Don't Fear the Reaper

Don't Fear the Reaper

by Michelle Muto


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ISBN-13: 9781466441828
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/17/2011
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Michelle grew up in Chicago, but currently lives in NE Georgia with her husband and their two dogs. She loves scary books, funny movies, sports cars, chocolate, dogs, and changes of season. Currently, she is hard at work on her next novel.

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Don't Fear the Reaper 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
HorrorAuthorAmo More than 1 year ago
Author Michelle Muto has done something for me, no other author ever has, she made me cry. This is a good thing! Don't Fear The Reaper for me was absolutely the perfect read. The story so well executed and flawlessly written. Only a few times in my life have I devoured a book and not wanted it to end. I won't do the typical rehashing the plot, because this book is too good to give anything away about it! Just read the preview blurb that should hook you! Don't Fear The Reaper has a storyline that keeps you glued to whatever format you're reading it in! The characters are so damn 3 dimensional you feel like you are right there with them every step of the way. The style of writing flows and the dialogue is spot on, never corny or over the top. As I read I found myself becoming more and more emotionally invested in all the characters, something that will make me treasure this book always and look upon it as easily my favorite read of all time. If any agent reads this review, you would do well to grab Michelle as your client, because you will only be kicking yourself if you don't! Michelle Muto is destined to become a giant in this industry, if you don't believe me, then read "Don't Fear The Reaper," and you will know exactly what I'm talking about! 5 stars is not enough for this beautifully executed and brilliant work of literature. So I'm breaking the rules and giving it infinity plus 1!
Christine_M_Butler More than 1 year ago
My first impression upon opening this book was: Best first chapter in a novel - Ever! Michelle Muto hooked me from word one and kept me gripped until the end. This is a beautifully written dark tale of life, death, and everything that comes after. It was absolutely mesmerizing. This is hands down, one of the best books of 2011! From the opening chapter that all authors should learn from, to the bittersweet ending, Don't Fear the Reaper will keep your heart on edge as you continue to turn the pages.
twistedfateless More than 1 year ago
Really great book. Keeps you coming back to read more. I love that the main character is a twin sister because I've always been intrigued by the connection of twins. The book is well written and wraps up nicely. Not predictable, not to dark, not to light. Definitely worth the read. Buy it!
SolitaireParke More than 1 year ago
"Don't Fear the Reaper" by Michelle Muto was a devastating view of what happens to not only the family after two daughters die, but also to the twin sisters, Keely and Jordan...the deceased. Heart breaking, scary at times...the book just doesn't stop pounding on your senses. Add in Angels, Demons & Reapers and what you've got is a thrill ride that makes a roller coaster look flat! I recommend this book to anyone still breathing. A strong round of applause to Michelle Muto!
lissasue25 More than 1 year ago
Wonderful book by Michelle Muto! After seriously considering putting the book down after the first couple of pages I was surprised to learn that I couldn't put the book down. Very deep book that leaves you wanting to read more. Can't wait for the next book in the series.
FuzzyCoffeeBooks More than 1 year ago
What I Liked: 1) All of the characters. It seems strange to say that I liked all f the characters in the book, especially when none of them belong to the land of the living. Keely is an earthbound (ghost), Banning is a Reaper (as in Grim), and Daniel is a demon. But they all have such lively personalities that I couldn't help but be drawn to them. Especially Banning. He made me think of, like a big brother, or maybe like a father-figure. I liked him a lot. 2) The themes. I don't talk a lot about themes, mostly because when I read for pleasure, finding themes is not one of the major things I think about. But this one stands out. It's all about making sacrifices for those that you love, and how love can transcend death. I have big sister syndrome in a big way, and would sacrifice anything for my siblings, which is what we see happening in Don't Fear the Reaper. Except, they are twins, not older/younger siblings. 3) Keely and Jordan's relationship. It reminded me of mine and my sisters. We're very close as well, and I could empathize with their feelings. It always makes a book better when you can relate to the emotions characters are feeling, I think. 4) One heck of a final battle. Seriously, for those of you who like a lot of action in your books, this one has a fantastically written final battle scene. It's not just, blink and it's over, either, which I find happens a lot. Battle scenes have a tendency to run short, and this one didn't. 5) Hard topics. Topics like teen suicide are always hard to discuss. And this one certainly didn't make light of that, or gloss over any of the side effects of it. Instead, it really explored emotions of people affected, and even the emotions of Keely, after her death. It was an interesting take on the hard topic, and I give props to any author who ventures out into that field. What I Didn't Like: It's hard to say that there was nothing I didn't like about this book when there were things going on like death and suicide. No one likes death or suicide. But those were big topics of the book and I felt they were well written and handled with care as sensitive subjects should be. So, no, there was nothing that I didn't like. Overall thoughts: This book wasn't the scary story I thought it was going to be. I found it more intriguing and suspenseful than out and out scary. But there are great characters, a plot that keeps the reader interested, and a truly fabulous writing style. I've already said that I'm a big fan of Miz Muto's, and I'd recommend this book to anyone!
