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This man had remained on the same spot helpless, hopeless, abandoned, rejected, impotent and unforgiven for 38 years! (That was even before Jesus was born). He had no man to help him. He stayed by the well of blessings and miracles for 38 years, yet all was not well with him. Many knew he had an ugly past. Some had forgotten about him. Most never knew who he was. To his family, he has been forgotten. To the society, he was no longer relevant. The Bible even never mentioned his name.
But one day, Jesus was going to the Temple and stopped by to attend to him.
He did not even know Jesus.
Why would Jesus stop because of a man who had an ugly past?
Why would Jesus stop because of such a man who never have faith to be healed nor ever knew Jesus?
Why would Jesus stop because of a man who is unforgiving and unforgiven?
Jesus stopped and asked this man a simple but heart-searching question:
This book is specially written for three reasons.
• To find peace in God's forgiveness
• To find peace in forgiving others
• To find peace in forgiving yourself
The healing begins when the silence is broken.

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ISBN-13: 9781468587050
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/31/2012
Pages: 204
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Copyright © 2012 Femi Olorunnisola
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-8705-0

Chapter One

When the Well Does Not Make You Well

Our first stop in this wonderful series of JESUS CAN STOP BECAUSE OF YOU is John 5:1-16.

Jesus needs to do the miraculous in somebody's life and he would do it if you let him. would you?

"After this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool which is called in Hebrew tongue Bethesda having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool and troubled the water; whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. And a certain man was there which had an infirmity for thirty and eight years."—John 5: 1-5, TLB.

That was the situation as it is now the situation of many folks. Jesus was going to Jerusalem and somebody must receive the miraculous. Would it be you today?

Prepare your heart, prepare your way, you are next on the line of action.

I want you to know that there are seasonal miracles. Miracles that you have to wait for another time; all because the other man had gotten there before you. But Jesus wants you to have what is more than a seasonal miracle. So he had to go to Jerusalem because of you but you must not let him pass you over. It was during the Passover feast and many would be passed over, because Jesus was only going to the temple for the ceremony.

There are many who want to get miracles especially the seasonal miracles. Each time the angel stirs up the water, a man is healed. These people believed in seasonal moves, seasonal changes, and seasonal touches. They believed, once somebody has obtained it, no other person would be considered. They believed the miraculous is for one person at a time, and everyone would have to wait for his time and season. And many folks had idolized the pool taking it as the ultimate. But I tell you, if Jesus can do it for one, he will definitely do it for all. Seasonal miracles still happens, but if Jesus comes to your rescue, your season will change for good. Even when Jesus had healed this man and had gone his own way, many folks still waited in line for the seasonal miracle—when the angel would come down and stir up the water. There are many waiting in line for the miraculous but Jesus said, "It is you that he wants to bless, heal, deliver, forgive, and make whole again and again."


Before we go further, let us look at the meaning of the place called Bethesda.

According to American Tract Society Dictionary:

"Bethesda means House of mercy, the name of a pool or fountain near the temple in Jerusalem, with an open building over or near it, for the accommodation of the sick who came to try the healing efficacy of the water, John 5:2. Tradition locates this pool in what is now a large dry reservoir, along the outside of the north wall of the temple area. Robinson, however, shows the probability that this is but a portion of the trench, which separated Mount Moriah from the adjacent hill on the north. He suggests that the true Bethesda may perhaps be "The Fountain of the Virgin," so called, in the lower part of the valley of Jehoshaphat, eight hundred and fifty feet south of the temple area. This pool is of great antiquity, and seems to be fed from ancient reservoirs under the temple. Two flights of steps, sixteen and thirteen in number, with a platform of twelve feet between them, lead down to the pool; this is fifteen feet long, and five or six feet wide. Its waters rise and fall at irregular intervals, and flow down by a subterraneous channel to the pool of Siloam. It is supposed to be the "king's pool" of Nehemiah 2:14. Bethesda, even if known and accessible to us, has lost its healing power; but the fountain Christ has opened for sin, guilt, and death, is nigh to all and of never failing virtue."

