Dominant Cheerleader

Dominant Cheerleader

by R.m. Dexter

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A mature man encounters the woman of his dreams, a statuesque Amazon-like cheerleader for his city's professional football team. Summoning up the courage to speak to her, the result of his clumsy introduction exceeds his wildest dream as she makes him her plaything.

“I’ll tell you right now, Joseph. I like to come...a lot. I’m going to use that pretty little mouth of yours until your face is numb, and then I’m gonna make you keep going.” She paused as she shifted her wide hips, as if settling herself into place for a good long session. “Are you ready to get back to work?” She leaned back on her arms with her beautiful sweet pussy laid out on full display in front of me. Her blonde hair was now slightly mussed, and it surrounded her pretty face sexily. As I looked at that gorgeous face, her huge tits tightly encased in that clinging white sweater, her little black slit skirt and thigh-high black leather boots, she was an absolute dream. I couldn’t believe she had chosen me as her little plaything tonight.

“Yes Miss, whatever you’d like, Miss,” I said compliantly. I dove back between her thighs and sent my tongue on another mission way up inside that drooling cunt of hers. It wasn’t long before she started bucking up against my face, her body wracked by another nerve-shattering climax. I was happy to see another button come open when she was finished, her lacy white bra cups on display as her sweater spread open further across her tremendous chest.

“Keep going. I’m far from being done with you, boy.” Brooke grabbed my head and pushed me back between her thighs. I eagerly obeyed, pressing my mouth against her needy flesh. It didn’t feel like I’d been at it very long before those delicious tremors had her big body shivering in paroxysms of ecstasy. The next button opened, the undersides of those jam-packed bra cups a feast for my hungry eyes.

“Jesus, that tongue of yours is something, and long too,” Brooke said as shifted forward and got up from the bed. She peeled off her skirt and tossed it aside. Her wide hips and full curvy backside made me want to drool, her big bum cheeks looking like two beach balls ready to play. She looked incredible with just her tight white sweater still on, and those sexy thigh-high boots. “Get up there on your back. I want to ride that face for a few more.”

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ISBN-13: 9788832592610
Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.
Publication date: 04/28/2019
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