Do Them No Harm!: Lewis and Clark Among the Nez Perce

Do Them No Harm!: Lewis and Clark Among the Nez Perce



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ISBN-13: 9780870044274
Publisher: Caxton Press
Publication date: 01/01/1990
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.96(d)

About the Author

Zoa Lourana Shaw Swayne, author and illustrator, was born in Torrington, Wyoming in 1905. She was raised in the Pacific NW, majored in art at the University of Idaho, graduating in 1931 with a BS degree in education. She passed away Dec. 22, 2000.

Table of Contents

Editor's Notexxi
The Charactersxxiii
The Nee-mee-poo--The People
The So-yap-pos--Lewis & Clark Expedition Members
Nee-mee-poo Calendar and Glossaryxxvii
Chapter 1The People1
The annual root-gathering on Oyaip Prairie
The return of four hunters with Wat-ku-ese
Wat-ku-ese's story
The killing of three warriors on a peace-making trip
Chiefs Broken Arm, Red Grizzly Bear, Fierce-Five-Hearts, Cut Nose and warriors go on the warpath to avenge death of three peace-seeking warriors
Chapter 2We-ya-oo-yit12
The coming of the first white men to the Koos-koos-kee Valley
Chapter 3Clark to the River20
The advance party of Clark and six men from the Lewis and Clark Expedition trade beads for food
Clark inquires way to river that will lead to Big Water
Told Twisted Hair knows the way
Clark and his men go to Twisted Hair's fishing camp guided by Joyous Heart
Chapter 4So-yap-pos! Do Them No Harm!28
Wat-ku-ese rides back to Oyaip from Twisted Hair's fishing camp to protect the remaining Lewis and Clark party from harm
Chapter 5The Oyaip Council43
Captain Lewis calls for a council
Clark starts the council fire in a mysterious way
Lewis explains that the Great White Father wants peace for all men--white and red
Twisted Hair agrees peace would be good
Tamootsin and friends play harmless prank on Sa-ka-ka-wea's baby boy
Hawk and Mets-et-pus lead gang to find out what makes York black
Chapter 6In Search of Canoe Timber53
The So-yap-pos and many Nee-mee-poo leave the Oyaip Prairie and go downriver
Twisted Hair and his sons guide Clark to find suitable wood to build canoes
Chapter 7Canoe Camp62
The So-yap-pos are miserable with hunger and adverse reactions to the unusual Nee-mee-poo food and the heat
Working sluggishly they chopdown enough trees to make five canoes
The Nee-mee-poo show the So-yap-pos how to hollow out the canoes with fire
Twisted Hair and Te-toh-kan Ahs-kahp agree to guide So-yap-pos downriver to Celilo Falls but leave before the white men depart
So-yap-po horses turned over to Twisted Hair's men
Clark's pipe tomahawk missing
So-yap-pos leave
Chapter 8Downriver78
The route and mishaps of the So-yap-pos' trip down the Koos-koos-kee until they come to Tsce-min-i-cum
Big Heart and the lead canisters
Little Lee-tsu and her dog Mox-Mox
The myths about the rock formations
Chapter 9The Cold Moons94
The COLD moons--Ho'plal
These winter months have forced the Nee-mee-poo to seek shelter, venturing out only when the food supply is exhausted
The Nee-mee-poo occupy their days and nights making clothes, baskets, dance regalia
They hand down their history to the children by means of story telling--Deer Hunt
The Path for the Water
The Kamiah Monster and the Coming of People
The Coming of Fish
Finding the Trail Through the Mountains
The Chipmunk and Grizzly Bear
Chapter 10Return of the So-yap-pos121
The Moon of La-te-tahl is a liar
COLD still prevails, forcing the Nee-mee-poo to stay in their houses
The Moon of Ka-khee-tahl finally allows the women to dig for ka-keet roots
The Moon of Ah-pah-ahl brings warmth and The People may now move to their first camas root-digging on Camas Prairie
Twisted Hair and Te-toh-kan Ahs-kahp prepare for the return of the So-yap-pos
The So-yap-pos return to the Nee-mee-poo country led by Te-toh-kan Ahs-kahp
