Doggie Tales

Doggie Tales

by Mr. Joe L. Blevins


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Life in the country depends on the loyal trust we have in our "companion animals": our dear dogs. Dogs provide security, companionship, and entertainment, as they are also a part of our close and extended family.
Doggie Tales tells about the influence these precious friends share in our everyday lives. We would often be lost without them for all that they do for us. In this book we celebrate dogs by honoring these wonderful four-legged friends. The main character is Momma Dog, a mischievous border collie who keeps a good watch over the family and the farm. A fun story with colorful pictures that your children will enjoy.

A Visit To Pawpaw's, book four in the series.

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ISBN-13: 9781484941508
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/10/2013
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.08(d)

About the Author

Author Joe L. Blevins
Joe L. Blevins is an author of over fifteen years and an illustrator for over forty years. He is a person of Choctaw descent. Joe has acted in a number of movies as a character actor so he could learn more about character development and script writing. An author and artist's perspective is reflected in this work. Joe's interest is in writing books that have a positive influence on a young person by teaching them important things in a fun way. These things are: having a positive self-image, respect for others, simple respect for their elders, and to better appreciate their family and friends.

Joe's books range from horror, historical, and more family oriented tales. Joe's stories always use an element of history as a base for the premise. Joe uses life events and details to let his stories ring true to the reader. Most of all: reading is to be fun and informative for all ages.

Joe worked for twenty-six years in electronics, and twelve years as a teacher at three different school districts. While he worked as a teacher he was heavily involved in various reading programs. There he saw a need to make better stories for young readers. He saw what the students liked and what they did not. This was his real "education" as an author by learning that readers demand more than just a good story. They need something that "speaks" to them as a person. These are books that the reader can actually relate to. The earlier a child can read the better their grades and a greater possibility for a better future in the job market.

Blevins worked with many students with learning disabilities. He also worked with some hearing impaired students. These students needed a story tailored for their needs with brightly colored illustrations to help keep the reader interested.

Joe continues to write with his new series, "A Visit to Pawpaw's" for children and those that love to read to them. Joe invites you to read his stories and make comments, if you wish. Thank you.

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