

The Velvet Voice - Tony's Story 244

"We Are Not Going to Take It Anymore!" 245

Dreams vs. Desires 249

Heroes and Heroines 255

Let Passion Lead 259

What We Can't Take with Us 264

The Grandmother - Maria's Story 267

Knockin' on Heaven's Door 269

A Legacy & Stewardship of Hope 273

The Best Is yet to Come 277

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