Do You Believe In Santa?

Do You Believe In Santa?

by Sierra Donovan

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Miracles don’t just happen on 34th Street. They can happen right in your living room—if you’re willing to believe…
What grown woman claims to have seen Santa Claus? Mandy Reese, for one—on a very special Christmas Eve when she was eight years old. These days, Mandy works at a year-round Christmas store in Tall Pine, California, where customers love to hear about her childhood encounter with Saint Nick. But when Jake Wyndham arrives in town—charming, gorgeous, extremely practical—Mandy faces a dilemma. Deny what she saw, or let Jake think she’s sugarplum crazy?
Jake scouts hotel locations all over the country, but he’s never met anyone quite like Mandy before. Her warmth and sparkle are irresistible, but…meeting Santa? Really? Jake’s no Scrooge but he’s definitely skeptical. Then again, there are all kinds of things Jake never experienced until he came to Tall Pine. Like autumn snow. Mind blowing kisses. And the magic of falling head-over-heels, madly in love…

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ISBN-13: 9781420134223
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 09/29/2015
Series: Evergreen Lane Novels Series , #1
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 4.10(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Sierra Donovan is a wife, a mother of two and a writer, though not always in that order. Her greatest joy is helping people find true love on the printed page. She is a firm believer in Christmas, classic movies, happy endings and the healing power of chocolate. Sierra’s first novel, LOVE ON THE AIR, was a Holt Medallion finalist. Her Kensington debut, NO CHRISTMAS LIKE THE PRESENT, won the Golden Quill for Sweet Traditional Romance. DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA? marks the beginning of Sierra's new Evergreen Lane series. Readers can find Sierra online at

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Do You Believe In Santa? 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
GratefulGrandma More than 1 year ago
This is one of those stories that would make a perfect Hallmark movie. There is a small town, a beloved if not eccentric main character, someone new to town, a situation that needs to be overcome and of course romance. The plot in the story was very well paced and I was pulled in right from the start. Mandy Reese loves all things Christmas. As a child, she saw Santa Claus, the real one, and has been in love with the season ever since. She is jokingly called "Mandy Claus" in the small town of Tall Pine in the mountains of southern California. She works in the local Christmas Shop called The North Pole. Her mother has died so she is all alone. She wants to find a man to fall in love with, but her claim to fame seems to have prevented that from happening. When Jake Wyndham comes to Tall Pine to see if this is a place where the hotel chain he works for might want to locate, he meets Mandy. He feels an instant attraction to her and wants to get to know her better. Mandy wants to get to know Jake without him finding out about her Santa sighting. She and Jake really hit it off and date for the short time he is there. When the town council balks at the thought of a chain hotel moving in, Mandy and Jake work together to make it possible. They have just met, they do not want to lose each other already. What will Jake think when Mandy reveals the truth about herself? This is an imaginative, romantic, sweet, touching story about love, belief and of course Christmas. The characters feel real, they made me root for them. This is a clean romantic read. I enjoyed it and I am sure you will too.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
This is a charming keeper overflowing with the wondrous magic of the season. When Mandy Rose was eight years old, she saw Santa Claus. She slipped out of her room on Christmas Eve after her mother went to bed. As Mandy tiptoed down the hall, trying to be silent, she thought of the poem: ‘Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…’ The Christmas tree was still lit up in the living room, as if it, too, were waiting. The nighttime cold of the house bit through her flannel nightgown, and Mandy wished she’d grabbed her robe and slippers. But she didn’t want to risk going back down the hall and waking her mother. So she pulled a heavy blanket down from the back of the sofa and curled up under it. She laid her head on the arm of the couch to get a good view of the tree at the end of the room near her head, and the fireplace at the other end, down by her feet. Barely daring to breathe, she waited… DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA? By Sierra Donovan is the cute, heart-warming debut installment in her Evergreen Lane series. As I was reading it, I kept thinking it should be one of those Hallmark Christmas movies! It would be perfect! The story is mostly set in lovely Tall Pines, California, a small town with a homely feel where everyone knows everyone else. Small business still rule in this haven surrounded by gorgeous mountainous scenery and loads of pine trees. I would swear I could smell the pines as I immersed myself in the story. This is the story of Mandy Reese and Jake Wyndham. After seeing Santa Claus in her living room when she was eight – REALLY SEEING HIM – Mandy is a true believer, even though she’s all grown-up now. She works in a Christmas store and Christmas plays a big part in her life year-round. On the other hand, Jake is a realist and, while he believes in the spirit of Christmas, he hasn’t believed in the red-suited figure since childhood. I mean, everyone knows that Santa isn’t real, right? He works for Regal, a large hotel chain, and his job is to scout possible new sites for their inns. While the sleepy, quaint town of Tall Pines certainly appeals, the townsfolk aren’t exactly welcoming. Mandy and Jake certainly have chemistry, but will pragmatic Jake walk out of her life once he discovers that Mandy’s a fervent believer? This romance is light and sweet with a plethora of smokin’ hot kisses. I discovered this author when I picked up and read Sierra’s NO CHRISTMAS LIKE THE PRESENT, another endearing Christmas read. I enjoyed it so much that I had to pick up this one. AND this certainly won’t be my last as I already have the second book in this series, WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS, on my reader. I love to read Christmas romances year-round. This is a charming keeper overflowing with the wondrous magic of the season. If you enjoy fun, cozy and clean holiday romances with loads of Christmas enchantment and cheer, I highly recommend that you pick up DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA? My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Please check it out there!
