Done Running

Done Running

by Helen Bea Kirk




Porsha Lemere is quick with a knife and ready to defend what is hers. When handsome college senior, Parker, steals a kiss and her purse at a Kansas fraternity party, he finds himself on the wrong side of Porsha's blade. Porsha escapes their encounter with her life and her last dime, but now Parker is on her trail and hot for vengeance. A chance meeting with oilman, Chase Stantrop, and Porsha flees her Kansas kisser for a job among the roughnecks of Alaska’s offshore oil industry. Porsha is unaware that she is being pursued not only by Parker, but by her estranged mother, Miralda. Cunning, sultry and desperate for money, Miralda will stop at nothing to insure her survival, including extorting her only daughter. Searching for Porsha, Miralda, along with her sons, Nate and Bond, find shelter with Ranger, a North Slope, Stantrop bush pilot. He must free himself of her wiles before his beloved daughters become enamored with Miralda’s boys or before Ranger himself is ensnared in Miralda’s web of desire and deceit. Meanwhile, Parker has also tracked the fiery Porsha to Alaska and is closing in, but is it truly justice he seeks from her, or is it something else? When their paths finally cross, can even Porsha’s skill with knives save her from her pursuers? Filled with passion, greed, revenge, and hope, Done Running is a story with twists enough to keep you turning page after page. Once it has you, you won’t want to let go.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781642040814
Publisher: Lauren Davis
Publication date: 04/25/2017
Pages: 210
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements. 7

1 The Gift 9

2 Bare Walls. 14

3 Reynold’s. 18

4 Death. 23

5 Armed. 26

6 The Spark. 34

7 Chase. 41

8 Diamond. 44

9 Dead Horse. 48

10 Home. 54

11 Relatives. 60

12 Special 65

13 Mystery. 72

14 Going North. 79

15 In a Jam.. 83

16 Bonding. 86

17 Sicker 94

18 Spanked. 101

19 Company. 109

20 What Now.. 116

21 Young Love. 122

22 Starboard. 128

23 Babies. 131

24 Work. 136

25 Church. 139

26 B and E.. 144

27 Ah ha! 148

28 Q-tipper 153

29 Violation. 158

30 Real Men. 164

31 Dinner 170

32 Saved. 180

33 Good Riddance. 184

34 Basking. 190

35 Celebrate. 197

36 Oiled. 203

37 Meaning. 210

38 In Defense. 214

39 Additional Books. 221

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