This is according to Easton's 1879 Bible Dictionary:

"Bethesda, house of mercy, a reservoir (Gr. Kolumbethra, "a swimming bath") with five porches, close to the sheep-gate or market (Nehemiah. 3:1; John 5:2). Eusebius the historian (A.D. 330) calls it "the sheep-pool." It is also called "Bethsaida" and "Beth-zatha" (John 5:2, R.V. marg.). Under these "porches" or colonnades were usually a large number of infirm people waiting for the "troubling of the water." It is usually identified with the modern so-called Fountain of the Virgin, in the valley of the Kidron, and not far from the Pool of Siloam (q.v.); and also with the Birket Israel, a pool near the mouth of the valley which runs into the Kidron south of "St. Stephen's Gate." Others again identify it with the twin pools called the "Souterrains," under the convent of the Sisters of Zion, situated in what must have been the rock-hewn ditch between Bezetha and the fortress of Antonia. But quite recently Schick has discovered a large tank, as sketched here, situated about 100 feet north-west of St. Anne's Church, which is, as he contends, very probably the Pool of Bethesda. No certainty as to its identification, however, has as yet been arrived at."

This is according to smith's Bible Dictionary:

Bethesda. Bethes'da. (House of mercy, or the flowing water), the Hebrew name of a reservoir or tank, with five "porches," close upon the sheep-gate or "market" in Jerusalem. John 5:2

The largest reservoir—Birket Israil—360 feet long, 120 feet wide and 80 feet deep, within the walls of the city, close by St. Stephen's Gate, and under the northeast wall of the Haram area, is generally considered to be the modern representative of Bethesda. Robinson, however, suggests that the ancient Bethesda is identical with what is now called the Pool of the Virgin, an intermittent pool, south of Birket Israil and north of the pool of Siloam."

Bethesda. The house of mercy. It was so called on account of its strong healing properties—the property of restoring health to the sick and infirm. Many at that pool had been mercifully healed of their diseases. The five porches served as shelter for the sick that come to the pool for healing.

This man had been there for long. In fact, he had been in this problem for 38 years! It seems he was looking for one day that would be his turn but that one day was not showing up. He could have been abandoned there but he never left that place, hoping upon hope; just like some of us are doing now.

He was at the "House of Mercy" for 38 long years, yet there was no mercy for him—until Jesus showed up.

He was living by the well that makes people well, yet all was not well with him.

Nevertheless, the miraculous needs to happen to this man, because Jesus was going to Jerusalem all because of him. So also, Jesus is going because of you.

There are many who want miracles. Many had been going to church for years yet had no healing for their sickness. Many are clamoring for the seasonal miracles waiting for their turn when the angel would come down and stir up the pool.

But Jesus, the One who sent the angel has stopped and is saying, "This is your season for miracle! You are next!"

And he is asking you as he asked that man by the pool; "Do you want to be healed?"

Chapter Two

That Means You

"When Jesus saw him and knew how long he had been ill, He (stopped and) asked him, "Would you like to get well?" ..."

You might have wondered why Jesus would stop because of this man. You might have wondered what this man has done to deserve this intervention and honor. The story had kept me wondering too. I couldn't just figure it out until the lord gave me the revelation.

This man had been paralyzed for 38years! he had been abandoned—left to his fate. It seemed he was the only one that would never get any healing. But that very day, Jesus stopped because of him, and his past became history because a new story was written about him.

Such honor should have gone to apostles, kings, even priests who have been faithful in their service for God.

Such honor should have gone to those women who followed Jesus everywhere, and to those men who gave up all they have just to be with Jesus.

Such honor should have gone to that faithful worshipper who never missed a single service, but always worshipped in spirit and in truth.

