Dog Study Guide eBook - How to Stop Your Puppy or Older Dog from Biting - Children and Dog

Dog Study Guide eBook - How to Stop Your Puppy or Older Dog from Biting - Children and Dog

by Self Improvement

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Get The Facts From 7 Top Dog Trainers/Behaviorists and Learn How To Prevent Dog Bites Or Even Teach Your Dog to Stop Biting."

I couldn't believe it!
Sitting there on our front porch swing watching our two little kindergarteners play together for the first time, we were thrilled to find such a great match as new neighbors. As we sipped iced tea and watched, we were already laughing and making great plans together for the summer, when I heard the screen door creak open.

Jimmy! The doooooorrrrr!
The DOG!
Don't open the...."

But it was too late. Horror rose up in me, and all my dreams of having a great new friend next door vanished into impossibility. I was helpless as I watched Zippy sail off the porch and tear through the yard toward those sweet little girls having tea on the blanket on the lawn.

With Zippy barking furiously all the way, the girls started screaming and trying to get up. In one terrifying leap Zippy latched onto that angel's nose and lip, knocking her over, and then we were all screaming. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! Zippy had nipped before, but never like this!

I'll never forget the fear in that little girl's eyes, and the look from her mom -- my new best friend, and new enemy -- all in 20 minutes. And the blood. Oh, my! I never knew a face could bleed so much.

Years later, not a day goes by that I don't look at that little girl over the fence, and see her playing alone, with the scars on her face, and realize how I had changed her life forever. I cry when I remember how they carried her away in the ambulance, with her blood-soaked pinafore dress.

I cry when my own little girl wakes up in terror night after night, a little less frequently now, but still much too often, screaming, reliving Zippy's attack.

I was the only one home when the police came to take Zippy away forever, and I was the one who had to sit down at the kitchen table and tell the whole family that their beloved pet was never coming home again. I'm the one who has to keep explaining why we're not allowed to ever have a dog again.

I cry when I think of my husband working two jobs, and poring over the bills trying to figure out how to recover from the lawsuit, and when we have to sit down and tell the kids we can't go on vacation this year, again.

How To Stop Your Older Dog

Reasons Why Puppies Bite
Dog Bite The underlying causes
How to recognize warning signs
How you can get a puppy to stop biting
More on puppy biting
Stop Puppy from Biting
Puppy Biting Have Patience
My Puppy Keeps Chewing What Do I Do?
Teaching Puppies Not To Bite
How To Prevent Dog Bites
Preventive measures applicable to potential dog owners
Preventive measures for dog owners
Preventive measures for parents
Preventive measures for general Adults
How to Socialize Critical stage for puppy
More on Socialization Techniques
Puppy Dog Socialization
Dog Bite Injury prevention Socialization tips for
Puppy owners
Seven things you should do if your dogs bite
Advice To Dog Bite Victim
Guest Expert Articles
Baby on the Way prepare your dog
Children and Dog
Bite Inhibition
The Complex World of Canine-Car Relationships
Canine Bloat and Temperament
Compulsive Canine Behaviors: Too Much of a Good Thing
Desensitizing Possessive Behavior Parts I & II.
The Large Dog and Children
Dog and Puppy Biting, Mouthing, Teething
Litter Mate Behavioral Variation: A Multi-Ingredient Stew
Ten Rules for Buying a Puppy

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