Dog Trots Globe--To Paris and Provence (A Sheltie Goes to France)

Dog Trots Globe--To Paris and Provence (A Sheltie Goes to France)

by Sheron Long

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Join Chula, a 9-year-old Sheltie, as she travels from California to France. This lively and often funny adventure finds Chula sniffing around the boulangeries, lavender fields, and big outdoor markets of Provence. In Paris, she trots across the Seine, stands on her hind legs in awe of the Eiffel Tower, and attends opening night at a gallery. Through vivid color photographs and Chula's unique perspective, you'll experience Paris and Provence in a delightful way and see why Chula says, "It's a dog's life there!"

- A fun read with a dog's eye view of France.

- More than 150 color photographs of Paris and Provence.

- Anecdotes on French life and info on everything from cheeses to the Eiffel Tower.

- Helpful Afterword on pet travel.

- 4 bonus videos (available online). Visit markets of Provence, experience 3,000 sheep on the run, admire the sparkling Eiffel Tower, and take a glorious walk with Chula through Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

- Online Extras on French travel, dog fun, and free downloads.

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BN ID: 2940014322461
Publisher: OIC Books
Publication date: 03/09/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
File size: 10 MB

About the Author

Sheron Long
Sherry first visited France as a student in Grenoble and has returned dozens of times to soak in the joie de vivre. The best trip, though, was when Chula came along. Relying on her years as a publisher, Sherry coaxed Chula into telling the true story of her travels and then turned Chula's barks into print.

Chula Wula D'Augue
Chula, whose first name means "pretty" in Spanish, is a 9-year-old, 30-pound Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) with a true sense of adventure. Whether chasing squirrels in her backyard in Carmel Valley, California, or evicting feline squatters from her backyard in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Chula gives it her all. She's always ready to drop everything and go on a trip to town or across the globe. And she does it all with that lovely Sheltie smile.