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
In One Word ~ Stunning I have been trying to start this review for an hour. I have typed and erased my opening at least ten times now. I just don't think I can explain what this book did to me. I don't know what I expected from Don't Fear the Reaper. I do know that I was really excited when author Michelle Muto sent me the book. I had read another of her books, The Book of Lost Souls, and adored it. So I went into reading this one with no trepidation, an awesome feeling. I knew I was in for an emotional journey within the first few lines of Don't Fear the Reaper. The main character, Keely, emotionally devastated after the murder of her twin, commits suicide while in the midst of desperate grief. After months of torture, praying for a sign that her sister is safe on the other side, a sign that never comes, Keely just wants peace. She wants to be reunited with Jordan. At first, Keely doesn't realize her attempt was successful. And she's relieved. But then she is greeted not by Jordan, but by Banning and Daniel, a Reaper and a Demon. Keely learns that to decide her fate, she must pass a "test" with guidance from Banning and Daniel, all while searching for her sister. I found Don't Fear the Reaper to be one of the most unique books I have ever read. To be honest, I haven't read much involving suicide and certainly nothing from the perspective of a "successful" suicide. I have to give the author kudos on the first chapter. It is dark and overwhelming. I re-read it a few minutes ago, just to be sure that my feelings were accurate. It literally took my breath away again. I know I said it is dark and overwhelming, but it is also, and I know this may sound weird, peaceful and delicate. She handled it with respect, without judgment towards Keely. That respect towards Keely is what makes Don't Fear the Reaper so unique. Although Keely regrets the inevitable pain her parents will endure, and hates that she has done this to them, I never felt anger or judgment towards her. Muto gave such a detailed background and relayed Keely's anguish so well, that you understand why she felt she had no other choice. I just wanted to hold her hand and take the painful journey with her. But Keely does have someone to take the journey with her, Banning and Daniel. As a Reaper and Demon, they should be used to this routine. But something about Keely makes them throw everything they should do out the window and put their eternal fates on the line to help her. As much as I loved Keely, I think I loved Banning and Daniel equally. They also have tragic pasts that drew and attached me to them. Don't Fear the Reaper is a story about the love of two sisters. Love that would cause each one to make radical, ultimate sacrifices if it meant the slightest chance at peace for the other. It is about taking chances. In the case of Banning and Daniel, it's taking a chance on someone who may not seem likely to succeed, but who is worthy of the risk. It is about letting go. I feel truly honored that Michelle Muto asked me to read Don't Fear the Reaper. This book was a privilege to read. And I look forward to reading it again in the future. This book will haunt me for a long, long time. Favorite Quotes: "The mystery that was Banning reminded me of an old book tucked into the farthest crevices of a library shelf; dusty and forgotten, his painful memories cast in ink and meant for no one else to see, but committed to fragile pape
Shana_SizzingReads More than 1 year ago
5/5 STARS! This book was... Amazing! Don't Fear the Reaper by Michelle Muto exudes beauty that is so tantalizingly dark and sad I don't even know where to begin. Honestly? I can't believe this is an indie-book. The plot, the writing style, the formatting, the character development - everything was executed perfectly. The moment I can buy a physical book I'm doing it. And I can't wait for more. There has to be more right? The moment you read that first sentence it feels like Keely reaches up and yanks you into the story with her, and doesn't let you go until you've read the very last word. This book never held back, never, and I loved Michelle for that. The sadness and desperation etched into every page will choke you. The transition between real life and the paranormal was as smooth as black velvet, and I loved every single second. I've read YA books that try to integrate both aspects, but they're never done like this. They're either exaggerated or too sloppy. Michelle Muto got it right! Something else I truly appreciated was the lack of romance. If there had been love thrown into the equation this story would have gone south. To me, there was no room for love, not in Keely's world at this moment. In the future I would hope to see a relationship form between Keely and Daniel, because despite his icy attitude there was something about him that I loved. He thawed enough for me to see something warmer and for me to want to see the rest, even if he is a Demon... I loved Banning. He may have been death, but to me he was more light, more hope, when Keely needed it most. And I loved what she was able to do for him in the end, which makes me even more certain that they'll be another book. The care taken to create this world, including the afterlife and the way it affects the present was incredible. Sometimes it's easy to get careless and cut corners, we see it all the time in both self-pub and published books, but this book didn't cut a single corner. I didn't find any inaccuracies, I just read and got lost in Keely's struggle to reconnect with Jordan and herself, and her intense desire to get revenge on her sisters killer but at the same time to not give into temptation... Reapers, Demons, Hell, Heaven, Ghosts, Angels, revenge, grief, dedication... What's not to like? Everything about this book was fantastic, and I will absolutely recommend it!