The So-yap-pos visit a village where Prankster throws a puppy at Captain Lewis
Captain Clark treats the sick
The So-yap-pos move to Nez Perce Prairie
They recover horses, saddles and black powder
Chapter 11The Kamiah Council145
So-yap-pos visit Broken Arm's village
Lewis tells Nee-mee-poo chiefs about their mission to bring peace to all red and white men
Gifts are exchanged
Clark administers to the sick
Red Bear, Red Grizzly Bear's father, tells council the Nee-mee-poo will accept the Great White Father's pleas for peace
Broken Arm gives ultimatum
Twisted Hair is given first gun for caring for horses
Chapter 12Waiting for the Canoe168
So-yap-pos leave Broken Arm's village
Waiting for a canoe to transport men and baggage across the Koos-koos-kee, the Nee-mee-poo play the Badger Game with unsuspecting So-yap-pos
So-yap-pos race their horses
Chapter 13Bears!174
So-yap-po hunters kill several bears
Ya'amus Wakus, Twisted Hair's oldest son, borrows his father's gun to go hunting
Not in the usual manner, Ya'amas Wakus brings down his own Hah-hahts (grizzly bear)
Chapter 14Horses181
The caring for the sixty-five horses the Expedition needs to survive and get across the mountains to home
What horses mean to So-yap-pos and Nee-mee-poo
Chapter 15Good Medicine!195
During Lewis and Clark's homeward-bound trip they treat many Nee-mee-poo for various ailments
Eye drops are in high demand for sore eyes
The strange affliction of Moves-No-More
Chapter 16Moon of Ah-Pah-Ahl211
The So-yap-pos wait for the snow to melt enough to make their homeward route passable
They prepare for the trip and procure food from the Nee-mee-poo
The Nee-mee-poo gather kouse
Chapter 17Breaking Camp237
Despite warnings that it is too soon to cross the Bitterroots, Lewis and Clark decide to leave
Chapter 18The First Attempt254
Impatience overcame discretion! The route was too hazardous with slippery, deep snow and no exposed grass for horse feed
The Corps of Discovery is forced to make its first and only retrograde march
The So-yap-pos are sent back to obtain guides over the Bitterroots
The larger party returns to the Oyaip Prairie to wait for help
Chapter 19Ka-Oo-Yit273
Life carries on for the Nee-mee-poo
They celebrate the ending of the winter season and the beginning of the warm food-gathering season
Two of the best So-yap-po communicators return to the Nee-mee-poo, pleading for guides
With the promise of two guns and ten horses, the Nee-mee-poo are persuaded to let three of their young men go as guides for the So-yap-pos
Chapter 20Crossing the Mountains282
With the help of three appointed guides and three other Nee-mee-poo travelers, the So-yap-pos finally make their difficult way over the Bitterroots
Lewis and Clark prepare to separate, with Lewis detouring to inspect the Marias River
The two captains plan to reunite at a distance
The Nee-mee-poo are given rewards
They agree to show Lewis the route to Marias River before they join their friends and relatives, the Shalees
Chapter 21The Parting305
Captain Clark and his party take leave of Captain Lewis
Captain Lewis and his men, along with the party of Nee-mee-poo, cross the Missoula River
The guides show Captain Lewis the correct path to take, but decide not to accompany Lewis to the Great Falls
Rewards and exchanges of gifts take place
The So-yap-pos and Nee-mee-poo part with emotion
The Nee-mee-poo guides and friends visit the Shalees
A young maiden, Tom-sis, from Kamiah Valley, crosses the Bitterroots to find her So-yap-po man
Tom-sis decides to stay at the Shalees' village
The young guides and friends return to their homeland
The Nee-mee-poo share their memories of their friends, the So-yap-pos
Chapter Notes319
Nez Perce Chiefs Named by Lewis and Clark
Definition of Chopunnish
Nez Perce Names
Sa-ka-ka-wea, the Bird Woman
Twisted Hair

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