Don't Kill the Messenger 69...the chronicles of Fo

Don't Kill the Messenger 69...the chronicles of Fo

by Jimmy Chan

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Jimmy Chan makes an incredible attempt to peel back the layers of humanities consciousness. He is very bold in language and quite direct in his way of sharing. Pieces like “Cup of Love” or “Time Spent Alone” are exceptionally creative, honest and soul barring. Each body of poetry demonstrates the essence of meditation and exploration of self through writing. It reminds us that if one wants to heal from trauma, stress or anger, they must be willing to travel inward so that they might understand self. The writings remind us of the importance in Loving and Caring for self and one another. It teaches that the growth of the human spirit occurs when we become selfless and more giving while constantly keeping inventory on how we grow spiritually as a unit and as a single cell. It reminds us that we are all brilliant and special beings within the cosmos.

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ISBN-13: 9781504901055
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/25/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
File size: 5 MB

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Don't Kill the Messenger 69 ... the chronicles of Fo

By Jimmy Chan


Copyright © 2015 Jimmy Chan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-0104-8



    Chicago June 2007

    the Buddha is the mind
    so many fail in understanding it's teachings because
    they often attempt to find
    answers to questions that aren't in line with their center

    you must practice spring, summer, fall and winter
    this member of the center is the actual mastermind
    connecting the Dan Tien at your belly to
    the dome that sits atop your spine
    the human equivalent to a computer chip
    if not stacked properly
    you could slip a disk or
    at the very least, constantly trip over your own two feet
    into the third eye you must be willing to peak
    material possessions should not be what you seek
    to find balance
    you should practice sitting in silence and
    just hear you breathe
    to master the mind you must be willing to roll up your sleeves
    how long will this battle ensue?
    which side of you shall you turn to?
    within every man there lies a struggle he battles through
    once you've reached that moment of enlightenment
    may you hear
    deep inside
    your spirit self saying
    Amitabha Amitabha Amitabha

    My Chant

    Don't try to make I stop
    Don't even try to block
    I say no o o o o o!

    say I won't take a stop
    till I reach the top
    I say no o o o o o o o!

    here I come with a plan
    got no pistol in my hand

    I say
    no o o o o o o o o!

    when you hear me sing this song
    won't you join in and sing along
    say o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o!
    I've become a wiser a man
    since I came to understand
    the rivers how they deeply flow!

    sip from the precious pure water
    so you can grow

    I man gonna take it easy
    I man gonna take it slow
    say o o o o o o o o o!

    I say don't you know
    man you reaping what you sow
    don't you know!
    don't try to make 3rd eye stop
    I'm about to reach the top
    here we go o o o o o o o o o o o!


    Chicago May 2012

    Light incense 1, 2 and 3
    For the mind, body and spirit
    Each breathes
    Blessings be given to humanity
    Through these resins burns hope radiating throughout 69 galaxies x 3 to infinity
    I humbly light 3
    One for Shifu
    Another for Shaolin Temple
    The 3rd, well for me
    While walking these crazy ass Chicago and New York streets
    I was training in the temple and Kha West said,
    "Hey Fo, I got this beat and I want you to spit on it for me"
    incense 1, 2 and 3
    so many lessons are taught but who's learning?
    In the blink of an eye somebody's confirming
    a corpse is found because of a savage yearning
    1, 2 and 3 incense are burning
    while bombs are built and delivering
    destroying, employing destruction
    Babylon enjoying his reconstruction
    Man it looks like an abduction
    Invasion of the body snatchers is so much more than a production
    I light 1, 2 and 3 incense trusting
    Keeping me from lusting
    Too much cussing
    Light 108 up in smoke
    Up into the atmosphere they uncloak
    Every piece of poetry I ever wrote then spoke
    Meditate to the slow float
    Just before it bolts and gets caught into the wind tunnel
    To be funneled into the nose cavity
    A meditation from me equals we
    Third eye being internally centered
    Making it truly the one that can see
    I can hear the sparks as the resins and wood turn to debris
    I can smell the pungy aroma of sandalwood emitting
    It's getting kind of tricky
    Cause I like to burn while I'm spitting
    Nag Champa just happens to be the aroma that you're sniffing
    We're all getting older so count your blessings cause
    Soon will come the day when we become those boulders of cosmic dust
    In the wind to begin and become an even finer blend
    Light incense 1, 2 and 3 for the mind, body and soul
    Like the smoke flowing in the air to be free
    I light incense 1, 2 and 3 and until they burn out
    I continue to flow like the smoke while training in some Tai Chi
    Light incense 1, 2 and 3
    I light one for God, One for the universe and to all living within this celestial tree
    Light incense 1, 2, and 3
    One for the little girl who was just killed
    Her blood was spilled and these wounds will never heal
    For the monks who burned themselves alive
    On them China city streets
    So many have lost their lives and have become deceased
    I light these incense 1, 2 and 3
    Sitting in silence
    Meditating on peace, love and non-violence
    Incense 1, 2 and 3
    Lit for making in-sense
    To all that I've harmed or have disrupted their harmony and rhythm
    Within this prism of smolder resins
    A promise to self
    is to always carry self like a sweet aroma within another presence
    I light these incense 1, 2 and 3 humbly
    Sharing this crazy ass energy!
    1, 2 and 3
    for the Black Butterflies camouflaged in them big oak trees
    for the victims of any tsunami
    I light incense 1, 2 and 3