DaleCT More than 1 year ago
This was a very well crafted, written, and executed story. I really, really, really liked it! Has got to be one of my faves this year so far. You have characters that are real, three-dimensional, and distinctive. The book opens with Keely's death. Her response to her own death is so believable, you actually think it's real. Like maybe the author followed Keely into the afterlife and wrote down her reactions. Loved the bounty-hunter reaper, his name is Banning. He has that mysterious touch, silent and strong and you're not quite sure what motivates him. I found myself having an internal debate on whether he wanted to help Keely or trap her somehow. And the sardonic, possibly unscrupulous demon? Daniel? His voice is so strong and yeah, he's a *likeable* demon. Whether or not he's unscrupulous is up to the reader to find out. But hint: he's a *demon* kiddos. I loved the tension and interaction between the characters. I thought the pacing was excellent. Keely's motivation throughout was clear,  and she pretty much stuck to her guns. I'm a little disappointed that we didn't learn of Daniel's past...why he is what he is and what his motivations were. And was the ending a tad predictable? Perhaps a little. These 2 reasons are why this didn't earn a full 5 stars,  but there one or 2 things that did catch me by surprise, and all the little trails wound around the story and tied together in the end. A very enjoyable ride.
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
I just absolutely love reapers  I had a thought and expectation for this story, and though I was kinda right, it was so not the way I expected lol I will also say that thought there are quite some humors moments, this is not the more upbeat type story. It’s deep, it’s heard, it’s beautiful and it’s sad, because death is never easy to talk about, much less to actually live it out through a character and this author has done a phenomenal job here! And suicide is never really talked about, it’s normally kinda shuffled under the rug, but it’s quite a fun ride in this instance! Keely is really struggling. Her twin sister is brutally murdered, she blames herself, her parents are so busy struggling with their grief that they miss her’s. so she decided to commit suicide, which would allow her to reconnect with her sister. Except there’s a serious flaw in her thoughts, she’ll be greeted by one reaper and one demon and they’re gunna fight for her until the day of her funeral when her fate is decided. This is probably the most hilarious meeting ever. It’s so dark and slightly morbid and then these two appear. I was stuck between the sheer panick Keely felt that she made a mistake and tried to correct her suicide attempt to fits of giggles when Banning, said reaper, and Daniel, said demon, as they introduce her to her new afterlife! Keely is smart, and sarcastic, and yet sometimes her lingering depression sometimes makes her decisions not so smart. She realizes how much death affects not only her but the people around her. Her thought process alone would have kept me reading her book. And then Banning is just so cool. He reminds Keely of her dad and she begins to understand and care for him as he tries to help her. And Daniel is the typical HAWT piece of a demon lol and yes he’s a demon but once in a blue moon you realize he maybe has some good parts. I fanatically loved the relationship the three of them had. There’s only one thing- and I’m about to totally contradict myself- but I am actually glad how the relationships turned out because it’s perfect, but I was still hoping Keely would plant a big ole kiss on Daniel! Lol but I guess I can’t always have everything! There’s is a few different plot schemes going on, which is what had me flying through this book. The first is Keely is desperate to find a way to see her sister, the second is this little “deal” that is supposed to happen as to Keely’s fate, and the third is Keely really wants revenge on the murderer of her sister. The author definitely had my full attention here. Her writing is captivating, and who knew death would be so fun to read about. I will also say that I’m secretly hoping the author will give me more of Keely and crew! One day! So, you should read it because you should want to know how the afterlife is  I LOVED it, though I also hope my outcome is more like Mr. M’s- at the end, this is the ONLY part where I cried, which was surprising, but beautifully done- and not like Keely’s! Ms. Michelle when you read this, I was you to know that you’re inclusion of Jake and that “dance” question is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever read!! Everyone else, I will not say another word because I will not spoil this beautiful story for you!  5 CREEPTASTIC REAPER PAWS from me!
