Dome City

Dome City

by Edmund John Messina Jr.




SUMMARY:Natural disaster collapses the fragile economy, comet fragments are heading toward Earth and martial law rules the country. Jack is a mysterious billionaire geologist who discovers an abandoned city thousands of feet below the Louisiana swamps. The oppressive government hunts for Jack and his discovery. Lola is a beautiful and treacherous stranger who gets to the President; Bluestone is an evil religious leader who takes over the government. Annie, a quirky, exhibitionistic anthropologist, possesses 6000-year-old frozen sperm. Sam is the soldier-turned-physicist who unlocks the technology of Dome City, far more advanced than our own. Charlie leads a band of survivalist "preppers" who live "off the grid" and Parnell is a Cajun Biker who leads a Constitutionalist motorized militia.These fascinating characters come together in a fast moving adventure that defines the very survival of the human race.TEOTWAWKI - ("The End Of The World As We Know It")--------------------------------------------STORY DETAILS:The book is about unusual people who are secretly creating a new civilization amidst the catastrophic deterioration of the world, as we know it. Dome City is about catastrophe and sanctuary and about intense struggles for power and resistance between strong adversaries. It fascinates readers because of the quirky characters and their secrets. The book describes the frighteningly believable cascade of events where natural disaster led to economic collapse that led to oppressive martial law. Readers are gratified at the subsequent flight of the main characters to a secret sanctuary.Society collapses and becomes an oppressive theocracy. The main characters discover a highly advanced, self-sustaining habitation over three thousand feet below the Louisiana swamps, abandoned ten thousand years ago by an unknown civilization. Jack, no stranger to covert activity, struggles to secretly recruit and protect thousands of refugees as they populate Dome City, while battling Bluestone's forces at a time when they are expecting comet fragments to strike the Earth.CHARACTER DETAILS:Jack is a geologist by training who was recruited into the clandestine services while still in college. Through his connections, when he left the service, he built a multibillion-dollar mining empire. Out of personal interest, he personally attended to his drilling operations along the Gulf Coast. From his background, he had long ago anticipated worldwide collapse and he helped found a secret multinational organization known as the Patronnat.Sam is an ex-special forces veteran who later became a gifted physicist. He discovers technologies in the Domes that are beyond his wildest dreams.Annie is a beautiful, gun totin', free-spirited anthropologist who is the guardian of an ancient secret that could alter the future of the human race.Parnell is a well-meaning scar-faced Cajun biker who is dedicated to preserving the Constitution with his imperfect motorcycle militia.Charlie is a dedicated "prepper" who leads a secret community of people prepared to survive the end of civilization.Lola is a sultry temptress who endangers the Presidency as well as the survival of humanity.Stephanie is the brilliant but damaged attorney who maintains a secret network started by her late father and Jack.Jayne is the penultimate nurse who is the caring wife of Jack. She ultimately helps him unravel his complex life, gradually revealing his complexity and his personal demons.Archie is the crude and iconoclastic archeologist who happens across an ancient Egyptian artifact that unlocks the legacy of an ancient people... and a vital key to modern human survival in the Domes.Allen is the gifted, alcoholic astronomer who discovers startling objects in space, which may lead to global destruction. He struggles to get past his insanity to warn the people he cares about.

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ISBN-13: 9781468190090
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/18/2012
Pages: 558
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.24(d)

About the Author

Edmund John Messina Jr. is the pen name for Edmund Messina MD, born in Brooklyn, New York.

His unusual life experiences have brought him to many places around the globe, giving him the unique perspective needed to write Dome City. Prior to medicine, he was also involved in screenwriting and directing small independent films. His non-fiction work relates mainly to neurology and computer technology.

In 2006, he teamed up with his son, Dan Messina, to make the documentary, "Life and Migraine" for public television, which won the NHF Media Excellence Award. They also collaborated on an episode in the "Mystery Diagnosis" television series. Dr. Messina wrote, directed and edited the feature film, "Lily's Mom" which won a Drama Award shortly after its independent film festival release in 2011, teaming up with his son, Marc Messina. His wife, Jayne, and daughter, Jill, have helped him produce numerous medical education internet programs.

In addition to being a full-time neurologist, he is currently working on two more volumes of Dome City, to complete the Dome City trilogy. He resides in mid-Michigan with Jayne, three cats and, of course, their dog, Bruno.

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