Don Quixote and the 13 T?mpits

Don Quixote and the 13 T?mpits

by Michael A Destro


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On Halloween morning, the evil wizard Freston kidnaps 10-year Gabriela Spirescu's grandmother. If Gabriela doesn't find and bring Freston the golden helmet of Mambrino by sundown, the wizard will kill her grandma and then destroy all of România.

With the help of her twin sister, Daciana, Gabriela races against the clock to save her grandma. Will the assistance of Don Quixote-a time traveling knight from the 16th century-and a strange creature called a tâmpit set things right before time runs out? Or will the wizard wipe out all of history?

Filled with humor, suspense and grand adventure, Don Quixote and the 13 Tâmpits will transport you into a world you may wish to remain in forever.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780991075515
Publisher: 13 Mothers Publishing
Publication date: 08/25/2014
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Michael A. Destro served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania for three years and fell in love with the country and people so much, he lived there another 3 years and decided to write a book in honor of them.

He started compiling ideas for his first book when he was eight. When he was ten he used a tape recorder his grandparents had given him for his birthday and began making his own radio shows, some of them original science-fiction and fantasy tales, others based on several Marvel Comic stories he'd read in the library. The following year he saw the movie The Jaguar Lives and liked it so much he wanted to see it again. Since video or web streaming wasn't around yet, he decided he'd write what he could remember, and what he couldn't he utilized his ideas he'd been working on. The book became the hand written 178 page The Jaguar. He hasn't stopped writing since.

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