Don Quixote For a New Millennium: The Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho at the Ducal Court

Don Quixote For a New Millennium: The Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho at the Ducal Court

by Diogenes Rodriguez
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Don Quixote For a New Millennium: The Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho at the Ducal Court 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Man_Of_La_Book_Dot_Com More than 1 year ago
Don Quixote For a New Mil­len­nium: The Adven­tures of Don Quixote and San­cho at the Ducal Court by Dio­genes Rodriguez tells the old story of Don Quixote with a new trans­la­tion which tries to cap­ture the spirit of the book. As any­one can tell you, Don Quixote is a dif­fi­cult book to trans­late because much of the humor, sto­ries and innu­en­dos depends on your under­stand­ing of the lan­guage and cul­ture, much like Shakespeare's plays. Mr. Rodriguez achieves this by intro­duc­ing a nar­ra­tor into the story which helps explain the audi­ence what's going on and move the story forward. The play itself is cap­ti­vat­ing and, I believe, man­ages to cap­ture the spirit in which Cer­vantes intended to con­vey in his clas­sic book. How­ever, the real sur­prise for me was the part at the begin­ning which deals with history, linguistics and the phi­los­o­phy of Don Quixote. I loved the ety­mol­ogy part at the begin­ning Even though I rec­og­nize the names and some­times (very few times) actu­ally got the joke behind the name, this part really helped me see this old story in a new light. As the author asserts (and so do many oth­ers) the names in Don Quixote have sig­nif­i­cant mean­ing, mostly puns and jokes which Cer­vantes intended as a social com­men­tary, character's his­tory or just for his own amusement. Whether you have read Don Quixote like myself, or is intim­i­dated by the length of the novel, this play will help you under­stand the book with a nod and a wink and maybe even get a joke or two you pre­vi­ously missed.
Freeman_Writing More than 1 year ago
I have to admit that I've never read Don Quixote before, since the translations I've come across made the story a bit difficult to enjoy. I haven't tried for many years, but when I came across this translation, I was happy to find that the read was not only much smoother, but this particular work is also filled with plenty of helpful explanation and analysis to explain the original author's likely perspectives and reasoning for making some of the more controversial or questionable decisions that he did. I found the story much more captivating with the modern language and slight embellishments that Diogenes Rodriguez has added for the benefits of the modern reader. This work has such historical significance as well that an extra air of pleasantness is added, but I can certainly now understand why Don Quixote is considered to be the pinnacle of the Spanish Golden Age. The story of Don Quixote, in the form of a play script, follows the knight errant and his squire, Sancho, on their travels in search of wealth and honor and chivalrous adventure. The seriousness of Don Quixote combined with the wisdom and comedy of Sancho make an interesting and easily digestible tale, and one which I found myself reading through to the end with delight. The only downside I could find to this work was that it occasionally placed the translated words in an order that is somewhat different from most English stories, but even this was only a mild distraction in the face of the good work presented here. I would recommend Diogenes Rodriguez' translation of this classic work to anyone exploring the historical significance of Don Quixote, especially if prior translations have frustrated previous attempts at reading the story. I would also recommend this to readers who enjoy a good story inside of the pages of a theatrical manuscript - Mr. Rodriguez' translation certainly lives up to the modern connoisseur's standards. 4.5 stars, hands down!