But Jesus wasn't looking in that direction at that moment, but to the paralyzed, rejected, dejected and abandoned invalid, who doesn't even recognize Jesus when he sees him.

Others were still waiting in line for the time when the angel would stir the water; some were waiting for someone to help them into the water.

But just one person was singled out for healing. It was even Jesus that asked him whether he wanted to be healed.

It was not because the man had enough faith to make Jesus stop; in fact the man had lost faith in himself, talk less of faith in any other person. He told Jesus; "I have no man...."

It was not because of the man's cry. The man was even languishing in silence.

It was not because someone brought him to Jesus or someone brought Jesus to him. The man had no one to help him get into the healing pool. He had been abandoned to his fate.

But Jesus saw him.

The Lord made me realize something in this story.

This story isn't about having enough courage to call upon Jesus.

This story isn't about people telling Jesus about you.

This story isn't about touching Jesus no matter what.

This story isn't about how much you have served and sacrificed for the Lord.

This story isn't about the crowd shielding you away from Jesus.

This story isn't about how much you know about Jesus.

This story isn't just about an invalid by the pool in Jerusalem temple.

This story is about you. This story is about me.

This story is about how much Jesus had known about you and me.

This story is not about principle but all about purpose.

This story is not about privilege but all about purpose.

This story is not just about getting physical healing but especially emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing.

This story is about is about Jesus stopping because of you, even though you never knew him.

This story is about Jesus stopping because of you, even when you are unforgiving and unforgiven.

Why did I begin this series with the man who never knew Jesus even when he met him?

Why did I begin this series with the story of the man that had such an ugly past?

Why did I begin this series with the story of the man whose name was not mentioned because it seemed not to matter?

The man's name may not be mentioned, but he has a name—yours and mine.

The man's face may not be seen everywhere, nor be recognized, but he had a face—yours and mine.

The man had a problem—just like ours.

The man needed healings—just like we do.

The had a past, a present, and a future. But his past had taken a whole lot out of him; that judging from the present, he has no future again.

Thirty-eight years of his life had been wasted in sicknesses that defy any solution.

You may however be holding this book with healthy hands and reading with strong eyes, and you can't just imagine what you and this man have in common?

You may also be living in luxury, and satisfaction, and can't still imagine what you and this man have in common.

How could he be you and me? what do we have in common with him?

Yet you have been wondering as I have wondered too.

Why would Jesus stop because of a man who had an ugly past?

Why would Jesus stop because of such a man who never have faith to be healed nor ever knew Jesus?

Why would Jesus stop because of a man who is no longer relevant to the society and has been forgotten by his family?

Why would Jesus stop because of a man of whom everybody knew he was suffering for his wicked acts?

Why would Jesus stop because of a man who is unforgiving and unforgiven?

Jesus did not come for the healthy or the perfect. He came for the broken-hearted, the abused, the sick, the victims, the disappointed, the rejected, the abandoned, the culprit, the unforgiving, and the unforgiven. And it is those kind of people that he stops for, stops on their behalf, and stops because of them. Jesus is not looking for your perfection but your imperfection. He wants to stop so as to perfect everything that concerns you. He wants to bring out his strength out of your weakness. He wants to bring his best out of your worst.

Nobody pointed this man to Jesus, but Jesus saw him, and knew all about him. Jesus is the omniscient god. Jesus has a purpose for you to fulfill. And it is only you that can fulfill that purpose.

If Jesus can stop because of this man, "your case" is not an exception.

For that man had a past, and a future. That man had a name and a face.

That man is you.

And Jesus is asking, "Do you want to be healed?"

    Blessed invitation from the King of heav'n
    Blessed invitation by the Spirit giv'n
    Falling on the weary like refreshing dew
    "Whosoe'er believeth" that means you.

    That means you, brother that means you
    Trust the Savior's promise tried and time
    That means you, brother, that means you;
    "Whosoe'er believeth that means you.

