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Doctor Hubbard's Sex Facts for Men and Women

Doctor Hubbard's Sex Facts for Men and Women

by Bob Berkowitz, Susan Yager-Berkowitz (Editor), Susan Yager-berkowitz

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Reprinted in the original for the first time in 75 years

Listen to Dr. Hubbard!

Keep your virtue!

In the battle to retain her purity, a young woman's path is beset with dangers and traps.

If he permits himself to look at suggestive pictures or indulge in lewd fantasies, a young man brings about thoughts that may cause his ruin.

The man a woman should


Reprinted in the original for the first time in 75 years

Listen to Dr. Hubbard!

Keep your virtue!

In the battle to retain her purity, a young woman's path is beset with dangers and traps.

If he permits himself to look at suggestive pictures or indulge in lewd fantasies, a young man brings about thoughts that may cause his ruin.

The man a woman should marry should be healthy, clean minded, and strong—not a weakling!

On your wedding night, husbands must be tender and appreciate that their little wife has had a day of excitement and nervous strain.

Did you know? Babies grow within the mother's body—babies are not brought by the stork nor in the doctor's black bag.

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Doctor Hubbard's Sex Facts for Men and Women

Chapter One

Sex Facts for Young Men About the Venereal Diseases.

Read What Professor Charles W. Eliot of Harvard says:...

"Chastity in a man is just as necessary as chastity in a woman for the country, for the honor and happiness of family life: continence is absolutely healthful for both sexes: men's profligacy is the cause or source of woman's prostitution, with its awful consequences to the guilty parties and to innocent human beings who are later infected by the guilty; the most precious joys and most durable satisfactions of life are put at a fearful risk by sexual immorality."

Public health is a question in which every citizen or coming citizen should be vitally interested at all times.

The more that is known about the matter of disease prevention, the better for all, as the more information the people get the more alert will all be to protect their own health and through this better the health of the community. No matter is more disastrous to public health than the venereal diseases. Its evil effects are far reaching. Ignorance is the greatest of all sins."Let There be Light."


Tradition has handed much mis-information from generation to generation of boys and girls regarding their "Parts" and it is hoped that you through reading these words may be stimulated to seek light and knowledge about yourself, so that you may be physically and mentally fit.

In life's battle victory is with the strong...body and mind...here and there cunning, wit, or chance may win a temporary victory but that which lasts is founded onperfect health.

Keeping fit and being in the best of condition at all times means that you must be healthy.

Are you in Condition?

Young man, why are you not always in condition?

When every child has healthy strong parents, and is born strong and well which is a birth right, then if these children are reared as the farmer rears his prize stock...these little ones will have a fair start in life. Not having it are they not seriously handicapped?

Some day you are going to be a man, you are going to marry and have children which is the natural order of human evolution. Are you looking ahead to see that your family will have a fine healthy father? If not your ears may be rubbing together.

How Vigorous Manhood is Achieved?

Those who would achieve the maximum vigor must observe at least five essentials.

1. Sufficient exercise of the right kind.

2. Sleep in fresh air, work in fresh air, live in fresh air.
3. Sleep at least eight hours, every night...seven nights in the week.
4. Eat proper food, regularly and chew your food well and eat slowly. Eat wisely.
5. To win vigorous manhood and retain it young men should be chaste.

Take it and be a regular fellow.


Exercise is absolutely essential to physical development. If you are out in the open watch the young colt, the young calf, or any living young thing and you will notice that it is on the go almost continually. It is hungry always and tires quickly and when play has been too strenuous, it eats and falls asleep immediately. Later it awakens and repeats this process day after day until fully grown.

The healthy child, boy or girl is full of vim, energy and go. If the child had as free run as the young animal and maternal instinct in the young mother was as keen as in the dog or cow or even the rabbit, we would see a different race in a few generations of human beings. Living artificially and away from nature these natural instincts are smothered and we do live an unnatural existence.

If the weather will not permit out door exercise, try general gymnasium work, boxing, wrestling or hand ball, but always see that the air is fresh.

A young man's daily exercise should be vigorous enough to cause perspiration (sweating) to come freely. This helps the body to throw off waste products which would act as poisons if allowed to accumulate within.

After exercise a bath should be taken. A shower is the best but if not available use a wash bowl, using warm water at first then cold water. The bath should be followed by a vigorous rub-down with a coarse towel. This bath and rub should not take over 5 minutes. It will make the body glow and give a general feeling of comfort and well being.

Fresh Air.

One of the essentials of life is air. We can do without food more or less indefinitely, we can go for days without water, but we cannot do without air for more than a few moments.

Our bodies are peculiar chemical machines and can "get along" under almost impossible conditions but this abuse will tell with time. It is difficult to keep an account of health in the ledger of life and debit and credit the good and the bad but every abuse like sand in the oil scores the cylinder until compression is lost and power gone. The sand was a trifling thing it is true but it turned the trick.

Young men should sleep in the fresh air, not necessarily out of doors, although this is not dangerous. Night air is good air. No bed room is big enough to sleep in if the windows are closed. Work in the fresh air. Always see that your shop or office is well ventilated. Do not open windows and cause a draught but drop the upper sash a little or raise the lower an inch and put a board between the bottom sash and the jamb. While the crevice is small it will permit a large amount of fresh air to enter and circulate within as well as permitting the foul stale air, often times over heated, to escape. Be sure to keep the air within doors fresh during the day. Fresh air is nature's cure all. It is usually more valuable than the best of medicines.

Doctor Hubbard's Sex Facts for Men and Women. Copyright © by Bob Berkowitz. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Dr. Bob Berkowitz is the author of the bestselling What Men Won't Tell You but Women Need to Know. A veteran reporter, he has a Ph.D. in clinical sexology.

Susan Yager-Berkowitz is a longtime magazine writer, specializing in nutrition. Together Bob and Susan are editors of the new book Dr. Hubbard's Sex Facts for Men and Women and are the “Marriage Experts" on ThirdAge.com.

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