Dogs and Autism

Dogs and Autism

by Annie Bowes

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Author Annie Bowes grew up having dogs throughout her childhood and adulthood that helped her with her autism. Her love of animals, especially dogs, eventually helped her find her passion in life to help animals and become a veterinarian. Through many years of working with dogs in her practice, she grew interested in how canine companionship helps people with autism. Dogs and Autism is a result of her many years of research and first-hand experience understanding the benefits of dogs as an alternative treatment to those on the autism spectrum.

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ISBN-13: 9781949177053
Publisher: Future Horizons, Inc.
Publication date: 03/08/2019
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About the Author

Annie Bowes was diagnosed with autism as an adult, which didn't limit her ability to become an emergency and critical care veterinarian. Dr. Bowes' unique background was greatly influenced by her ASD father, who encouraged her to focus on the gifts that autism can bring—not how she differed from the world.

Dr. Bowes is an authority on the human-animal bond and has completed her certification program at Purdue University. She is a consultant for the Pet Loss Support Group and other human-animal bond programs designed to understand the connection of pets to their owners. The emergency veterinary field brings the most emotional and trying experiences, giving Dr. Bowes unparalleled exposure to the richness of the pet connection and the capacities of the human spirit. Her book reflects her time witnessing the miracle and privilege of pet relationship.

Table of Contents

Chapter One- Step One: Buy a Dog!

Chapter Two- Human-Animal Bond: The Science is There

Chapter Three- Multiple Dogs, Breed Size, and More!

Chapter Four- The “Pet Effect” is Real

Chapter Five- Do You Need a Service Dog? Emotional Support Dog? Therapy Dog?

Chapter Six- Basic Concepts: Training Your Dog

Chapter Seven- Dogs are Heroes

Chapter Eight- Pet Death: The Inevitable

Chapter Nine- Dogs Understand Autism

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