Does Science Present The Truth:

Does Science Present The Truth: "Truth" Vs. "Good Enough"

by Jesuis Laplume


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Does Science Present The Truth: "Truth" Vs. "Good Enough" by Jesuis Laplume

A number of scientists who do not know what they are talking about are still espousing the supposed fact that Science proves that there is no God and no thought or emotion outside of the brain. This is nonsense and a blatant misuse of Traditional Science.
This book "Does Science Present The Truth?" discusses the basis of Traditional Science and the assumptions upon which it is based. It explains the fields in which that sort of Science can still provide useful results and the many areas at the leading edges of many fields of Science where the assumptions are violated and recent Science has had to adapt, on an incident-by-incident basis, the new assumptions needed to explain the results observed by many researchers who are working in a large number of fields.
Unfortunately the older scientists who head up scientific societies have refused to admit that revision of the founding assumptions is badly needed and the system is in chaos - actually chaos is one of the concepts that had to be developed outside of Traditional Science. In reality they are asking that these founding assumptions should be considered Dogma and cannot even be discussed, but rather must be taken On Faith. What sort of Science is that when Dogma and dogmatic belief are involved?
There was a historical justification for those who started Traditional Science to ignore thought, emotion, prayer and other forms of pure information as no one knew how to measure them. Many believed that measurements confined to the mass and energy arena would be possible without taking those sorts of things into account. Interestingly-enough, we still do not know how to measure those pure information processes even now, although we can infer some by how they affect the brain, the body and some of our experiments in mass and energy flows.
This book goes into some detail in identifying both the weaknesses and some of the many strengths in Traditional Science. It also tries to show why making conclusions about things that you do not include, using a useful Science in other areas, is just plain foolish. If I were to ask the question "How much credence would you give to a study that assumed that it was not necessary to include certain things and then used that study to show that they did not exist?" You would be unlikely to give it any. This is the quandary that we live with in Science and spirituality. The cross-over should never have come up because the tools in our Traditional Science do not include any reasonable aspect of the components of spirituality.
It is long past time for those who head the elite of Traditional Science to start a discussion of just where existing Science can be used with confidence and where it should not be used at all. Perhaps it is the time to even revisit all of the founding assumptions and revise them as necessary, given several hundred years of evidence building up to support the need for that revision process.
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has written a number of books in this field, with his latest a call for such a review. That book, called "Science Set Free" in the US and "The Science Delusion" in the UK, is very much worth reading. "Does Science Present The Truth?" also includes a list of some of the myriad of books used in developing this author's book. Readers are also invited to visit the Author's website at for more references and a better idea of just who this author is and what they are trying to say.

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Publication date: 03/17/2017
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About the Author

Mankind is changing from the fear-based Homo sapiens - the thinking human, to Homo spiritus, the loving human beings. We all need to learn about what is needed to take advantage of these changes.
The author, now writes as Jesuis Laplume (I am the pen) in matters of Science and spirituality. I was trained as a scientist in an Engineering faculty. I worked in eight different fields, helping move new Science into practice in all of those fields. A favorite job was designing survey aircraft modifications. Another was the system design and joint drive design on the Canadarm on the US Space Shuttle. In a radically different arena, he headed research into why some houses make some occupants ill. He did this at CMHC, Canada's federal housing agency, with a group budget of about 6 M$ Cdn per annum, for most of two decades.
After retirement he spent much of his time studying both leading edge science and spirituality - the assumptions behind both are widely different, but the big questions are all system-level ones and not confined to simple details. As a result of what he learned he has decided to write a number of books on both the limitations of Traditional Science and the coming together of overview ideas in new Science and the new spirituality component of Philosophy.
His message is a 'good news' one for those who can let go of the old, Fear-based rules of society and Religion and espouse the concepts of mankind as spiritual beings having a human experience. Accepting that we are spiritual beings leads to thoughts and feelings of love and joy - not the Fear that is the tool of those who presently rule.

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