Dominance: Third Book of the Flavius Josephus Journals

Dominance: Third Book of the Flavius Josephus Journals

by Dr Allen Edward Goldenthal


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In the previous book of the Flavius Josephus Journals, Dominance ended with the decimation of the Roman legions garrisoned in the Levant. Under the military and civil leadership of Joseph ben Matthias, Governor of Galilee, the Jews have gained their freedom from Roman oppression and celebrate their deliverance,which does not go unnoticed by the surrounding nations that also find themselves still dominated by the Empire and begin dreaming of their own liberation. Aware of the growing problem in the East, the Emperor Nero summons his most illustrious general, the conqueror of Britannia, Flavius Vespasianus, along with his son Titus, with instruction to subjugate the Jews, eliminate the rebellion and do what is necessary to ensure that the stubborn Judeans will never be a sore on the backside of Rome ever again. Joseph finds himself in the undesirable position of being the center of the adoration of his people but through his liaison with Berenice, the beautiful Queen of Ulatha, he is aware that this adulation might be short lived, especially when she warns him that the Romans are coming!

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ISBN-13: 9780994255945
Publisher: Val d'Or
Publication date: 12/11/2015
Pages: 226
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About the Author

Allen E. Goldenthal is the author of numerous books, some under the Kahana Chronicles series, as well as books on veterinary medicine and a reference book in the implementation of Total Quality Management in Biotechnology. He has also authored books under his pen-name of Dr. Alexander G. Valley. As a preclinical toxicologist, an accredited Quality Assurance auditor and extensive experience in Quality Control, he was sought after and recruited to bring his expertise to China where he has now resided for five years. He lives in southern China with his wife and family pets. Writing from the unusual perspective of chronicling one particular family, known as the Kahana, century after century this family appears to play a crucial role in the politics and bedrooms of their time. Exploring the unique history of this unusually prominent family is more than a passion for the author, it is a revelation of his own heritage for he is a descendant of the Kahana.

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