lilacqueen75 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this fun, clean romance, but what surprised me the most, is that most of the story takes place during the summer and fall months. When Mandy was little, she awoke on Christmas Eve to see Santa Claus himself in her living room. She was even on the news to share her story. After growing up with teasing from peers and nicknames to match her belief, she's an adult, now working at The North Pole, a knick-knack shop in Southern California. She never tires of Christmas or of sharing her story with children. Jake is in town with a hotel chain to see about building in this charming, small mountain town. Jake and Mandy have a great connection and romantic magic is in the air. He doesn't know Mandy's secret and she's not sure how he'll react when he learns about it. I enjoyed the charm this quaint town and characters had to offer. I love Mandy's innocence and enthusiasm. Jake is more serious, yet a true gentleman, and they complement each other well. The story itself is great! The setting and pacing are perfect, especially for the holidays. I love the sweet romance. Content: a mild expletive or two; mild romance. Clean!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A sweet Christmas story for those who still believe in Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas. I always enjoy reading Christmas stories, even in summer. I have to admit I envied the heroine for working in a Christmas store all year long, and I liked her fresh and sweet personality. What I liked about the story is the small town setting and the Christmassy atmosphere. Even though when I read it I wasn’t in the Christmas mood yet, the book managed to make me look forward to decorating the tree and playing my Michael Bublé and Frank Sinatra Christmas CDs. There aren’t any particular edge-of-your-seat moments or steamy scenes: this is a clean romance giving off a feel-good, believe-in-your-inner-child vibe. However, I found that at times the story was a little slow and it dragged a little. Although I liked the little magic at the end, which was what I’d been hoping would happen from the moment Jake admitted not believing, I have to admit that the abrupt ending left me a little disappointed. I would have liked to read an epilogue, especially since the last chapter seemed a little rushed. ***I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review***
TobiForgetHousework More than 1 year ago
Mandy is one of the luckiest people around. She's actually seen Santa. However, no one else in her hometown sees that as normal. She's been teased her whole life. She enjoys working at Tall Pine's Christmas Shoppe. Jake is in town scouting out a location for the hotel company he works for. As he's exploring the town the last thing he expects is to meet the prettiest lady he's ever seen. She has an innocence he's not seen before and she enchants him from their first meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed Mandy and Jake's story. Do You Believe in Santa is sweet, captivating and magical from beginning to end. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the day Mandy would tell Jake she believed in Santa. I loved that Jake realized what a wonderful person she is despite her quirks and he respected her in every way. I felt the ending was quite abrupt but this is one of my fave Christmas romances this season.