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
The dark side of Touched by an Angel: Keely’s twin sister’s dead. Her parents are grieving. And reformed bad-girl Keely has had enough of being left to sorrow alone. Her moods have driven everyone away. Now she drives herself on one last journey, but finds the end somewhat different to all she’d expected. Isn’t hell a given if you kill yourself? Deeply intriguing, filled with haunting and haunted characters and no easy answers, Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper introduces a very different grim reaper from legend, his curiously sympathetic sidekick, and a purgatory that’s like nothing you’ve ever imagined. A tale that blends touches of sympathy for the devil with hauntingly descriptive passages, deeply moving mysteries, and heart-searching decisions, this book lets you see death through a dead girl’s eyes and long for life. In the end, the devil’s sure he’ll win, but his minions might have minds of their own, the almost-damned might still be seeking redemption, and the almost-saved might stay to save someone else. Whatever you believe about life after death, this is a novel of fascinating imagination, thought-provoking ethical questions, great humor and compelling characters, one that will stay with you long after the final pages are turned. Think Touched by an Angel but much darker. Disclosure: I won an ecopy of this novel. Lucky me!
eternalised More than 1 year ago
Don’t Fear The Reaper was a nice, thought-inspiring surprise. I went in thinking the plot was great, but not expecting all that much – just another paranormal romance novel. Well, I was wrong. This book offers a lot more, both in terms of plot as in characterization. At times, I felt like my heart was going to be ripped right of my chest, that’s how much it hurt to read certain scenes. Obviously a lot of passion and thought went into this book, and it shows. I read the entire book in one night, unable to put it down. Keely Morrison has decided to take her own life. Her twin sister was murdered in horrible circumstances, and Keely wants nothing more than to be reunited with her. Unfortunately, things end up differently. A moment too late Keely realizes she still wants to live. She fights her own death with all her strength, but to no avail. Death hasn’t brought her to the peaceful reuniting with her sister she hoped for. Instead, she’s trapped in the Netherworld, where she’ll have to make a vital choice. Unable to cross over, she only has two options. Either she joins the demons in hell, or she becomes a Reaper. With the murderer of her sister still out there, Keely is bend on taking revenge first, and ask questions later. Something that may not always work in her advantage. The world of beyong the grave as sketched by author Michelle Muto is dark, threatening, at times terrifying, but definitely unique and intriguing. Unwillingly Keely finds herself in the middle of an age-old war between Reapers and demons, with at stake her very own soul. It’s a tragic situation, since in one way she condemned herself to said fate, but on the other hand, she never expected the afterlife to be like this. With a demon and a Reaper on her side, she’s never completely alone either to contemplate what all of this means. Some of the most heart-breaking scenes were when she was found by her parents. It was simply tragic, nearly made me cry. Poor parents. And then when she had to come to terms with that she was truly dead, it broke my heart all over again. But the book isn’t all drama and despair. There’s also light and humor, and even a notion of love. Keely is an interesting character, and I loved how the author handled her personality. Suicide is a delicate matter to discuss, even in fiction, but author Michelle Muto managed to talk about it without showing any disrespect for Keely or what she’d done, while showing her parents’ immense grief at the same time. Banning was an interesting character as well. As a Reaper, I expected him to be more emotionless, but I’m glad he showed emotions when needed, and felt truly sorry for Keely and what happened to her sister. The demon, Daniel, was by far my favorite character though. He provided the much-needed comic relief, while never going completely over the top. The heart of this book is Keely’s relationship with her sister, their love for each other, and how said love transcends even death. It’s captivating and moving, heart-warming and saddening at the same time. On that foundation of sibling love, Michelle Muto builds an intriguing, original afterlife with various paranormal elements straight from the author’s imagination. Don’t Fear The Reaper is one of the most breathtaking, original YA paranormal novels I’ve read in a long while. I recommend it to all fans of the genre. This book will not dissapoint.