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Dog Trots Globe--To Paris and Provence (A Sheltie Goes to France) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
CCuadro-Bookideasdotcom More than 1 year ago
I just finished "Dog Trots Globe - To Paris & Provence" and it left a big smile on my face - I'd wag if I had a tail to wag with! I'm so glad Sheron's 9 year-old Sheltie, Chula, was willing to give us readers a 'dog's-eye-view' of her travels. This part-travelogue, part-canine memoir took a refreshing approach, showcased an endearing narrator, and used beautiful photographs to liven the tale. And when Chula's tale was done and she was back enjoying her creature comforts in California, Sheron Long was kind enough in the Afterword to supply me with tips and important considerations when taking one's pet to France. I was immediately won over when I saw the first shot of Chula - she was aptly named, with "Chula" meaning "pretty" in Spanish. An adventure with this adorable star was certain to bring a smile and a chuckle my way! But Sheron Long did more than let Chula's good looks do the work - the book's lighthearted tone and easy-going pace helped me enjoy a lot of interesting information about France and Provence's different regions without getting bogged down by too many details. Readers who get a printed copy of the book will find the beautiful pictures a breathtaking accent to Chula's account of her travels, and Darius Detwiler's illustrations add a sweet charm to the printed pages. Readers who can access the enhanced version of the book will find the accompanying videos a vibrant description of the sights and sounds Chula experienced - I had no idea what a deafening ruckus a street full of sheep and goats would make! No wonder Chula ran for cover - not one of her shining moments, but even a Shetland Sheepdog can only take so much sheep-wise. Seeing that video of the 'La Transhumance' (the herding of livestock from the lowlands to the highland grazing grounds every Spring during Pentecost), definitively drove that point home to me! "Dog Trots Globe - To Paris & Provence" was a delightful read, and its appeal will touch many different kinds of readers. Would I recommend it to dog-loving Francophiles? That's preaching to the converted, really - but I would hazard that Chula herself would win over a cat-loving Francophile, and dog-lovers who have never given France a second thought would enjoy it through Chula's eyes. I think that even a young reader of about 5 years old and up, especially if the publishers at OIC had made special arrangements with Barnes & Noble's Nook to match the enhanced version with Nook's Read to Me features, such a curious young mind mind could start thinking about France and other interesting places to see and learn about. So I'll say Highly Recommended, and wait around to see if Chula decides to travel again - I would love to hear about where she'll go next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this book! The incorporation of both video and text is amazing! The video quality is wonderful and makes you feel like you are really in France! I've always been a dog lover and obsessed with France so the fact this book combines both, really attracted me to read this book in the first place! This book is great for both children and adults, and could really make a wonderful gift to any animal lover!
lizasarusrex More than 1 year ago
What is the book about? A Sheltand Sheepdog named Chula is traveling across the world. Along the way she describes funny incidents and takes breathtaking photos. At the end of the book you will get some great advice on how to travel abroad with your pet. Don't worry, you don't have to be planning a trip to enjoy this book. What did I think of the book? If you've ever wondered what your dog is thinking then this is a great book for you. It's funny and witty and gives you a small impression of what Chula might be thinking and experiencing. A cute book with cute pictures that everyone of all ages can enjoy!
tiffanydavis2 More than 1 year ago
Dog Trots Globe, by Sheron Long, is a story told from a Sheltie's point of view about their travels to France. Chula Wula D'Augue is a nine year old sheltie that traveled with her owners Bob and Sherry for the first time by plane for this two month adventure. The author included several beautiful pictures as well as songs and videos to help contribute to the fun experiance that is this story. Long does a great job at grabbing her reader's attention, especially with the way the videos and pictures flow throughout the story. I love that she wrote the story from the dog's perspective. It made it fun to read. I absolutely loved this book, and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Great job to the author!
Sue_in_CT More than 1 year ago
Dog Trots Globe - To Paris & Provence (A Sheltie Goes to France) by Sheron Long is a short and quite unique book. For one thing it is an enhanced audio and video (for iPad and online) and for another it is narrated by the dog. I really liked the suggestions of how to set the different devices for the best coordination of pictures and text. I wouldn't exactly classify it for children as they wouldn't have a clue what the places are or words mean although I imagine depending on their age they may be able to guess between what the dog describes and especially by the many fantastic pictures provided although my first impression was that this a book written in the view of a dog so it is for children. However, if an adult was sitting there with the child to answer any questions they may have it would be a fantastic way to introduce their child to France plus get some great pointers on places to visit in France. I also think if you plan on going to France (or any other country outside the US for that matter) it provides great advise on what papers you will need to take your dog along, what size crates, how they will travel and more. Chula, means pretty in Spanish, the 9 year old Sheltie did a great job in this short but fun story. It was interesting and I totally enjoyed it.
sewolf0310 More than 1 year ago
What a beautiful book. Although I do not have a Kindle Fire and had to read this on my computer, I am sure reading it on an iPad or some other type of tablet would be lovely too. The photographs are beautiful, and I have never read a story where there are videos imbedded in the story, but it was a nice addition. Wonderful story from a dog’s view of a trip to France. The author makes it feel as if you are there traveling with them. Included within the story are some French words, and songs, to make learning a bit fun too. This would make a great book for children as well as adults, or anyone looking to see France and how beautiful it is, with a touch of history mixed in too. A quick and easy read, easy to keep a child’s attention. I would love to see the author continue the travels to other countries.
Francine1440 More than 1 year ago