    Peace, Love and Wisdom

    Merry Christmas

    Chicago December 24, 2012

    Maybe you didn't get all that you wanted for Christmas
    A gift list to make the average person broke as shit!
    Skip giving actual love cause it just don't kiss God enough
    So that's dismissed
    From the west to the Brits
    Help feed the homeless with some gravy and grits
    If you got them
    Rib tips unless they're vegan
    then feed them with the Sanskrit's
    Back it up with some of the Old Testament with asparagus tips, carrots and
    Lettuce sip the water that Jesus changed into wine to Holy trip Bat Man
    How is it possible that homelessness and poverty still exists?
    Babylon has a tight grip and don't want to share Mama Earth's gifts
    This has become my home
    Will someone give or loan me a few dollars?
    So I can go to a shelter cause I'm frozen to the bone
    My family has disowned me so there is no one to phone
    Maybe FEMA has been shown that
    I'm right here!
    In Need
    Merry Christmas ...

    Peace Love Wisdom

    The Art of War

    New York 2011

    Gaze into the Sun Tzu
    Like The Guns of Navarone
    The Art of War Is Upon you
    The Master Killer's Gordon Liu shall teach you real gung fu!
    The Rasta wheeling them machete in them Blue Mountains
    Smoking flaming refer!
    Forged in fire like the Bushido Blade of Sunny Chiba
    Night creepers dressed as Ninjas to put you in a permanent sleepers hold!
    Bold tactics taught by aged old sages
    Who demonstrate "Lazy Monk Tucks His Robe"
    The best revenge is that dish served cold!
    The Art of War

    Peace Be Still

    New York May 2011

    It's time to swallow the pill
    The blue or the red was the choice and now its time to fulfill
    The prophecy that would bury you in a landfill
    Bury you alive like in "Kill Bill"
    Beatrice chose the path of some skills
    Bruised knuckles of the one inch punch that would shatter your spin
    While the intestines would fill with bile
    who come to feel?
    While we take you on a lyrical flow
    Byrds of a Feather blowing on that saxophone so
    USA Shaolin Temple Demo Team
    Coming in like thieves in the night
    Ninja flows that creep into your eardrum like that double edged knife
    Piercing right into your cerebellum
    Tell 'em, peace be still little grass hopper
    This could be an instant heart stopper
    Show popper!
    To sit still in meditation you must be in a proper state of mind
    Fo Flight's about to help you find your inner groove
    While we keep this real smooth
    Byrds of a Feather flocking together
    Looking up into the full moon
    Hey Siete, Can you hear 'em croon?
    Peace be still
    While we feel this instant classic of a groove!
    Shaolin Temple!
    Fo Flight 69 and the Byrd's in flight and
    Every breath breathed comes out like a monsoon
    This is where Gung Fu and Tai Chi flex the best
    I get to flow to some of this smooth shit!
    While I summon this lyrical fest of
    Cranes Fist Swallowing the Monkey's Fruit while He Takes a Piss!
    Man, kiss my ass!

