Don't Hate My Football IQ: The Gridiron Game Simply Explained

Don't Hate My Football IQ: The Gridiron Game Simply Explained

by Chantal S Grayson
Don't Hate My Football IQ: The Gridiron Game Simply Explained

Don't Hate My Football IQ: The Gridiron Game Simply Explained

by Chantal S Grayson


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I wrote, “Don’t Hate My Football IQ: The Gridiron Game Simply Explained” for women who love football and / or want to hone their football IQ. This book is not static because it is supported by my online blog and social media feeds which are continuously updated.

Trying to satisfy my personal quest to learn more about the game, (as a child I attended a lot of local college and professional games with my father, to now being married to a walking sports aficionado) I was compelled to create this football resource to teach others about the game I'm passionate about.

According to the Washington Post, “Women make up an estimated 45 percent of the NFL’s more than 150 million American fans and have become pro football’s most valuable players.” I hope to reach these football enthusiasts to educate, inspire, and motivate these women thus making fall and football a celebrated time of year.

I personally want to thank you- the Women’s Pigskin community for the wisdom, intuitive conversations, magnificent storytelling, guidance, and love. I pray we will all continue to fellowship over sports for many seasons.

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ISBN-13: 9780996370332
Publisher: Information, Technology & Literacy Foundation
Publication date: 10/04/2018
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.21(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Introductory Quotes

INTRODUCTION Introduction Ready Set Hut Go 1

CHAPTER ONE - HISTORY The Tail of Two Leagues that Merged into One, The Conference Divisions 3 The Current NFL Configuration, AFC, NFC 4

CHAPTER TWO - THE SEASON The Pre, Regular, and Off Season Why a Goat? The Regular Season 5

CHAPTER THREE - THE GRIDIRON The Field 7 Red Zone: TV Magic 9 Sideline Note: 10

CHAPTER FOUR - GAME OBJECTIVE The Main Objectives of the Game, The offense 10 The Roster 11 Game Time no Literally Game Time 13 Time is Everything 14

CHAPTER FIVE - CLOCKS AND TIME Game Clock vs. Play Clock: 15

CHAPTER SIX - THE BALL Ball Movement and Downs, Dead Ball vs Live Ball, Possession of the Ball 16 What Scenarios Result-in Dead Ball? 17

CHAPTER SEVEN - OFFENSE GOAL Offense Main Objective & Goals 18 Scoring and the Offense 19 Safety 20 CHAPTER EIGHT - DEFENSE GOAL Other Offensive Responsibilities 21 The Defense’s Mission 23

CHAPTER NINE - THE PLAYERS Offense, Defense, and Special Team Player Positions 24 The offensive line consists of: Center (C) Offensive Guard (OG) Offensive Tackle (OT) Offensive Backs and Receivers consists of: Quarterback (QB) 25 The Pocket 26 Backfield, Running Back(s) (Halfbacks (HB) or Fullbacks (FB), Wide Receiver (WR), Tight End (TE) 27 The Defense, Defensive Tackle (DT) 28 Defensive End (DE) 29 Middle Linebacker (MLB) 29 Outside Linebacker (OLB) 29 Defensive Backs, The Backs include but are not limited to: Cornerback (CB), Safety (S) 30 Special Teams 31 Special Teams Player Titles and Roles Unique to the Kicking Game 32 Kicker (K) Holder (H) Punter (P) Kick Returner (KR) and Punt Returner (PR) 33 Wedge Block, Onside Kick 34

CHAPTER TEN - THE GAME After the Coin Toss 34 Let the Game Begin 34 Fair Catch, Touchbacks vs Touchdowns 35 Types of Stadiums 36

CHAPTER ELEVEN - PASS VS RUN GAME Most Common Run or Pass Plays 36 Running Plays 36 Sweep 37 Quarterback Sneak 37 The Counter, Passing Plays, Here are four popular and interesting passing plays: 38 Hail Mary (Not common but highly exciting) 38 Corner Route, Curl Route, Screen Pass, What the Offense Just Happened? 39

CHAPTER TWELVE - WHAT THE DEFENSE JUST HAPPENED? OMG, The Defense Did What! 40 The Blitz 41 Tackle, Horse Collar, and Chopping 42 Blocking and Holding 42

CHAPTER THIRTEEN - THE OFFICIALS The Officials 43 The referee 43 The Umpire 44 The Judges 44 Head Linesman or Down Judge 44 Line Judge, Field Judge, Side Judge, Back Judge 45

CHAPTER FOURTEEN - FOULS AND PENALTIES The Yellow & Red Flags 45 The game must go on! 46 A Coaches Challenge 47 Half the Distance 48

CHAPTER FIFTEEN - THE SIGNALS The Signals 49 Image of Official Signals, Holding, Delay of Game, Pass interference 50 Offensive pass interference, Offsides & False Starts, Offsides 51 Encroachment, Neutral Zone Infraction, Illegal Formation 52 Intentional Grounding, Ineligible Receiver Illegal Substitution 53

CHAPTER SIXTEEN - NASTY MOVES The Ultimate No, No’s, Facemask, Illegal Motions, Roughing the passer and or kicker(s) 54 Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Chop Block, Clipping, Horse Collar Tackle 55 CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - SUPER RECAP Super Important Recap 56

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN - BOWL SEASON The Bowls 57 Super Bowl Ring(s) – Bring on the Bling, Bling! 60

CHAPTER NINETEEN - THE CAMARADERIE The Camaraderie is Real the Rivalry is Real 60 GameDay Food, Fashion & Decor! 62 Tailgating 63

CHAPTER TWENTY - THE END Only the Beginning 63

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