DaniLove413 More than 1 year ago
So here’s the thing, I love Indie authors and finding new ones because let’s be honest… I LOVE TO READ! My friend Heather has been raving about Michelle Muto and her amazing books, so I had to check it out. I bought all three of her books but haven’t had the chance to get to them, bad me, I know. The thing is, lol, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to but you know when you get caught up in a book that you thought was a standalone to find it a series and well you can’t just stop at the one, it’s like this compulsion takes over and you HAVE to read them all? Yea well I got onto a few series like that and each time a new book came out for the series I dropped what I was doing to pick it up, but for like the whole month of December I took a reading sabbatical. I only read books that I ARCs that I promised to authors…. So one of the first book’s I’ve read this year to break my sabbatical was Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper. Let me tell you how right Heather was about Michelle’s books. I am absolutely in LOVE with this book and hear there’s a second one coming so Michelle if you are reading this…. HURRY! “I didn’t want to die. Not really. I was just tired and didn’t know of another way to stop the pain.” So if you don’t know already this book is about suicide. I love when an author can take a controversial subject and write about it beautifully. I see a lot of myself in Keely. I’m sure you are wondering why right? Well I’ll tell you because suicide isn’t a joke and don’t always believe what you hear or pass judgment onto those who are at that level. Though my circumstances were different than Keely, I’ve been that low before. About 10 years ago I was going through some massive issues and I attempted suicide. I was convinced that was the only way to escape everything. Like Keely the death of her twin hit her hard and well with some added push that you will find out when you read DFTR went through with it. “It was easier to appear strong than to show my feelings,even when things began to crumble around me.” You don’t really appreciate life unless something major happens and sometimes it’s too late. Which is what happened to Keely, but now all she wanted to do was find her twin. Apparently it’s a sin to kill yourself so Keely’s soul is up on trial because Banning’s. Whose Banning’s you might ask? Well he’s this really awesome, like seriously bad-assed Reaper. Not the welcoming committee Keely was expecting, but a start to an amazing journey she has to go through. Then there’s Daniel. Daniel is a demon and I have to say I’m kind of intrigued by him. I want to know his story and I hope we see more into him in the next book. We get a glimpse into Banning and you can’t help but feel the fatherness rolling off of him. Yes I know fatherness isn’t a word but well that’s how I describe Banning because he’s like the afterlife father figure to Keely. One thing that draws me to an author that will make me pick up any book they write is the words itself. You can read many books but it’s the books that captivate your mind that leave a lasting impression. Words are able to create an image. Those images are then turned into a movie; well they are to me at least. It’s the way I connect to the characters, but you can’t do that when someone doesn’t know how to capture your mind in the way needed to form those images. I’ll give you an example on how I was fully submersed into this story by 19% in “Just the powder blue skyline with a whisper thin moon that hinted at the coming darkness” Do you see how much more beautiful that is then saying twilight or dusk? The poetic flow of those words had me picturing what Keely was seeing, what she was feeling when she was in that room looking out the window. The feeling of hopelessness that what you really want isn’t going to happen. As I’ve said before, only truly great writers can have you, the reader, feeling what they felt when they wrote the story, what the character was feeling as it was living it. Things start getting a little more intense when Keely finds out how, well why she’s not getting carted off to hell with Daniel. Banning’s trying to redeem her soul while Daniel was sent to make sure she fails. Talk about having an angel and devil on your shoulder right? Ok so not funny, but Michelle was still able to keep the humor in the story and as often as I found myself tearing up, I was also laughing. “There should have been a joke in there somewhere about a reaper, an earthbound, and a demon crossing the road. The punch like seemed equally stupid, but had a weird twist on words-- to get to the other side. I almost laughed.” Well I did, I laughed hard. I really liked Keely and Jordan. You meet Jordan when they find each other and both want to do whatever it takes to get the other to heaven and out of purgatory. Which is where things go all crazy and the demon is not so demonic maybe? You’ll have to see what happens. The book is seriously amazing. Like SERIOUSLY. I hope the next book has a little Daniel and Keely action. I have a feeling there’s more going on than we see in DFTR. I know Keely was in love with Miles, her on and off again boyfriend, but I can definitely see something going on with Daniel, I mean he kind of defied his orders! If you want to know what I’m talking about go buy Don’t Fear the Reaper right now and find out for yourself! So I leave you with this to ponder, another quote from Michelle Muto and this awesome book, because well I had too many to fit into this one review without making it insanely huge! “Happiness, even in death, is what we make it.”