Caterina_Neko More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a story full of Christmas, look no further! "Do You Believe in Santa" is just the novel for you! Right from the very beginning, a nice Christmas mood settles in with a guest appearance of the real Santa Claus! More specifically, Mandy, a young girl, determined to see Santa, stays up all night waiting for him! When she suddenly sees the mysterious and calm aged man, she doesn't believe her eyes! And neither does her mother, or everyone else that finds out about this incident. And, that includes her whole town! As a grown woman now, Mandy is known to everyone as Mandy Claus, the woman that still believes in Santa. She has devoted her life to Christmas, even working on a store that sells this time of year's ornaments, even in the middle of the summer! She has never had the chance to go out and socialize like the rest of the people her age, as the conversation tends to always revolve around her belief of meeting the real Santa when she was young. Until Jake, who has come in order to determine whether his company would profit from building a hotel in this little town, shows up. He doesn't know anything about Mandy's past, and he is her first real chance of personal interaction without the burdens of her past! This is a chance Mandy is very willing to take! But for how long is Jake going to stay in the town? Will the strict Town's Council accept his offer, or he will soon have to go and go back to working in his area? A perfectly nice Christmas novel, that didn't lack the natural feel and the struggle a new relationship might go through! Mandy is an adorable character, totally misunderstood and teased throughout her whole childhood for admitting she believed in Santa Claus! The rest of her life wasn't exactly easy, as well, with the divorce of her parents and later the loss of her mother! All these events have forced her to take refuge in Christmas, with her being unable to put down the decorations even after the holidays have long passed! She was a very real character! Just like Jake! He was very professional and loved his job, in a way that bothered his previous girlfriends! But, I love the way he was willing to try and change this fact once he realized his attraction for Mandy! The way the author wrote this story, it flowed so easily, with all the everyday struggles mingling with the festive Christmas spirit, making everything so sweet! All in all, 5 stars for an amazing Christmas story, that featured even the Santa himself! Just lovely!
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
Mandy meets Jake when he walks into the store where she works. He is curious and shows excitement for the information she shares. She finds out at lunch with him, that he is trying to secure a hotel in her small town. Jake is not sure if he wants to stay in this small town due to what he feels for his company, or rather what he feels for Mandy. He knows that he does not like being away from her. When they are apart, its all he can do to get back to her fast enough. Mandy has a secret that she has kept from Jake. She has never kept it from anyone else so she is not sure when the right time to tell him is. When it is clear she feel something more permanent for him she decides he must know and she needs to figure out how to tell him. This is a Christmas story that will surely become a classic. It is a timeless book about a love that must fight to be kept. It has such a good story about the reason we believe in the magic of Christmas. It is a very good start to the Evergreen Lane series. I think all romance readers should have a copy of this clean romance on their shelves! ***This ARC was given by and its publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
gaele More than 1 year ago
Apparently I only seem to find Sierra Donovan during the holidays! My introduction to this author was with another sweet Christmas story, and Do You Believe in Santa is no different. The first book in her Evergreen Lane series with a nod to the classic Miracle on 34th Street. Mandy is a believer, so much so that her friends call her Mandy Claus, reinforced by the fact that she works in a Christmas themed shop in her hometown of Tall Pines. At eight, Mandy is sure she saw Santa, and this has reinforced her belief in Christmas and the miracles that can come. Jake Wyndham is in town looking for a new site for his hotel. Intrigued by Mandy, he’s curious about her and her nickname. But, for someone looking to turn the small town feel of Tall Pines onto its ear, he really needs an ally. For Mandy’s part, Jake is everything she wants in a man: kind, employed, ambitious and intriguing, she just hasn’t sussed out his feelings about Santa, and with him not knowing the story that led to her nickname, perhaps he can accept that as well as her. Donovan brings an innocence and lightness to this story, as Mandy has a childlike feel in her beliefs and hopes for the season. Never quite diving over the line to make her immature or unlikable, she’s just that friend with a quirk that many of us have lost when the kid at the desk next to you tells you the ‘real deal’. Mandy proves that Christmas spirit isn’t just a “thing” for December, but an opportunity to bring kindness and joy year round. And when Jake realizes the truth, and starts to see the intrigue of Mandy is far more than he initially thought, the story turns to a wonderful romance, sure to please readers everywhere. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
LiveLaughandLoveBooks More than 1 year ago
Mandy and Jake’s interaction with each other is interesting…she believes in Santa and he wants to find a logical explanation but in the end, seeing is believing right?! They are just great characters and they mesh well together. The writing is a bit weird at times as we go from one point of view to another without much indication. But other than that I enjoyed the story and the writing style. The scene setting and descriptions are beautifully written, making it easy to imagine the town of Tall Pine and The North Pole store and put yourself right there with everyone else. Overall Do You Believe In Santa is an enchanting, heart-warming story that gets you into the Christmas spirit! Recommending it to my friends! *I received a complimentary copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
What a fun story. Mandy saw Santa and nothing can change what she believes. Working at a year round Christmas store, she gets to share her experience often. Until, a handsome fellow walks in and the she wants a chance to get to know him without her “Christmas Lady” story swaying his opinion of her! I really liked this sweet romance and the fun story of seeing Santa. This would make a fun family Christmas movie.. I was gifted a copy by the author through NetGalley and I would recommend it as a wonderful Christmas clean romance to enjoy during the holidays.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
A very cute sweet read that will definitely get you into the holiday spirit. Mandy Reese believes in Santa. Doesn't matter that she's and adult, she knows what she saw when she was eight. That one event has shaped her life but her belief is unwavering. Jake Wyndam is in town scouting locations for a new hotel. He's handsome, charming, and definitely interested in Mandy. Should she hold on to her belief and possibly scare him off or hide her past?? I recommend this one!
