Doctrine and Practice in the Early Church

Doctrine and Practice in the Early Church

by Stuart G. Hall


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Publication date: 08/28/2011
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About the Author

Stuart G. Hall was formerly professor of Ecclesiastical History at King's College, London. He has written extensively on the early Church and on the New Testament, and works as a parish priest of the Scottish Episcopal Church in Fife.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

1 God and the Gods 1

Religion In the Roman Empire

Critiques Of The Gods

Society And Government

The Empire And Christianity

2 Community And Morality 14

Conversion And Preparation

Coming To Baptism

The Eucharistic Offering

3 The Message And The Messengers 25

The Canon Of Scripture

Interpreting Scripture

Church Leaders: Didache; Clement Of Rome, Ignatius, Irenaeus

4 Proliferation And Excess

Heresy And Schism



Eastern Christianity


5 Defence And Definition: Early Apologists

Apologists And Apologetic

Charge And Counter-Charge

God And His Word

Holy Spirit And Trinity 48

6 Tradition And Truth: Irenaeus Of Lyons 57

Lyons And Irenaeus

Apostolic Succession

The Rule Of Truth

God And Christ

Mankind And Redemption

7 Latin Theology Launched: Tertullian 67

Tertullian The Christian

Tertuiiian The Churchman

Tertulhan The Theologian

8 Sectarian Religion And Episcopal Authority 74

Dionysius Of Corinth, Serapion And Demetrius

The Church in Rome Under Victor

Doctrinal Disputes: Hippolytus

Disciphne And Order: Callistus

Reconciliation And Renewed Persecution

9 One Church, One Baptism: Cyprian 85

Persecution and the Problem of the Lapsed

Schism and Unity

Cyprian on Defaulting Bishops and on baptism

10 The Alexandrian Heritage: Clement 95

Alexandria and Clement

Clement The Teacher

The Knowledge Of God

11 Origen The Theologian 100


The System and the Scriptures

Scripture And Allegory

God And The Trinity

Creation, Flesh And The Humanity Of Christ

The Influence Of Origen: Dionysius And Paul

12 The Rise Of Constantine 112

The Great Persecution


Church And Empire

13 Arius And The Council Of Nicaea 121


Constantine Intervenes

The Council Of Antioch, 325

Marcellus Of Ancyra

The Council And Creed Of Nicaea

The Outcome And Aftermath Of Nicaea

14 Councils And Controversies: 327-361 137

The Eusebian Supremacy

The Division Of East And West

The Eastern Dominance 137

15 Towards Synthesis: 361-378 148

The Reign Of Julian, 361-3

The Spirit-Fighters


The Cappadocian Fathers

The Cappadocian Fathers On The Trinity

The Cappadocian Fathers On Christ And Salvation

16 Theodosius I And The Council Of Constantinople 161

Theodosius And The Western Theology

Nicenes Divided In The East

The Council Of Constantinople: Canons

The Council Of Constantinople: The Creed

The West

17 New Spirituality: The Monastic Movement 173

Monastic Beginnings

Pachomius And Life Together

Syrian Movements

Basil's Contribution

Evagrius Of Pontus

Western Developments

18 Origenism, Jerome And John Chrysostom 183

Origenism And Jerome

Origenism In Palestine; Rufinus

John Chrysostorn 183

19 Augustine Of Hippo 191

Career And Confessions

Youth In Africa; Manicheism

Ambrose And Neoplatonism

Monastic Call And Conversion

Augustine On The Trinity

Donatism and The Church


The City Of God

20 Cyril, Nestorius And The Council Of Ephesus 211

Cyril And The Rise Of Nestorius


Cyril's Second Letter To Nestorius

Cyril's Third Letter To Nestorius

Nestorius Condemned

The Formula Of Reunion

21 Eutyches, Leo And The Council Of Chalcedon 223

New Personalities




The Tome Of Leo

The Council Of Ephesus, 449

The Council Of Chalcedon, 451

The Chalcedonian Definition

The Value Of The Definition

22 The Heritage Of Ancient Theology 237

The Imperial Church

Doctrinal Development

The Biblical Basis 237

Further Reading 246

Index 251

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