Doctor Insanity vs. The Sparrow

Doctor Insanity vs. The Sparrow

by Christopher Andrews


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Get ready for a fun-filled escape from the everyday with "Doctor Insanity Vs. The Sparrow". "Comic" book heroes take on a whole new meaning in this lighthearted parody that wickedly skewers everything from the heroes and villains themselves to motivational speakers, bullfighting, and even the dreaded American Medical Association! The world's superheroes have captured the world's archvillains, and to keep the peace, the government has brainwashed all of the villains and heroes into working at everyday jobs. Until, one day, an accident at his new coffee shop job dislodges the control chip in Doctor Insanity's head. In an instant, he's back on the street and looking to brew up a special blend of trouble for humanity. Our only hope for Justice is The Sparrow, a hero so inept nobody has ever bothered to brainwash him. As soon as he gets word of Doctor Insanity's relapse, he leaps face-first at the chance to prove his worth and earn his place in the halls of 10 Justice Plaza- headquarters of hero-dom. Whether you need an easy read for the beach or just a few laughs to brighten your day, once you meet memorable characters like Procrastination Man, Salsa King, and many, many others, you'll find yourself hooked on this hysterical joyride and laughing your way from cover to cover!

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ISBN-13: 9781449988296
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/21/2009
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

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