Doctor Do Me (doctor play, erotica)

Doctor Do Me (doctor play, erotica)

by Jenny Jeans
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Doctor Do Me (doctor play, erotica) by Jenny Jeans

Jill is young and healthy. How come she can't have an orgasm? Maybe her Doctor knows. But Jill's normal physician, a lady doctor, is on vacation and Jill must ask her replacement, the surprising hunk, Doctor Jacks for help.

Jill is "orally" grateful to Dr. Jacks for the answer.

Read an excerpt:"I'm having a little problem, sexually." I start slow, gauging him, as I say the last word in a whisper.

Dr. Jacks is right with me, picking the word up as though I shouted it. "Sexual? A beautiful young lady like you shouldn't be having any sexual problems."

I gave him a flirting blink of my long eyelashes and run the tip of my tongue over my bottom lip. Dr. Jacks gaze follows the movement. He'd called me beautiful. Not even my boyfriend calls me that, and it sends the most unusual flutter through me, nearly like a slow purr. It feels very good.

"It's orgasms I'm having a problem with, Dr. Jacks," I say, holding my breath, waiting, while half hoping he might . . .

"You are what, nineteen?" he asks, stepping so close I can't miss the brush of his hard erection on my outer leg. I have to crane my neck to look up at him, because I'm sitting on the high examination table. "You shouldn't be having problems climaxing. Are you certain your partners are giving you long enough foreplay? Young men seem to think that means a few minutes instead of the hour or more it should take to be done properly."

Hour? Just hearing him say an hour for foreplay makes me instantly wet and I know my gaze brightens as the impression of his erection nudges me again. God, Dr. Jacks is giving me a complete lady-boner. Seriously, I think he is serious.

"Maybe you should check me out to be sure." I spread my legs open across the table. A blatant invitation. The motion slides the hospital gown further up my toned thighs, until a small patch of pink showed between my legs. It's my thong peeking out.

Dr. Jacks clears his throat, stepping back and throwing disappointment through me. Had I read him wrong? But no, his dark eyes rove over the hot picture I make with my long legs bared, my barely covered pussy showing, and my hard nipples thrusting forward. His gaze picks each point on my body lingering on my tits, then my crotch. He leans back toward the door, reaching his hand out with what looks like deliberate slowness. I'm confused by the mixed signals of his heated look but his hand moving as if he's going to open the door and leave.

"I don't want you to worry anyone will walk in when I check you out," he says. His fingers click the lock on the door and excitement rushes through me. "The key to orgasms is not being tense or stressed."

Publisher's note: sexually explicit, blowjob, fingering.

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