    while I teach this lyrical ballet class of Mad Max's road rage bash
    Toke on some of that hash that creates this thunder in my dome
    Flown in on Mt. Olympus
    You think this shit ain't real?
    Haters step forward so I can lyrically pimp slap you in the grill
    Coming straight from Shaolin Snake Spits its Tongue skills
    Lyrically clocking your ass
    Searching for that weak spot then I'm gonna drill
    Like BP, I'm going so deep into the core
    You're gonna spill every drop of your ill will
    Dim Mak is the touch of death that can leave you paralyzed, finalized
    You must be still so you can no longer terrorize
    Cries of atrocity and injust on humanity as you disguise
    As you take your last breath
    It will be my duty to escort your ass to the next lifetime
    Bye, Bye!
    Motherfucker Buddha Bless
    Peace Be Still

    A Telepathic Message

    Chicago June 2007

    as I look to the east
    I call out to my spiritual guide
    a Shaolin Priest
    he becomes the only one I can confide in
    since my blood father became deceased

    teach me teacher
    teach me the ways of the world
    teach me how to defend myself as
    the wicked spin, weave and twirl their negative
    trying to disrupt the ascension of this black pearl
    sink this ship many would attempt
    I shall prevail though bruised
    from the smoldering fire I appear with a limp

    you told me "Always love yourself"
    so I stay clear of those who would try to dim my light
    trying to determine my wealth
    I bare the marks on my heart
    from remarks and arrows shot in the dark

    like you, my teacher
    I am considered a rebel!
    they choose to try to put us down because
    they can't reach this level of mastery
    who are these fools acting so dastardly?
    hoping to disrupt the chi flow
    as I look to the east, the sun begins to cast it's early morning glow
    the rise of this glorious fire ball!
    in my moments of desperation, I must make another call
    telepathic messages across these miles
    it is I Shifu, your disciple child

    When I Die

    Chicago June 17th 2007

    when I die
    I hope to have completed my mission
    when I look to the heavens and listen
    I hear God giving me permission
    to heal souls and broken hearts
    tattered spirits who's eyes can no longer see in the dark
    will the sun shine brightly or torrential rains fall to again float Noah's Ark?
    he said "You my son must be willing to do your part
    be my messenger to the ones who cannot hear
    tell them life is to be lived not feared
    help the child with support and cheers
    dry the eyes that shed such sorrowful tears"
    he said "To many, your powers may seem to peak at a limit
    only because they walk through life unsure and timid
    teach them to believe in the word known as karma
    I don't care if they're Christians, Jews, Muslims or
    if they study the Dharma"
    yes my Lord, I shall do my best!
    I must hurry cause I can hear the clock counting down as it tics in my chest
    may I utter the word "Love" as I take my last breath!
    may we all recognize that life is a challenge and to live is the test
    from day one, I've been battling against the wicked
    without a moment of rest
    rest when you die!
    breathe deeply to force the negative around you deep into your lungs
    when you exhale, may it purify the next mans breath so
    no wickedness will fall from his tongue
    the air is sometimes stale from aged old garlic
    someone must step forward
    someone must start this awakening
    there will be more turmoil before it brings peace
    God whispered in my ear that he will not let me become deceased
    until my work is complete!
    from an adjective came a positive
    from the adverb I gave my solemn word!
    to the brink of hell I must be willing to change that word to a noun
    when completeness is found
    that's when the father will allow me to come and wear the crown
    when I die
    I wish to be cremated and my ashes be spread around the world
    so as man takes that breath before committing an unthinkable act
    through the nose I shall enter and go straight to the back of his dome
    reprogram his cortex telling him defend but not to attack!
    when I die
    I'm gone fly!
    The Messenger
    peace love wisdom

    The Landing Gear Is Jammed

    Chicago January 1, 2012

    Ride 'em space Cowboy!
    I'm an absolute genius!
    Overstand I mean this in a most sincere way
    I finally learned how to breathe to maintain homeostasis
    As a disciple of Shaolin I gotta go places deeper
    Deeper into the third eye
    Stacking them vertebrae's of the spine so
    I can touch the sky and blow a kiss into the wind
    Fly high!
    Where the birds would hover
    Where molecular structures of precipitation form to make you run for cover
    In a down pour!
    We 'bout to rock this mic for sure!
    Come on board
    Flying so high
    Touch the friendly skies
    Captain the landing gear is jammed
    We gone flip the switch and if it don't work
    We coming in like the 69 Drunken Monks from Shaolin
    Captain the landing gear is jammed
    We gone flip the switch and if it don't work
    We coming in like the 69 Drunkard Monks from Shaolin