    Reconciliation thro' his precious blood
    He hath wrought salvation Blessed Son of God!
    All the work is finished, these is naught to do
    But to claim the blessing; that means you.

    Saving all those who trust him to the uttermost
    Boasting is excluded, yet in Him we boast,
    Soul, receive the message wonderful and true,
    "Whosoe'er believeth means you

    Doubt His Word no longer, Come to Him today,
    Turning from your sins forevermore away;
    Thro' his boundless mercy all shall be forgiv'n;
    He will safely guide you home to heav'n

    There in realms of glory we will sing His praise,
    With the shout of triumph, thro' eternal days
    For the invitation old yet ever new:
    Glory, Halleluyah! That means you.—Thoro Harris.

This book is written especially for three sets people; and you could be one of them.

In the much latter part of this book, I shall talk more on these three sets people.

? Those who cannot forget what God has forgiven.

? Those who cannot forget and forgive what someone else has done to them.

? Those who cannot forgive themselves—cannot forget what they have done to others.

Looking at yourself, you will realize that you fall into one or two, if not all of these categories. Jesus wants to heal you from every pain, shame, bitterness, anger, loss, and bad memories that is associated and linked with your past. And he wants you to be who he has purposed you to be. You may not know him. You may have little knowledge of him. You might even have rejected him. You might have sought for alternatives from another source. Yet he knows you. He loves you. He knows how long you have been battling "that case". He is stopping because of you, and with his outstretched arms he is asking you; "Do you want to be healed?"

Jesus is passing by, and it is Passover time. Something must happen that will change your situation and rewrite the story of your life. Jesus will bye-pass some, and will stop because of some.

As you take time out to discover and uncover in order to recover, know that the only one that can make Jesus stop is you. This man never gave up in his search for healing by the pool, though he never knew Jesus. He had been in "that case" even before Jesus was born.

However, Jesus saw him. And he knew all about him. Why don't you also place yourself in the position that Jesus will see you and stop because of you?

Sing along this song:

Heal my wounded broken spirit Save me by Thy Grace.

Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry While on others thou art calling Do not pass me bye.

Chapter Three

Would You Like to Get Well?

"When Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been down a long time in that case, He said unto him, "Wilt thou be made whole?"—John 5:6

Jesus has seen your helpless and seemingly hopeless situation. he is familiar with your weakness. Jesus saw this man lie down helplessly. Jesus sees you too, and he's about to do something in your life.

Jesus knew you had been in "that case" for a long time.

Jesus knew you had been in "that case" of barrenness without children long enough. Jesus knew you had been in "that case" of poverty long enough.

He knew you had been in "that case" of academic and career failure long enough.

He knew you had been in "that case" of bankruptcy and financial depreciation long enough.

He knew you had been in "that case" of bitterness and unforgiveness long enough.

He knew you had been in "that case" of broken-heartedness long enough.

Whatever may be your case, Jesus knew you had been in "that case" long enough.

You were living by the pool (of mercy and miracles) but nothing was happening to your "that case" because somebody always go ahead of you and grab it before you get up.

This man had been living with bitterness, anger, frustration; was unforgiven and unforgiving spirit for 38 years and this had taken a whole lot out of him, and had affected his health.


Excerpted from DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALED? by FEMI OLORUNNISOLA Copyright © 2012 by Femi Olorunnisola. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


THIS IS FOR YOU....................xiii
1. WHEN THE WELL DOES NOT MAKE YOU WELL....................1
2. THAT MEANS YOU....................5
3. WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET WELL?....................11
4. FORGIVENESS—THE TRUE MEANING....................17
5. FORGET THE PAST....................37
6. OPEN UP TO THE HEALER....................55
7. RISE AND BE HEALED....................71
8. HERE THEY COME AGAIN!....................146
9. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY....................152
10. DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALED?....................156
PRAY ALONG WITH ME....................177
ABOUT THE AUTHOR....................183

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