The_Hambledown_Dreamer More than 1 year ago
I originally read Michelle Muto's novel back when it first came out in 2011 and it just happened to be around the same time that news reports about two Australian twin sisters having shot themselves in an apparent suicide pact in Colorado. I have to admit that I couldn't go any further with the book at that time. I just felt uncomfortable with the premise of the novel despite the fact that Michelle Muto is an author of considerable talent and one whose work I've read and enjoyed before. I returned to "Don't Fear The Reaper" recently, having expunged the memories of that terrible news story from my stream of consciousness and what I found in Muto's novel was a compelling journey taken by the protagonist Keely Morrison on the other side of this mortal coil. I was reminded somewhat of the film "What Lies Beneath" only in the sense that I was drawn to the possibilities that story presented and again, here in Muto's novel I was similarly attracted to her take on the after life. And, once again, Muto bends a genre to her will giving it a resounding freshness. Her characters are very well drawn and convincing. There is a sense of dark adventure within these pages and the tome is tense, exciting and thought provoking. Muto does not shy away from the exploration of suicide and its consequences both for her protagonist and for the people she has left behind. It is a risky subject to approach and yet I felt Muto addressed it in such a way that wasn't glamorizing it. Don't Fear The Reaper is a deftly handled adventure that has moments of real emotion that makes for a rich and enjoyable reading experience.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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WordSpelunking More than 1 year ago
Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper took me on a haunting and intriguing ride through an unexpected and surprising netherworld. I’m a huge fan of stories that explore the afterlife and what happens after we die, and Muto’s story definitely doesn’t disappoint, especially in the originality department. In Don’t Fear the Reaper, Muto offers readers a unique and wonderfully rendered exploration of the afterlife. Muto’s first chapter is one of the best executed first chapters I’ve come across in a long time. A perfect blend of startling, yet captivating events and mystery, the first chapter had me hooked. However, the next quarter of the book did move a bit slow for my liking and it wasn’t until the halfway mark that I felt like the book found its stride…but once it did, the book moved at a perfect pace and had me enthralled until the end. There’s a great mix of emotion and tone in this book. It’s haunting and mysterious and both thrilling and chilling. But it’s also quite funny and amusing; not necessarily in a laugh out loud, silly funny kind of way, but an amusing and smart, sarcastic, witty kind of way that I found both refreshing and entertaining. And of course the emotional journey that the characters go through (all the characters) is very important and Muto has crafted this fragile journey beautifully. There were scenes that had me choking up and a couple that had me in tears and moved me profoundly. I’ll admit that it isn’t easy to impress me when it comes to the paranormal, but Muto has done just that. Her take on the world of reapers, demons, angels, and spirits is quite breathtaking and excitedly original. There are certainly a few surprising twists and turns, but I can’t say that I didn’t see the ending coming. However, I didn’t mind the predictability that much, because Muto offers a compelling and exciting last quarter of the book. The ending also sets up future books nicely while still offering a satisfying ending. MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper is a wonderfully original and enthralling book. The paranormal aspects will thrill you, while the emotional elements will move you. This series has me hooked and I’m excited to see where it goes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago