Don Quixote's Disciples

Don Quixote's Disciples

by Mark Smith


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This important book brings much needed perspective to the debate over the compatibility or otherwise of science and religion. It shows how a tiny minority of warmongers and extremists have been active on both sides, working hard to generate a modern mythology of conflict. They have used every trick in the book to win, from over-simplified arguments to deliberate guile and misinformation. Rhetoric has conspired with a 'quick fix' information society to create a belief that we have to follow one or the other.

The subject matter ranges across religions, science, philosophy and psychology, to show that both science and religion ultimately rest on similar skyhooks, requiring a plausibility choice by us all. Neither renders the other redundant except by point of view, and there is certainly no need to consider them mutually exclusive.

Smith takes the heat out of the battle, and shows the protagonists' approaches for what they are. The reader will gain valuable knowledge not only of the real facts and fancies behind the debate, but also learn to spot manipulation. Exciting proposals are made for creating a better atmosphere and society within which real progress can be made.

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