    Except I'm coming crashing in to my own dome
    I wanna make sure there's always somebody there at home
    Even if I'm alone but never by myself
    Traces of cosmic dust do I puff from the Orion Belt
    There I converse with God who hovered in a stealth
    Then an image of Jesus was shown
    Turning seltzer water into wine
    On that day it was forbidden to eat the swine
    Allah's image became so divine
    That's when my mind froze in that moment in time
    Like the Buddha In deep meditation
    Flying through the skies in paralleled alternate galaxies is my destination

    Captain the landing gear is jammed
    We gone flip the switch and if it don't work
    We coming in like the 69 Drunken Monks from Shaolin
    Captain the landing gear is jammed
    We gone flip the switch and if it don't work
    We coming in like the 69 Drunkard Monks from Shaolin

    Now I understand the essence of Tai Chi
    As the solar Systems collide to form yet another galaxy
    In Wing Chun we bridge the gap
    Careful not to be too rigid or you just might snap
    Like the vines on the tree
    Recognize this circular energy that drips all your precious sap
    Like blood and bones
    Spread your wings and flow back home cause
    It don't matter if the landing gear stays in retract

    Captain the landing gear is jammed
    We gone flip the switch and if it don't work
    We coming in like the 69 Drunken Monks from Shaolin
    Captain the landing gear is jammed
    We gone flip the switch and if it don't work
    We coming in like the 69 Drunkard Monks from Shaolin

    Accept ...

    Peace Love Wisdom


Excerpted from Don't Kill the Messenger 69 ... the chronicles of Fo by Jimmy Chan. Copyright © 2015 Jimmy Chan. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Amitabha, 1,
My Chant, 2,
Incense, 3,
Merry Christmas, 5,
The Art of War, 6,
Peace Be Still, 7,
A Telepathic Message, 9,
When I Die, 10,
The Landing Gear Is Jammed, 12,
The Edict ... Year of The Horse, 15,
Last Call, 16,
Don't Kill the Messenger, 18,
Loud and Clear, 21,
Oh My Sweet Lord, 22,
69 Dragons Spitting Into The Sun, 25,
Thug Passion, 27,
No Need, 29,
Welcome To The Temple Hall, 31,
The Messengers Journey Continues ..., 33,
Children Learn What They Live, 36,
The Seed, 38,
Daddy's Little Girl, 39,
Is It the Hood or The Ghetto?, 40,
Conscious Sentinel, 43,
Bang! Bang!, 44,
Put Down Your Guns!, 49,
Which Road Do You Choose?, 56,
Grandma Said, 59,
Peace and Love, 63,
Respect the Mic!, 65,
Pure Energy, 68,
Willis Tower, 71,
Who Are You?, 72,
No More Mr. Nice Guy, 77,
Was I Wrong?, 80,
Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain), 81,
What's Yours? pt, 183,
Wake Up My Brothers!, 88,
Wicked Ways, 91,
Welcome to the Ghetto, 95,
Bob Said ... (the eleventh hour), 98,
Last Hit, 102,
Wounded Lion, 105,
What's Yours pt.2, 108,
Bad Idea, 111,
I Don't Mean To Be Rude, 112,
Love Your Brother, 116,
Feeling it Deep ... the poet, 117,
Baby Jane, 119,
For My Family, 122,
Young Bloods, 124,
Ghost, 126,
The Ghetto, 128,
Magical Puff!, 131,
Chi Town Blues, 135,
The Great Escape, 138,
Life, 142,
Night, Night, 145,
Black Butterflies, 147,
Sweet Jesus, 150,
Look Within, 152,
The World Around You, 155,
The Other Side of Midnight, 157,
Welcome to Chiraq, 159,
No More War, 161,
Cool Summer Breeze, 164,
Blaze Jah Fire, 166,
Be Like Water, 168,
Time Spent Alone 69, 171,
69, 174,
Cup of Love, 175,

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