Maisie-D More than 1 year ago
When Mandy Reese was eight she sneaked down to the living room one Christmas Eve, after her mother fell asleep, to wait for Santa to arrive. Her eyes went to the Christmas tree and there he was!! Santa!! She couldn’t speak, but pinched herself to see if she was dreaming. She wasn’t. Years later… after graduating high school, she begins working in The North Pole. A year round Christmas store. She loves it. Jake Wyndham was in town to research for his company about opening a hotel. Walking around town checking out businesses, when he notices The North Pole. He walks in and meets Mandy. They make small talk and Jake makes a small purchase, while walking out of the store, he thinks You should have asked her out! They meet later in the day and have lunch. Jake tells her what he’s in town for. Mandy is not happy, thinking a chain hotel will infringe on the small town feel they have. Mandy wants to avoid her ex-classmates, after all the teasing and ribbing she took during her school years about seeing Santa. She wants Jake to get to know her without this affecting his opinion o0f her They start seeing each other. Mandy finds a property that may work for his hotel. If you’re looking for a steamy love story this is not it. This is a very sweet love story. It’s also very tame. I was given an ARC of this book by NetGalley for an honest review
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Mandy Reece saw Santa when she was 8 years old, and she has been a true believer ever since. When she graduate from high school, she went to work in a Christmas shop. Mandy has become a town celebrity/oddball, and while she likes her life, she is missing her true love. Jake Wyndham comes to town to propose a new hotel, and is instantly smitten with Mandy. She tries to distance herself from her past by avoiding her normal activities. Will her new relationship be able to survive when Mandy reveals her secret? Will Jake be able to find a place in her small home town? This novel should be made into a Hallmark Christmas movie. It had romance, a big secret, a crises for both hero and heroine, and a quirky small town set in the mountains. I enjoyed learning about Mandy and Jake and cheered them on as they built their future. I was given a free copy for an honest review by
GoABraves More than 1 year ago
Do you believe in Santa? Since the age of eight, Mandy Reece aka Mandy Claus has no doubt what she saw on Christmas Eve.. As she grows older, she embraces her life in Tall Pine where she has lived her whole life. She works in a year round Christmas shop, where the owner makes sure everyone knows Mandy is a Believer and she happily tells her story to every girl and boy when doubts enters their mind. Then, Jake Wyndham comes to town and not only wants to take a piece of her heart but also turn Tall Pine upside down with a "chain" hotel. Tall Pines is a quaint town that allows no outside chain stores or hotels. What happens when you fall in love with a non-Believer, do you start doubting everything that you've believe in? Donovan weaves a tale that is sure to put you in the Christmas Spirit, last year Donovan's "No Christmas Like The Past", this year "Do You Believe in Santa?" I look forward to more stores from Evergreen Lane.. because even in September when there is a nip of fall in the air... I'm counting down, because I do Believe - the Christmas Spirit is alive and well in the heart of Donovan and after reading this, I know you will be a Believer. An advance copy was provided by the author.
SSMiller More than 1 year ago
Christmas is a magical time....and for some more magical than others. Mandy had a special gift given to her of seeing Santa when she was young. This is the story of how that night influenced her life. Her new relationship with Jake is exciting but also underlined with a fear of what will he think of her and her belief in Santa. A wonderful Christmas read that keeps brings out the kid in all of us.