Dog Trots Globe is a delightful little book written by Sheron Long under the direction of Chula, a nine year old Sheltie dog who travels from California to France to live for a couple of months on holiday. It’s a true story with pictures and four videos about all of the things Chula sees and encounters during her trip abroad. The four videos were embedded in the ebook version I read and were a wonderful addition to all of the amazingly colourful pictures and cute cartoon-like drawings that graced every page. As you read along you visit Provence and Paris from Chula’s point of view (finding a place to use the bathroom is a big problem for her) with lots of advice about traveling with your dog to France. Just because it’s written in Chula’s voice doesn’t mean adults won’t enjoy the book too. It is very informative about the areas visited and the pictures are just plain breathtaking. France should use this book to encourage tourism as it made even me, someone who never thought about going to France, want to plan a holiday there. One video in particular that was simply amazing is of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. Younger children would enjoy this book for the videos and pictures even if some of the wording is at a somewhat higher age level of comprehension. The pictures of the markets and lavender fields were stunning and really brought the whole area to life. Near the end of the book is a chapter about Chula’s final walk through Saint-Remy, the area she was staying at. All of the pictures are from her eye level. At the very end of the book is a section giving tips on traveling to France with your dog including the papers and other things you’ll need and how to make your pet comfortable while flying. This book is very well done and lots of fun to read. I would love to see more visits to other countries in the same format.
KenishaP More than 1 year ago
Dog Trots Globe is a traveling book told from the perspective of the dog. Yes, you read that right. Chula, an adorable Sheltie, is the narrator of the tale. It's a very cute idea, and I think it works out well. The book introduced me to Parisian culture, shops, food, etc. It was informative and adorable. I enjoyed the photographs (yum, the pictures of the food!) and wonderful illustrations of Chula's adventures. After Chula's travel story, there is a good amount of information to prepare readers for taking their pets on overseas visits, should they so choose to. Overall the book is well edited and put together, with no grammatical or formatting errors that jumped out at me. An excellent choice for light reading or anyone who enjoys traveling.
mrsnancysorensen More than 1 year ago
So much fun!  I enjoyed this book so much.  We are given the pleasure of seeing France from Chula's eye view, beginning at the airport in California.  I found myself smiling the entire time I was reading Dog Trots Glob to Paris & Provence.   Chula is a beautiful nine-year-old Sheltie who has the luxury of taking a trip to France with her "parents".  Not only does Chula describe all of the sights and sounds along the way, but there are beautiful photographs of Chula enjoying (or getting annoyed) at some of her new experiences in France.  There are pictures of Chula with Bob, friends, a sweet mama cat stealing her brand new kittens away, and a giant herd of sheep that make their way down the main street of town. There are also some lovely photographs of Provence and Paris.   I found myself laughing out loud at some of the photos, and Chula's descriptions.  I also learned quite a bit about Provence and Paris.  It made me want to follow the Long's exact travel itinerary.   At the end of the book Sheron gave some tips on choosing dog crates for the airplane, water and food needs, necessary papers and procedures one must make when taking a dog to European countries, and other helpful information.   This would be a perfect book to teach children about France in educational settings.  It is also a great source of information on traveling with your dog.  My only complaint about this book is that I was sad when I got to the last page.  I hope Chula, Sheron and Bob go on another trip very soon so that we can also enjoy the journey.   5 stars!
MarthaM More than 1 year ago
Dog Trots Globe: To Paris & Provence This book and multimedia experience is absolutely delightful. From the very first page, I just adored Chula Wula D'Augue, the precious little sheltie who narrates a trip from San Francisco to France and back. Seeing Provence and Paris from this dog's eye view is nothing short of a spectacular experience. Through Chula's narration, we learn to loathe the dog crates necessary for plane travel but to delight in the sights and smells of the famous French market days, the fields of lavender, the bistros, museums and architecture of two of the most famous areas of Europe. In France, well behaved dogs are welcome in bistros and restaurants where they lounge under the tables, are supplied with bowls of water and catch tiny nibbles for owners and friends. In addition to the delightful, colorful pictures, we are treated to the cutest illustrations, songs and video clips. I found myself envying the dog and longing to really visit Provence and Paris. Oh la la! I really hope that Chula visits another country soon...Italy anyone?
dcl55 More than 1 year ago
A delightful travel log as told by Chula, an adventurous nine year old sheltie. Author Sheron Long has written and compiled media files in a very clever format as an interactive digital book. Chula accompanies her family, Bob and Sherry on a trip to Paris. Poor Chula is a bit miffed that she can not stay with her people during the trans-Atlantic flight. After more than eleven hours of travel Chula is finally able to relieve herself on the first tiny bit of grass she finds. Once she arrives at the hotel Chula is able to quench her thirst with five cups of water. She was dehydrated! Chula’s description of the food smells in the Provence village made my mouth water for a fresh baked baguette. The pictures of the patisseries look fabulous! I enjoyed the video of the Provence market days. As a dog owner I was happy to read that Chula was allowed to sit with Bob and Sherry for dining at the various bistros and cafes. The ‘3000 Sheep video’ brought the experience of the street alive. I will refrain from adding spoilers about each chapter. I recommend this book as a wonderful ‘armchair’ escape. Chula is a fun tour guide and the photography is an artful feast!
JoleneESmith More than 1 year ago
A book for the senses! Dog Trots Globe is a quaint book about Chula, a Shetland Sheepdog who travels with her owners Bob and Sherry from California to France. Since the story is told from Chula's perspective it is filled with the sounds and sniffs that Chula experienced as well as Chula's witty observations. The book is not a tell all travel guide by any means. It does, however, have beautiful pictures and videos that help to make you feel like you are at the markets, cafes, and villages. The book is inspiring for anyone wanting to get a taste of France and of course for any dog owners who are thinking of traveling to France with their pet. The last part of the book gives helpful insights and tips on how to travel with your dog from boarding the plane to dog passports. Overall, an interesting book. As a dog lover I found it cute, humourous and informational. Unlike anything else I have read before.