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Doctor Golf by William Price Fox, Charles Rodrigues

Laugh-out-loud answers to life’s golfing questions.

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ISBN-13: 9781570030291
Publisher: University of South Carolina Press
Publication date: 10/01/1994
Edition description: New and improved ed
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.57(w) x 8.53(h) x 0.48(d)

Table of Contents

1.A built-in slice10
2.Dr. Golf discusses caddy flogging11
3.An ancient ruling on moving a ball in the sand trap12
4.In answer to a golfer who carries his clubs face down13
5.On the number of Italian professionals around New York City14
6.The terminal method of keeping one's head down15
7.A report of a caddy uprising16
8.A report from a club practicing classic caddy flogging17
9.A missed ball and the Baltusrol Ruling18
10.Discussion of "Putter Dwell"20
11.Dr. Golf on Ouimet's victory at Brookline in 191321
12.Dr. Golf compares golf in 1905 to modern golf24
13.Dr. Golf on the death of his grandfather25
14.On controlling the speed of one's backswing26
15.On the care and selection of a golfer's wife27
16.Dr. Golf compares the U.S.G.A. library with his own at Eagle-Ho29
17.Advice to a low handicapper considering marriage to a high handicapper30
18.A discussion of 19th-century irons and their play32
19.In response to an old golfing joke34
20.Dr. Golf discusses the famous "Flag Shot"34
21.Dr. Golf discusses the proper club to use for the "Flag Shot"36
22.In response to the distraught wife of a golfer37
23.The match between James the Second and John Paterson40
24.Dr. Golf's recommended reading list41
25.A letter to a golfer torn between his Scarlatti and Palestrina recordings and Eagle-Ho42
26.A message to a gentleman golfer44
27.Dr. Golf's solution to "Fugitive Fingers"45
28.A report of a golf suicide46
29.Dr. Golf's edict on fall-out shelters47
30.In answer to a request from a magazine writer wishing to do a profile of Dr. Golf and Eagle-Ho49
31.In response to an invitation from Bing Crosby49
32.The acceptance of Henry Jordan into Eagle-Ho50
33.The "hosel shot"51
34.Notables at Eagle-Ho51
35.A letter from the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service52
36.Dr. Golf's favorite writer and poem53
37.Showing of cartoons at Eagle-Ho53
38.The age when a man reaches his golf climacteric54
39.The complete golfer55
40.The first golf clubs in the U.S.57
41.Dr. Golf's answer to a parish priest who fears his golfers are following a new religious belief59
42.Advice on winter golf60
43.The cure for lifting the right heel61
44.Golf philanthropy--its practice and its advantages63
45.The golf type64
46.How two golfers will search each other out among strangers66
47.To a golfer consumed with vanity67
48.A letter from the Bearcat Foundation67
49.An answer to a request for information on destructive moles68
50.A lesson employing lighted firecrackers70
51.Walter Travis's method of judging distances71
52.The Eagle-Ho 36" stride72
53.A letter from a congressional committee74
54.Dr. Golf's opinion of public courses and public golfers75
55.A remedy for dipping76
56.The important role of heredity in golf78
57.Astrological help79
58.Information on Eagle-Ho Sanctuary80
59.Resemblance between the Edinburgh King's Course and Eagle-Ho82
60.Dr. Golf's match with Josiah Holbrook and Bobby Darwin in 193283
61.A letter from an anthropologist84
62.On the quality of Eagle-Ho golf balls84
63.On the low quality of modern golf balls85
64.Dr. Golf's disapproval of weight lifting86
65.A cure for a collapsing left arm87
66.Proper golf deportment on and off the course88
67.A description of funerals at Eagle-Ho90
68.What is to be expected from a caddy in reading greens91
69.A question on Eagle-Ho's Diner's Club arrangements94
70.A letter from a golfer who is in his 96th year94
71.A discussion of Water Travis's putter95
72.In answer to a letter regarding slow players97
73.Golfing Benedictine Orders99
74.Dr. Golf's recommended food and sleeping plan99
75.In answer to a wife whose husband has fled to golf101
76.Dr. Golf and the manufacture of wooden shafted clubs101
77.A man lives by his style102
78.In answer to a letter regarding a public course and mention of a golfer named Sam Snead103
79.Dr. Golf discusses the procuring requirements of caddies in the early days of golf104
80.Golf for stout people105
81.Dr. Golf discusses Eagle-Ho golfers who have distinguished themselves and then passed on106
82.Discussion of the U.S.G.A. ruling on out of bounds107
83.The low state of dress among modern golfers108
84.A letter to a golfer whose partner never speaks109
85.The Eagle-Ho Creed110
86.A book review111
87.A comparison between fly fishing and golf112
88.In answer to a letter from a man believing golf could be an amusing pastime114
89.A letter from an old Eagle-Ho member115
90.Inadvisability of using a wedge in a sand trap117
91.A request for assistance in getting into the Dyker Beach Country Club118
92.Dr. Golf discusses the U.S.G.A. statutes of limitations regarding winter rulings119
93.Dr. Golf discusses amateur tournaments120
94.In answer to a letter about getting more distance on drives121
95.Who are the great golfers of our present day?122
96.Dr. Golf on tees123
97.In answer to a letter about golf being a highly developed substitute for sex124
98.In answer to a letter about Kenneth Grahame125
99.Comparison of "dying ball," "bold putt," and "spinning putt"126
100.A letter from a full-fledged member of the Dyker Beach Country Club127
101.Discussion of a golfer with diastolic pulsations129
102.Dr. Golf compares a golfer lining up shots with the navigator of a ship131
103.A letter concerning the backswing132
104.In response to a distraught wife of a golfer who takes his golf clubs to bed with him134
105.In answer to a letter regarding the end of Daylight Saving Time and the "Deathwatch Tournament"136
106.An occasional caning at Eagle-Ho138
107.Walter Hagen; Hero, wastrel, charlatan? Perhaps all three139
108.Francis Ouimet; an innocent, dog-paddling among sharks142
109.The fleeting advice from a 31 handicapper143
110.The tawdry affair concerning The New England Journal of Medicine144
111.In answer to a golfer experiencing a black-out at the top of the swing146
112.Black Day at Shinnecock148
113.Doctor Golf discusses his illustrious forefathers149
114.Golf--the impossible dream. Why we will never score low enough151
115.A. B. Poindexter; his life, his letters, his legacy152
116.The sad and terrible affliction of left-handedness153
117.A questionable hole-in-one at Medinah Country Club154
118.The unbridled joy and advantages of the looped swing155
119.Carts; for carrying sod only157

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